Titan's Tower:

Beast Boy's POV

Where is everyone? I thought, as I sat on the edge of the roof. I haven't seen them since this morning and they didn't leave a note or anything to tell me they left. I checked everywhere, the training room, evidence room, kitchen, garage, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, entrance, roof, the bookstore, the auto parts store, the grocery store, clothes stores, movie theatre, parks, and anywhere else you can think of. It's like they just disappeared.

I know that this is just a prank or something, probably because of how I've been acting the past few weeks. I know that was exactly being discreet about how upset I was, but I was (and still am) going through a hard time. I was hoping they would understand, guess not though.

They must be pretty upset with me too, because they didn't answer any of the emergency calls. I had to deal with five bank robberies and a jail break. Fortunately I'd been training a lot recently and was able to handle all of them, not without several bruises, cuts, and a small stab wound from the jail break (those prisoners really can make weapons out of anything, fortunately I heal really quickly)

All of a sudden, the memory of my parents' deaths flashed in my mind and filled me with the horrible grief that always accompanies it. After what felt like half an hour the memories and sadness vanished and was replaced by confusion.

Where the heck did that come from? I wasn't thinking about my parents at all, so why did that memory show up?

Oh no… They can't be there. They would never try to search my room, I make sure of that. Even if they did, I hid the mirror to well for them to find it.

But the logical side of my mind (yes, I do have one) knew that that was the only place they could be.

I quickly ran to my room to find my mirror lying in the middle of the floor. There was no doubt about it now.

Why did Arella have to give this stupid thing to me?

Rage's realm:

Ugh, why does my head hurt so much? I thought, as I my vision slowly refocused. I managed to sit up before another painful headache hit me. I rubbed my head and quietly meditated so that I could focus on relieving the pain. When it finally went away I scanned the area, trying to find something to remind me of where I was.

But the minute I looked up I remembered. I was in Beast Boy's mind, in what was most likely Rage's realm, the worst place in any mind. It looked similar to Jump City when Trigon took over. The sky was a bright blood red with jet black storm clouds and most of the buildings were incredibly damaged and covered in graffiti and mold, except for a few relatively intact buildings that stuck out in this sea of desolation. The few trees that decorated the city were completely dead and the air had an overwhelming feeling of anger, hatred, and death.

The only differences between Trigon's world and this one were the obvious absence of a giant demon, there were no human's-turned-statues, and the only sound was the wind.

We were currently in an alley with only piles of trash and what looked like blood puddles in various areas. Looking behind me I saw a large brick wall that had a strange blue circular mark on it. I decided that it must be that portal between Rage and Timidity's realms, and turned my attention to my still unconscious friends. I went to each of them and gently shook them until they woke up.

"Where are we?" Robin asked as he studied the area.

"I'm pretty sure we're in Rage's realm." I answered. I looked at Brave for confirmation, "Right?"

"Yes, we're in Rage's realm. We have to start moving though; Rage isn't exactly someone you want to meet." Brave responded.

"I didn't think Beast Boy would have any grudges against us would he? I mean, we're his friends." Cyborg said.

"Rage has a grudge against everyone. He'll probably attempt to kill you the minute he sees you." Brave said grimly.

"Friends, isn't that the emoticlone of Happiness right over there?" Starfire asked, as she pointed to a figure skipping down the sidewalk. As we looked closer, we could see the yellow stripe and ear to ear grin that identified Happy.

"Yep, that's definitely Happy. Why would he be here though?" Robin wondered.

"Well, let's go find out. Hey Happy!" Cyborg yelled.

Happy stopped and looked around until he saw us walking out of the alley. He started to wave frantically before running away.

"Wait Happy! Come on guys, let's go after him" Robin ordered.

We chased Happy for maybe twenty minutes, running up and down streets, taking seemingly random turns, and occasionally running across rooftops before Happy turned down an alley. When we rounded the corner we were all shocked to see that he wasn't there. The alley was a dead end with a tall brick wall that was impossible for even Robin to climb and no ladder escapes for Happy to have climbed up.

"Where-huff- did he- huff- go? I said as I tried to catch my breath.

"I don't know. There's no way he could have gotten by us. But what's stranger to me was the fact that he ran away. Even when he wants to play tag or something he'll always run up to you and tag you first before running off. That was completely unlike him." Brave muttered.

A suddenly, I sensed something different; something dangerous and angry. I turned to tell the others about it, but was interrupted by the sound of gunshots.