This is just a little oneshot. Really short and nothing new, I would guess.

I don't own The Vampire Diaries.

She likes to watch him sleep. It's a habit now, staying up until he falls asleep and watching him. She likes the way he sleeps half on his side, with his head turned towards her. She likes the way his dark as night hair falls over his closed eyes. She likes how young and innocent he looks even when she knows he's neither.

Sometimes in the light of day and his eyes are open she sometimes still wonders how they got here. How they got from hate to this.

It's in the night, though, that she never wonders. It's when they're alone and she gets to see a side of him that she hadn't thought existed before. It's when he sleeps with his head turned so that when he wakes up, she'll be the first thing he sees. It's incredibly sappy and incredibly touching and when he first said it, she hadn't quite believed it had come out of his mouth.

He's still a snarky bastard in the light of day. They still have fights that threaten to bring down the boarding house. But, now, they have make ups that threaten to break his bed and leave his room looking like a tornado has gone through.

The best love stories really do start with hate. At least, that's what he says and she believes him. She believes him when she's watching him sleep, when he kisses her, when he wraps his arms around her.

It's scary...terrifying even. Not that they're not enemies anymore, she's used to that, gotten over it. No, the feelings are. It's scary how well they fit together. It's scary that she can feel so much for him. It takes a long time for her to realize that they are perfect for each other.

No matter how infuriating he can still be.

She thinks about how different it is...being in a relationship with him. Her previous relationship with Jeremy had been safe, least somewhat normal. Her relationship with Damon is passionate, exiting and anything but normal.

She's accepted it now. She's accepted that she'll never get to have a normal life. She's in too deep now. Was even before her feelings for him changed.

She doesn't want it anymore. Being normal meant not being a witch and not being caught up in all of the danger. It also meant not being able to help her friends. It meant not having him.

She loves him. It crept up on her so that she hadn't even noticed until it was too late but it is too late. She loves him...completely and she's pretty sure that she always will.

He's not perfect. He still does stupid things. Half the things that come out of his mouth are still sarcastic or mocking. She still gets so angry with him sometimes.

But, as sappy as it is, he's perfect for her. She hadn't realized it at the time but she really was doomed from the first moment she looked into those pretty blue eyes.