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(No ones Pov.)

"O.k., now what do you guys don't regeated most of all."

"Saving Poppy, even though she's a pain in the ass, I still love her. And before I hate the so called great life like Ash."

"Ya, I'm glad that didn't leave Mary-Lytte for the Werewolf, even if she's such a smartypants."

"I never regeat choosing Thea over Blasie. She always great."

"Ya, same here, I never regeat choosing Keller over Iliana. She is beatiful."

"Ya, and Gillian has this beatiful weild eyes!"

"If Dove was still alive, then I'll dumped her for Rashel."

"I glad that I never have drain Hannah dry when I had the chance."

"Ya, and I glad I did save Jez, but I wish she wasn't always moodly."

"And Maggie is never a bother like her brother. I glad that have save her in the mountains."

(Timmy Pov.)

Stupid Quinn. Thinks I'll lessen to him, ha! Now lets see, o.k. recorder ready. Oh isn't this be interesting if the girls heard it in a different way. Whahahahah, oh

payback is so good.

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