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CH. 8!

(Thea Pov.)

Dear Goddess that was close!

"Is everyone alright?" asked Elizabeth.

"Ya we're fine." said Jez.

"Where are why" I asked.

"In the out skirts of San Diego." Elizabeth repled.

"No that's not possible, I dont remimber seeing a house." I said confused.

"Thats because there is a inveablaty spell that surrounds the house. Any ways you guys need to go get cleaned up." said Elizabeth

"For what?" Poppy asked.

"To eat and steat up a trap for the guys." said Eliz

"Ok." said Poppy. As we left for the bathroom, Elz called out.

" Maggie, Jez, Mary-Lytte when your done, go to the study room, we need your help for the trap."

("Maggie" Pov.)

"Okay guys follow Jacob, and everyone els follow me." said Elz

As we whet though the portal we found ourselfs in the girls bathroom.

Then the rest was a blur, cause now they are fight the guys.

"Ok what do you guys what?" asked Jacob as we sat down to our table.

"Tofu!" said Nick "NO!" we all yelled.

I toon out the convition,and looked out the window and wondered what Delos is doing.

Why would you be wondering what that stupit idoit is doing, Magiee? Shaking my head I saw something famlouer.

As I try to take a closer look, I disided to go outside.

As I ran across the street and into a ailly. "Maggie! Maggie where are you going?" I turn around to see Mary-Lyttee runing towards me.

"I thought I saw Mi-" "What are you to doing out here" we turned to see Jez standing there with her hands on her hips.

"Never mind, come on let's go back to the resterant."

I turned around I fellt a cold hand raped around my writ. I looked up to see cold Golden eyes staring back at me.

"Your not going any way" he growled

I turn around to see Ash houlding an uncounince Mary-Lyttee and Morgard holding a kicking and screaming Jez, who is fighting to stay counice.

Then I feel a hand on my head and slowly I fall in to a dark voides.

But before I fell into uncounise I send a message to Jacob.

Bait caught, time for step 2.

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