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The toaster popped and I tried not to burn my fingers getting the hot toasty goodness out. I was barely awake even though it was almost lunch time. Having worked the closing shift at the bar the night before, I didn't get to bed until really late by the time I finished then made it home.

"Hello there, sleepy head!" Alice greeted me cheerfully as she trotted into the room.

"Hi Al" I grumbled. I was never a morning person and working late into the night just made me more of a night owl.

"I'm out of here soon, ok?" she said. I nodded as I buttered.

"You're working tonight." I nodded again. I really didn't need reminding of when I was working every single day. She may be one of the owners and also the one who made up the schedule but I'm not totally stupid.

"And don't forget Jasper's old friend Edward is flying into town today" she added. That perked me up. I had forgotten about that. I wondered what he looked like. Was he like Jasper, into similar things? If so he would probably fit in well.

"Where's he staying?" I asked.

She shrugged. "I'm not sure to tell you the truth. Jasper said he hasn't made any definite plans, he's just gonna take it a day at a time."

"Ah well I'm sure Jazz will bring him in tonight." I said. Could be some new eye candy to make my night a little more interesting.

Alice left in a whirlwind of noise and I could finally enjoy my breakfast in peace. I really shouldn't complain. She and Jasper were nice enough to let me move into their spare room while I waited for my new apartment to be ready, and they gave me a job back when I was looking for work. But then again, if it weren't for me, they would never have ever met and now be getting married. I guess it was win/win for us all.

I ran a few errands and got ready for my shift then headed over to Twilight Tavern. Jasper and Alice bought Twilight a couple of years ago, but had only just enough money to start renovating in the past month or so. They'd begun gutting the interior and had planned on completely rebuilding the top floor with 3 new apartments (one to be occupied by yours truly) and the ground floor to be opened up and converted into a bar/club where bands could play. Right now, the only work that was being done was upstairs so that we could still remain open.

It wasn't a total dive, but it did need a fair bit of work. We had an old jukebox and a broken down piano in the far corner, and some rickety chairs, tables and bar stools. There was a back room that had been used as a dining room but barely saw any clientele right now. With the renovations, the wall between the two rooms would be removed giving us a lot more space.

The bar itself was really actually quite nice if you were into old pub decor. It was big and wooden and if we were to keep it, we were going to have to totally strip it. I didn't have much say in the design of the new place, not that it bothered me. Once it was all complete, I'd have a place to live, a job, and a place for my band to play, so I was happy.

I walked in and ducked behind the bar, stashing my hoodie and bag in the office. It was only 3 o'clock so business was pretty slow. I smiled at a couple of old guys drinking at the bar and went looking for Alice. As I neared the stairs I could hear her voice.

"-can't wait to meet him…. Okay, love you!"

I turned around and headed back the same way I came. She was obviously on the phone to Jasper and I really didn't need to hear any more of that.

"Bella Bee!" Alice called from behind me.

I turned and smiled at her. She only called me that when she wanted to butter me up.

"What, Alice?" I groaned.

She smiled sweetly at me. "What makes you think I am going to ask for something?"

"Because you always use that name when you are going to ask me to do something I don't want to do" I answered.

She sighed. "I just wanted to make sure you were nice to Edward when Jasper brings him in tonight."

"When am I ever not nice to anyone?" I asked, shocked that anyone could think I was nasty. Sure I might come across as bored sometimes but never mean.

"I know, but I think you might have met him that night…" she trailed off.

I sighed, "its ok, Alice, you can say it. I can talk about what happened, it was a long time ago. That night is really hazy so if I did meet him only the once, I probably wouldn't remember him."

She nodded, "I didn't think you would be mean, but I didn't want you to feel awkward if he reminded you of anything." She smiled and patted me on the arm as she walked away.

We went back to work. We often spent our time at work dancing around and singing so it wasn't unusual for Alice to be singing along to the music we had playing in the background. She really wasn't very good but even if I told her, she wouldn't stop so I just let her go. I often got carried away with singing along to whatever it was too, so I couldn't talk.

I had been singing most of my life, though all through my childhood no one knew I could sing until one day when I was 17 Alice heard me singing in the shower. I was incredibly shy and would freeze up even at the thought of singing in front of someone, but with Alice's constant badgering she talked me into taking some singing lessons. That's where I met Jasper; he was my first singing teacher.

I was collecting dirty glasses and wiping down a few tables when I heard Alice squeal. I turned to see what she was screaming about this time. I really didn't want to kill any more spiders. Thankfully, it wasn't a spider. Alice was running towards the door where Jasper was standing. Behind him was a hot guy. Well from first impressions he was hot. He was a bit taller than Jasper and not quite as bulky. He had really messy hair and was running his hand through it while he spoke to Alice with a smile.

Jasper was talking to him, pointing around the place, probably explaining his plans for the renovation. I stood and watched as he, and I presumed it was Edward, looked around the room. From where I stood, I couldn't make out too many details about him except his strong jaw line. He was handsome from afar so I wondered what he'd look like close up.

He looked around towards me as Jasper pointed and said something. His eyes widened almost in shock, and I looked away suddenly. I began to make my way towards them and when I looked back Edward was frowning and looking at the floor. He shook his head slightly and then looked back up at me with a bored expression.

"Bella, come meet Edward" Jasper said excitedly.

I smiled widely and held out my hand for him to shake. "It's nice to meet you, Edward."

"Yep" he responded and shook my hand limply then dropped it. He then proceeded to wipe his hand on his jeans.

What was that? I looked at my hand to see if it was dirty; it was dry and didn't look like it had anything on it. I had been wiping tables but the cloth I was using was clean.

"Bella is also living in our guest room right now, just until we get the apartments upstairs finished." Jasper explained to Edward who nodded minutely and glared at the floor.

What was his problem? I was nice. Like really nice! I even shook his damn hand. He couldn't even look at me! What could I possibly have done to piss him off in the short time it took to walk across the room and say hello to him? Maybe he found what I was wearing offensive? I looked down at my motorcycle boots and skinny jeans. Nope, nothing too crazy there. I was wearing a black tank top so maybe he was offended by the tattoos on my arms? It wasn't like I had full sleeves though, so I don't know. My black nail polish wasn't even chipped; I thought I was looking pretty damn normal.

He glared his daggers at the floor and then took a deep breath before turning back to Jasper who was still talking.

I looked between Alice and Jasper to see if they noticed but Jasper was jabbering on about flooring or demolition and Alice was listening to him so intently and nodding at everything he said.

"Come on, man, I'll show you the rest." Jasper excitedly directed him towards the back of the bar. Edward practically ran behind him, probably trying to get away from whatever I did to piss him off.

Jasper and Edward sat at the bar for the rest of the night drinking and catching up. Alice and I worked, but it wasn't very busy so I told her to go hang with the guys and I'd call her if I needed her. I kept my distance, watching them a little as I worked, as far as I could tell Edward had calmed down, but I wasn't risking anything. By closing time Jasper was hammered and giggling about nothing, Edward looked like he was about to pass out. I left it to Alice to get them home while I closed up.

When I arrived back at the apartment Alice was having a hard time getting Jasper to do anything, he was running around half dressed with his guitar yelling something about a jam session. Edward was passed out on the couch and Alice was huffing as she stood in the room with her hands on her hips.

"Oh the fun I miss when I'm working" I deadpanned as I made my way past them to my room.

Alice rolled her eyes.

"Thanks a lot, Bella"


The next morning was a lot of fun. Jasper was very hung over and was suppose to be at Twilight early to receive deliveries. I could hear him groaning in the kitchen from my room. Since he had already woken me I decided to put him out of his misery.

I strolled out into the kitchen and approached him cheerfully.

"How ya feelin', Jazz?" I asked loudly in a really annoying cheerful voice.

Jasper groaned. "Don't, Bella! I feel like death!" he whined making me laugh.

"And here I was going to offer to go into work for you. Oh well I guess I might go back to bed."

His head shot up from its place on the counter.


"It'll cost ya." I answered, knowing I would do it for nothing, it's not like I had anything else to do until band practice this evening.

"Anything Bella, it's yours. My first-born. ANYTHING." He slumped back down onto the counter.

My smile widened, there was only one thing I wanted and I knew Jasper would say no.

"Start a band with me."

"No. Anything but that."

"I'll do it anyway, Jazz." I patted him on the back, then walked over to the coffee maker and poured myself a cup. I then wandered over to my much used iPod dock and turned on one of my favorite playlists.

"Nooooooooo!" Jasper yelled and held his hands over his head to shield himself from the music as it pumped through the kitchen.

"Angel of death. Monarch to the kingdom of the dead" I sang loudly along with the music. I began to dance around to the music, keeping in time with the killer guitars. Slayer always got me pumped and probably wasn't appropriate this early in the morning, but I really didn't care. It was damn funny to watch Jasper suffer. He'd do it to me if it were the other way around.

"Surgery, with no anesthesia. Fell the knife pierce you intensely." I continued, getting into it.

Jasper looked like he was going to cry. It was classic. I wish I had my camera with me.

"What. The. Fuck!"

I jumped, surprised at Edward's sudden presence behind me. He looked like he was about to commit murder as he stalked to the iPod dock and pulled the plug out of the wall. It was silent as I stared at him in shock. He looked as bad as Jasper, his hair was in a million different directions and he looked like he slept in his clothes, his bright green eyes were bloodshot, and he almost looked crazed he was so mad.

"Thank you!" Jasper groaned.

Realizing I was still only wearing a pair of boy shorts and a tank top with no bra underneath, I slunk back towards my room. I could feel Edward's piercing stare follow me as I went.


Sometimes I got really fucking sick of playing the piano. Yeah, I know, you'd think I'd love it and I do, don't get me wrong, it's just when you have to play the same thing over again that you really don't want to play, it can suck. Playing with an orchestra or an ensemble tends to limit my choices. Usually it's some lengthy classical piece that has been done a million times before.

I hadn't been home in years and had barely spoken to any of my family during that time. It didn't matter to my father, but my mom and Emmett were a different story. They both emailed and called me constantly asking when I'd be home. Emmett had come to visit me while I was in London and we had a really good time but it wasn't long enough.

It was time for a break. I was exhausted, you wouldn't think a guy who could play the piano would be in such high demand, but somehow I was really popular. I'd been asked by some of the world's best orchestras to play with them. I was honored, really, I was. It got so crazy that I'd had to hire a publicist, an agent and a manager just to deal with it all. But it was time for me to go home, recoup and maybe even do something original for myself for once.

My best friend, Jasper, was getting married in a few months and had asked me to be his best man, another incentive to go home. I hadn't even met his fiancée and they'd been together for years.

I was really nervous to go home. I didn't know why. I felt like something was going to happen, I wasn't sure if it was going to be good or bad, but something was going to change.

Jasper picked me up from the airport and had insisted I come with him to his bar; he'd begun a huge renovation and was eager to show me what he had planned. I figured since I was going to be in town and not working, I might give him a hand. Well, as much a hand as I possible seeing that I had no renovating experience.

He chatted the entire way to Twilight Tavern and I could tell he was really excited to see me. I had been horrible at keeping in touch with anyone, even my best friend. He still saw Emmett regularly so at least he could keep track of me through Em.

We found a park and headed inside. Jasper was already explaining details about demolitions and pointing things out to me as we stood inside the door.

A squeal came from over near the bar and a short chick came barreling over to us. I braced myself wondering what the fuck was going on. I was relatively unknown in the US and only got asked for an autograph on occasion, I guess it was a blessing that the fangirls didn't listen to a lot of classical music. For a second there I thought maybe Robert Pattinson was behind me due to her loud screams.

Thankfully it was just Jasper's fiancée, Alice. Once she pulled herself away from him he introduced us. She seemed quite nice if not a little hyper.

"Oh and that's Bella over there." He pointed in the direction of some tables and chairs.


It was her.

I only got a quick look, but it was her. She looked different, she was a little curvier but she was still as beautiful as she was the night I saw her for the first and last time. But she wasn't the girl I had been dreaming about all these years, this Bella had tattoos all over her arms and her jeans were so tight they left little to the imagination. No, this was not right at all.

She was looking in our direction and so I quickly looked away. I came close to fleeing out the door behind me, but held myself on the spot.

Jasper yelled something about coming over as I focused on the floor so as not to freak out too much.

Her hand appeared in my vision as she held it out for me to shake.

"It's nice to meet you, Edward." The way she said my name almost killed me. I'd imagined it for years now, and it was too much. I think I replied to her but I was too freaked out. I weakly shook her hand and pulled back suddenly. My palms were so sweaty I had to rub my hand on my jeans.

Jasper said something else that I didn't catch, so I just nodded, hoping that it was the right thing to do. He didn't seem to notice as he chatted on. Eventually he motioned for us to continue his tour and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I practically ran in the direction he led me. Things were not turning out how I had expected them to. I wasn't prepared for this, that's for sure. It had never occurred to me that Bella would be a part of Jasper's life now. I guess it is my own fault, seeing as I'd been too lazy to keep in touch.

Once I was away from Bella, I forced her from my mind and followed Jasper on his tour. He had a lot of plans with the place and if I hadn't had been pre-occupied I'd have been impressed.

We spent the rest of the night drinking at the bar and catching up. Alice hovered and joined the conversation occasionally. She was a friendly, happy girl who I liked from the get go. It was easy to see her and Jasper belonged together. They reminisced about past events that I had missed out on and laughed at each other's jokes like they were both the funniest people in the world.

I continued to drink. I knew I'd pay for it tomorrow, especially when the jet lag kicked in, but with Bella so close it was freaking me out. I had tried for years to get her out of my mind and now that I was back and she was not how she should be I didn't know what to do.

Bella worked the rest of the night and I kept a close eye on her. Every time she came near, I made sure to act busy, or excuse myself to the bathroom. I'd get through the night and then tomorrow I could work out what to do next.


Loud guitars and drums blared in the room scaring the hell out of me and making me fall off the couch I was passed out on. My head was killing me and I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. What the fuck was going on?

I was going to kill whoever woke me up. Didn't they know I was still on European time? And what was that god awful sound?

I staggered to my feet and looked around. I was in an unfamiliar lounge room. The music was too much; I had to stop it before my head exploded. I stalked in the direction it was coming from and found myself in a kitchen. Bella was wearing next to nothing and dancing around singing while Jasper had his arms around his head as he half laid on the breakfast bar.

"What. The. Fuck!" I yelled. It was too early in the morning for this and I was too jet lagged and hung over. Bella froze in shock, her already big eyes growing huge. I made my way to the source of the noise and pulled the plug from the wall. Sweet silence.

Jasper groaned out a thank you and then slumped further onto the counter. Bella ran from the room and I watched her go, her less than nothing clothes making me think dirty thoughts that I pushed to the back of my mind. She's not who you thought she was, I told myself.

The song Bella was playing in the kitchen was "Angel of Death" by Slayer. You can listen to it here: http:/ www. youtube .com/ watch?v=K6_zsJ8KPP0&feature=fvsr