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Jasper, Emmett and Edward stumbled loudly into the bar, while Rose, Alice and I continued to dance.

They were a sight to see that's for sure. It was like there was thirty of them not three with all the movement and noise surrounding them as they entered. It was messy and loud, and then suddenly as quick as it began, as soon as they saw us, it stopped.

It was never hard to tell when Jasper had been drinking, he was always so giggly. Emmett must've had just as much to drink because his usually loud voice was even louder and his footsteps were twice as heavy as usual.

Edward was speechless as he regarded us from the doorway; he looked like he was in shock.

I kept on dancing, I loved this song.

Edward sidled up beside me, he had a languid grin on his face, his eyes were half closed and his hair was a complete disaster. He kinda swayed next to me, but I didn't know if it was from the alcohol or the music.

"Blellaaaaa," he cried into my ear louder than he probably meant it to be. "How you doing?" he tried to use his best Joey from friends voice, which wasn't very good at all, then he snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me sideways into him.

I think he was attempting to dance with me, but he wasn't even close to keeping in time with the music and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Did you have a good night?" I asked.

"It's just gotten betterrrrr," he said, his voice deep and rough as he placed his other arm around my waist and spun me to face him then pulled me so that my chest was pressed totally against his.

Well hello there!

He slowly moved his hands from around my waist down to the top of my ass and then down onto each ass-cheek and pulled me against him even harder as his mouth descended on mine.

His tongue was immediately asking for entry and when I granted it he moaned loudly. He tasted like whiskey as he kissed me hard and hungrily, almost sloppily. I had never seen him this relaxed. We'd only kissed a couple of times and there hadn't been much touching or rubbing against each other, until now.

I slowed the kiss down and pulled away slightly.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you missed me," I teased.

He leaned his forehead against mine and stared intensely down into my eyes, "You have nooo idea," he answered. I really didn't have any idea but I wasn't going to get into it now.

The song changed to a much slower one, and Edward began swaying us again. I looked quickly to my left and Jasper was sitting at the piano bench with Alice perched in his lap, and when I looked to my right, Emmett and Rose were nowhere to be seen, I was pretty sure they had left. I was glad we had finished our closing procedure and only had to turn off the stereo and the lights and lock up, because these boys were definitely ready to go home.

Edward leaned down and kissed me. It was hungry and passionate again and he groaned loudly as he gripped my ass and pushed his groin into my stomach.

I wondered if he would be this forward if he wasn't drunk.

I liked him a lot and maybe now that he had got over whatever problem he had with me in the beginning that he liked me too. In the back of my mind I knew I'd have to ask him about that before things went too far but it was the last thing I wanted to do right now. Not with Edward rubbing himself against me. Was I ready for what Edward seemed to be leading me towards? Yes, I most definitely was, but not while he was drunk.

There was a bang and then Alice laughed loudly, which caught us by surprise and interrupted our kiss. I turned my head slightly to see what was so funny. Jasper was sprawled on the floor next to the piano Alice still in his lap, having obviously fallen off the piano bench.

"I think it's time we took these boys home," I said to Alice as Edward nuzzled my cheek with his nose.

She threw me a huge smile and then nodded.

"Okay, Jazzy, let's get you up."

I tried to pull out of Edward's embrace but he had a pretty tight hold on me. He skimmed his nose across my cheek to my neck and then up to my ear causing a shiver to go through me, I was trying to be strong, I really was, but my self control was waning.

"Edward," I said weakly.

He hummed in reply but didn't stop his nuzzling.

I cleared my throat. "Edward," I said a little louder.

"Bella," he answered quietly, breathing out slowly, then he stopped and stood up straight, looking down at me with a lazy sexy smile.

"Let's get you home."

His smile widened.

This time when I tried to pull away he let me.

Alice had finally managed to get Jasper upright and shoved him over towards the door, so I ran and turned everything off and then grabbed my stuff. When I got back Edward and Jasper were snickering at something and Alice was trying hard not to smile. I shook my head, not really wanting to know what mischief was going on.

"Let's roll guys; I presume you're all coming with me?" I looked at Alice for confirmation who grinned and nodded.

We locked up and somehow Alice and I wrangled the guys towards my car. It was a struggle getting them both into the back seat. Jasper kept trying to sit in the front; he thought he was hilarious which would make Edward laugh and encourage him more.

Eventually, we were all in the car and ready to go. I turned the key and loud music blared through my crappy speakers causing us all to jump.

"Sorry," I said as I turned it down.

"What was that?" Alice asked turning her nose up.

"Just something I was thinking about for your wedding," I joked. It was totally opposite to a wedding song. I turned it back up a little so she could hear, it was 'This Love' by Pantera, laughter erupted from the back seat when they heard what it was.

I smiled as Alice started shuffling through my iPod. "Do you want me to drop you and Jazz home first, I don't mind."

She nodded, "yes please, Bella Bee!"

I pulled out of the parking space and headed in the direction of our apartment as she turned the music up. It didn't surprise me that she picked a song that I wasn't expecting, but that was just Alice for you.

We sang along loudly, not even caring the guys were in the back.

"Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
drench yourself in words unspoken
live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
the rest still unwritten"

They'd been very quiet for most of the ride, and when I peeked at them in the rearview mirror I realized that despite the noise, they had both passed out.

After I pulled into a space near our apartment and turned off the car, I turned and had a look at the two sleeping beauties in the back seat. Edward was leaning against the window, with Jasper half laying down leaning against Edward's side, his seatbelt still around his waist.

"Do you have any idea where Edward is staying?"

Alice shook her head, "nope."

"That's what I thought, looks like he's sleeping on the couch."

Trying to wake them up proved to be another difficult task. But finally, between the two of us, we roused them enough to get them to stagger inside. Edward flopped face down on the couch and we made sure Jasper made it to his and Alice's room, where we left him snoring away.

"I'm going to call it a night too." Alice leaned over and kissed me on the cheek before skipping off down the hallway.

I gathered a pillow and blanket from the hall closet and then made my way back to the living room. Edward had turned onto his back, half his body on the couch, half hanging off. I wasn't sure whether to just cover him over and leave or at least remove his shoes. I figured he'd be more comfortable so I leaned down to undo the laces on his sneakers.

I had removed one of his shoes when Edward's warm hand came up to rest on my ass. I almost yelped in surprise at the sudden contact.

"Bella," his voice rough and his half-closed eyes tried to focus on me as he laid there. "Come lay with me."

I shook my head. "Let's at least get your shoes off, Edward."

He sat up quickly and pulled the other shoe off without even undoing the laces, then just as quickly laid back down.

"Okay..." He smiled up sleepily at me.

I kicked my own shoes off and laid down next to him in the tiny space on the edge of the couch, pulling the blanket up over us. He wound his arm around my waist, he was warm and it wasn't too uncomfortable lying with him, half on top of him so I didn't fall off.

It took him maybe five minutes to nod back off, snoring quietly, so I slipped out of his grasp and headed off to my own bed after leaving him a glass of water and some aspirin on the coffee table. Unfortunately, my conscience was telling me that we needed to have a talk before I spent the night with him, no matter how much I wanted to just snuggle up and go to sleep in his arms.


The next morning I woke to the smell of pancakes, which meant that Alice was more than likely up and looking after Jasper. He was a horrible patient, whether he was sick or had a hangover.

I had a quick shower then headed out into the kitchen. Edward and Jasper were sitting at the table looking very green. They each had a glass of juice in front of them and a stack of pancakes that looked totally untouched.

"Good morning!" I said as loudly and as cheerfully as I could.

Jasper narrowed his eyes at me as I made my way around the counter. Edward looked a little embarrassed, he gave me a small smile when I winked at him and turned to my iPod dock.

"Bella, no!" Jasper growled, knowing I was going to tease him with loud music again.

I laughed and grabbed the closest thing I could find next to the iPod dock, which just happened to be a wooden spoon.

"What? You don't want me to use this spoon?" I teased. I wasn't going to torture him this morning; I just wanted to pick on him a little. I put the spoon back still laughing.

"I'm not going to do it Jazz, you look like you're suffering enough, the both of you."

I grabbed a plate and threw a couple of pancakes from the pile left on the counter on it and poured some syrup over them, and then made myself some coffee. By the time I'd made it to the table, Edward had eaten a little of his breakfast and drunk all his juice. I noted he looked a little better. Jasper had pushed his plate away and was resting his head on his folded arms.

"Morning Bella Bee!" Alice chirped as she bounded into the kitchen.

"Hey Alice. Thanks for the pancakes," I said with my mouth full, she smiled and winked at me then leaned over Jasper and kissed his cheek, pulling the plate closer to him again.

"You'll feel better if you eat," she scolded and handed him the fork.

He lifted his head and took it reluctantly and slowly took a bite. Alice smiled happily and left him alone, moving across the kitchen to pour herself a cup of coffee.

"So, what are you guys doing today?" Alice asked.

I shrugged, "Not sure," I looked over at Edward, "I'll drive you home if you like and maybe we can do something after?"

He nodded. "Sounds good," his voice was still rough, but it made him sound so hot, even though I'm sure he was feeling pretty crappy.

I finished eating and cleaned up my mess then headed to my room to get my shoes and my purse. When I returned to the living room Edward was sitting on the couch waiting.

"Ready to go?" I asked sitting down next to him so that I could put my chucks on.

He nodded, "whenever you are."

I tied my shoes and then grabbed my purse, "let's go!"

He stood and moved aside so I could lead the way, making me smile as he rested his hand lightly on my lower back.

We reached my car and I climbed into the driver's side and then leaned across to unlock the door for him. He folded himself into the seat that had been pulled forward so they could fit in the back last night. Alice had short legs so it didn't bother her, but he moved the seat back to give himself some more room.

I turned the key and the song Alice and I had been singing last night was just ending. Edward grabbed my iPod and started scrolling through my playlists. His expression was neutral so I couldn't tell if he liked any of it or not. I knew he would laugh at some of the stuff on there, but a lot had been put on there back when I was in the cover band and had to learn them and I had never bothered to delete them.

"So..." I started. "Where am I heading?"

"Oh, I'm staying on 4th Avenue," he answered without looking up, "at the W."

I nodded as I started the car. I couldn't believe he'd been staying at a hotel all this time, but then again it was probably something he was used to. Plus I wasn't sure if he planned on going back to Europe straight after the wedding but it seemed pretty likely.

Edward found a song he liked and leaned his head back on the headrest and closed his eyes. He was starting to look a lot less green than he had earlier.

As I drove I hummed along to the song, kinda surprised he'd pick The Cure, but happy he'd picked a song I liked.

"Spinning on that dizzy edge
I kissed her face and kissed her head
And dreamed of all the different ways I had
To make her glow
"Why are you so far away?" she said
"Why won't you ever know that I'm in love with you
That I'm in love with you"

Soft and only
Lost and lonely
Strange as angels
Dancing in the deepest oceans
Twisting in the water
You're just like a dream"

I thought that perhaps he had fallen asleep; he had barely moved the whole drive. But when we arrived at the hotel and I pulled into the valet, he was winding his window up and opening his door.

He led me through the modern foyer and into the elevator. I found it intriguing how he navigated the hotel so comfortably. It was obvious he'd spent a lot of time in hotels.

His room was an amazing one-bedroom suite that was probably bigger than my whole new apartment. And it was messy as hell. The only tidy part was the bed, which looked like he'd had the maid service make it for him. Though I kinda felt sorry for them having to wade through the maze of belongings strewn all over the floor I was also glad he at least had a made bed.

"I'm going to get in the shower real quick," he gestured towards the bathroom. "Will you be alright here for a little while?"

"Of course," I said with a shrug. "I can watch TV or something."

I shoved some papers and a laptop across the couch so that I could sit down. The coffee table and couch were scattered with various sheet music and paperwork, some mail that hadn't been opened and some CD's. I grabbed the remote and chose a program at random. He had a great view and I found myself looking out the window more than at the television. I wondered if he remembered last night; he was pretty drunk.

"Must be interesting..." the sound of Edward's voice brought me out of my musings.

"What?" I asked startled, turning in the direction of his voice.

I held in a gasp at the sight. He was standing across from me in the entry to the bedroom area, next to the TV cabinet that separated the living from the bedroom, bare chested. A pair of worn jeans hung low on his hips and a towel was draped around his shoulders that he was using to rub through his hair.

"Whatever you are watching." He gestured with his elbow towards the television. "It must be so interesting that you are looking out the window instead," he grinned.

I shook my head slightly, unable to answer him as his bare feet stepped closer so that he was standing right on the opposite side of the coffee table.

"Are you feeling a little better?" I asked weakly, forcing myself to remove my eyes from his chest.

A smirk crept across his face, "Yes. I think I might even be able to eat a little more now. Are you hungry?"

"I could eat," I shrugged, I hadn't eaten a lot at breakfast and if he didn't put some clothes on soon we'd both end up naked, and I really wanted to talk to him before we went any further. I was thankful for the coffee table separating us.

Edward grabbed the room service menu and handed it to me. I picked something at random, not even really thinking about what I felt like, and he went off into the bedroom to make the call.

He came back a few minutes later and thankfully had thrown on a crumpled black t-shirt. It fit him snugly across the chest and had a hole in the collar. Stopping before he made it to me, he looked around and cringed.

"I'm really sorry about the mess," he ran his hand through his hair. "I don't spend a lot of time here."

I shrugged, it wasn't like I was particularly tidy either, and we hadn't planned on coming here until this morning.

He started picking up clothes, and I jumped up to help, we wouldn't have anywhere to eat if we didn't move some of the mess at least. He tried to get me to stop but I refused and by the time room service knocked on the door we had most of the mess in controlled piles and the floor almost totally clear.

He grabbed anything left on the coffee table and piled it with the rest of the stuff on the desk so that we had somewhere to put our food.

We ate in comfortable silence, sitting next to each other on the couch. I figured it was probably a good time to ask him what I'd been dying to know.

"So," I started. "You had a good time last night?"

He nodded as he swallowed and then took a sip of his drink.

"Yeah it was good to hang out with the guys."

"And you remember coming into the bar to meet us?" I smiled, "Because all three of you were pretty messy."

He laughed loudly and leaned back in the seat next to me resting his head on the back of the couch.

"I think so, why? Did I do anything embarrassing?" he turned his head to look at me.

I shrugged a shoulder and smirked, leaning back on the couch to mirror him. "That depends what you call embarrassing."

He laughed again then his face suddenly grew serious. "I remember everything, Bella. I remember how hot you looked dancing when we got there. And I remember wanting to hold you and kiss you and yes, I remember lying on the couch with you cuddled into my side."

His eyes had grown dark and intense as he spoke and he turned his body and leaned in towards me slowly. My breath hitched as he raised his hand and cupped my cheek in his palm. Then he closed the distance between us and pressed his lips lightly to mine.

He kissed me again, a little harder and moved his hand to the back of my neck threading his fingers under my hair, his tongue darting out to touch my bottom lip. He tilted his head slightly then kissed me again deeper, our tongues meeting softly. A quiet groan rumbled through his chest and I could feel it vibrate through my hands which I had unknowingly placed on his chest. His fingers seemed to grip into my hair a little tighter as our kiss became a little more urgent. My brain was growing a little fuzzy and I rubbed my thighs together unconsciously as Edward's other hand slipped around my side, just below my breast, slowly working its way up.

I knew if I didn't stop this it would escalate into something more and I just wanted that one answer before I finally gave in. I forced myself to slow the kiss down, pulling back slightly and pressing a couple of soft kisses to his open mouth.

His eyes opened and he smiled sweetly at me, both of us panting slightly.

It's now or never, I thought to myself.

"Edward, what made you change your mind about me?"

His brow furrowed and his eyes flickered around my face, "what do you mean?" he asked as he gently pushed a stray piece of hair behind my ear.

"Well, when you first came back, you couldn't even be in the same room as me, now we're making out on your couch," I waved my hand between us to emphasize.

He dropped his hand and smiled wryly, shaking his head and looking at a spot over my shoulder, his mouth opened a couple of times as though he was about to speak but he hesitated.

"Bella..." he started. "I'm an asshole."

He shook his head again as though he just couldn't believe what he was about to say, I waited patiently, not knowing what to say.

"You know I saw you sing that night." he said and I nodded, we'd already established that. "Well, I was so captivated by your voice, by you. You were amazing you know that?"

I huffed out a laugh, it was a rough night and I'm sure my singing wasn't that great.

"You were!" he assured me. "And you were so beautiful, and innocent." He ran his hand across my shoulder and his eyes followed his touch. "I thought about you a lot while I was away," his voice grew quiet and vulnerable. "Wondering what happened to you, where you went, what you were doing. And I vowed that I'd come back and meet you." He looked back up at me, his green eyes so sincere, "But when I got here you had changed, I mean, you looked the same but yet totally different. I can't explain it, it's like you grew up and I was so mad that I had missed it. And that maybe you weren't the same, you are so sexy and confident and it surprised me, and I didn't know what to do about it."

I smiled, "I was only eighteen Edward. I hadn't lived." I brought both my hands up to his face and held it between my palms staring into his bright green eyes, "You already know my story, but really, I'm still the same girl I was back then. My tattoos and the fact that I like everything black are just part of my evolution. They remind me of things that I've overcome and that I am comfortable with myself the way I am." I sighed, "We've all gotta grow up sometime."

He smiled softly and nodded, "I'm beginning to realize that. Emmett told me the same thing, you know," he chuckled quietly. "I know there is something there between us, just listen when we play together. I've never had that kind of connection with anyone before." He said seriously. "And... I uh... kinda like the way you look now," he smiled sheepishly.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his, my hands sliding back into his hair. His mouth opened for me instantly, kissing me passionately before pulling away slightly.

"And I really like kissing you too," he said against my mouth making me grin.

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This Love - Pantera
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Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
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