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Edward pointed a tiny remote at an iPod dock across the room and instantly Jim Morrison's deep voice enveloped us. It was intense; the feeling of Edward's mouth on mine combined with the sexy sounds of Light Your Fire, turned me into mush.

It wasn't long before I had his shirt back off. He didn't seem to mind. For a pianist, who I was guessing did a lot of sitting down in his line of work; he was in pretty good shape. His chest was hard and his stomach flat. His skin was so warm. I tried to memorize the way he felt, not sure when I'd get another opportunity and I wanted to make the most of it.

"You know, it's only fair that you take your shirt off too," he said against my lips.

"Really?" I smiled, "well I wouldn't want to be unfair, now would I?"

He grinned as his hands crept to the bottom of my shirt. His fingers grazed my skin as he lifted it up my body and over my head, I gasped as he dragged his palms lightly back down the bare skin of my sides after he'd thrown it behind him. He leaned back and took me in, his eyes lingering on some of my ink before moving on to my chest.

"Breathtaking," he breathed as his gaze met mine.

I tried not to blush, but it was kind of hard not to, his eyes were so honest.

He leaned forward and ran his nose across my cheek, making a beeline for my ear, where he took my lobe in between his lips and sucked. I moaned quietly, his mouth was hot and wet as he sucked the skin below my ear. I shivered when he hit a sensitive spot.

We kissed, deeply, slowly, Edward's hands just skimming the bottom of my ribs, and making their way around my back, exploring, just like I had done to him.

"Shall we move to the bedroom?" His voice was gravelly and quiet and his eyes were uncertain.

I nodded and rose from my spot on the couch; it would definitely be more comfortable on the bed.

I probably should have been freaked out about how quickly I was about to jump into bed with him. Honestly, I wasn't really thinking about much at all at the time.

Except, maybe, getting him naked.

There was something in the way he looked at me, in the way he kissed me and held me so gently in his large hands. He'd even admitted that there was a connection between us. And God knows he was beautiful.

Who wouldn't want to have sex with him?

He took my hand and led the way across the room and around the wall separating his living room with his bedroom. I hummed along with the music, just itching to see what else was on that iPod, but more eager to get to the bed.

He tugged me towards the bed and then dropped to his knees in front of me. His hands came to the button on my jeans, his nimble fingers unclasped it and then slowly dragged the zipper down. He pulled the jeans down and off my legs and then slowly brought his hands back up the back of my legs, around the sides, then towards the front, exploring again. He stopped at edge of my panties, at my inner thigh and looked up at me, his green eyes darker than usual.

I bit my lip as his fingers slipped into my panties and between my legs, meeting my slick skin, rubbing just slightly. I brought my hands to his hair and threaded my fingers through the soft strands anchoring myself in place.

His fingers rubbed me in just the right way, the music combined with Edward's expert touch was making me dizzy. My breathing was shallow; I was sure my legs were going to give way at any moment. He pulled my panties to the side so he could see what he was doing and sped up, giving me just the perfect pressure, bringing me closer and closer to the edge.

"Edward." I moaned his name, his movements faster again and his other hand coming in to join the party, circling my entrance and then slowly, so slowly entering me.

I let go with a loud moan, calling his name again as I came over his hands. He slowed his fingers and I dropped backwards, slumping onto the bed, boneless.

"Bella, I..." he started as he stood and gazed down at me. He didn't continue what he was saying, shaking his head as though he was stuck for words, speechless.

I grinned as I blatantly watched him strip, his jeans and boxers landing with a quiet thump on the floor. When he was naked and his attention completely back on me I worked my panties down my legs, balled them up and threw them at him. He caught them and held them out to inspect them.

"I remember these," he smirked referring to the incident where I practically decorated him like a Christmas tree with my dirty laundry. I laughed loudly in response, I didn't know if these panties were there or not but he'd definitely seen some of my underwear at the time.

Suddenly, he threw them over his shoulder and dove right on top of me, causing me to shriek with surprise. His chest pressed up against mine, my bra the only thing left in the way. I'd forgotten I was still wearing it, so I arched my back, pushing myself harder against him and unclasped it, then pulled it off and dropped it over the edge of the bed.

Edward's mouth descended on my neck, sucking and nipping. He groaned as our bodies rubbed together, the friction delicious. I don't think I had ever felt anything so amazing, we lined up perfectly, and the energy that ran between us when we sang together was back, vibrating all around us.

I hadn't noticed the song finishing, I may have even missed a few, I wasn't sure. A new one was just starting; it was slower, more sensual.

Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me

"I love this song," I sighed.

Edward pulled back and looked me in the eye, his eyes still dark, but there was also something else in there, something I couldn't decipher. His gaze flickered around my face for a minute, stopping when his eyes met mine again.

I don't want to leave her now
You know I believe her now

"Me too." His voice cracking just slightly and his smile was tender.

Edward rolled off me and shuffled through the drawer next to the bed, returning with a foil packet. I stretched and then moved myself onto the bed further, getting comfortable. When he was covered, he followed me, a dark look of lust in his eyes as he crawled up the bed. He ran his hands up my torso to my breasts, his fingers pinching my nipples, tugging, making me writhe and gasp shamelessly.

Somewhere in her smile she knows
That I don't need no other lover
Something in her style that shows me

His mouth was hot as he took my tight nipple in between his lips and sucked. He moaned hungrily sending vibrations right through me, making me shiver all over. I mewed and squirmed and just plain enjoyed the feeling him.

Don't want to leave her now
You know I believe her now

His mouth. I never would have imagined what his mouth was capable of, but from what he was doing to me, it was beyond anything I had ever experienced before. And when he hummed along with the music into my skin as his wet kisses moved up my body, over my collarbone and up my chin, I thought I was going to combust.

You're asking me will my love grow
I don't know, I don't know
You stick around now it may show
I don't know, I don't know

My mind went blank the moment his lips met mine again, his tongue pushing in and exploring my mouth, everything but the feeling of him fading right into the background. His lips pressed hard, then soft, passionate, owning me. His warm body rubbed against mine, cradled between my legs, moving slowly, making me wish he would just move the couple of inches forward and push himself inside of me.

His hands gently ran down my arms, and over my torso. "Bella," he gasped as he pulled back and met my eyes again. The intense look on his face reminding me of the times I used to catch him staring at me from across the bar as I worked.

I couldn't even answer, I was literally stunned speechless as he moved slowly, finally pushing inside. I inhaled loudly, he was bigger than I realized, stretching me, filling me, so slowly. Stopping only when he was all the way in.

He pulled out slowly and then entered me much quicker, a little harder, his breath washing across my face as he started to find his rhythm.

He was quiet, breathing heavily, groaning softly as he rocked into me; I wasn't surprised he wasn't into dirty talk, he was often a man of few words, and quite honestly I couldn't put anything into words right then if I wanted to.

I grasped at his shoulders, down his back, around his waist, never quite finding the right place to put my hands, eventually giving up and gripping the sheets at either side of me.

He ran his hands down my sides to my hips, his fingers digging in but not hurting and changed his angle slightly, his face contorting up at the new sensation. I gasped as he hit just the right spot, my back arching as he brought me higher with every thrust.

So good. So good. I was close. I wrapped my legs around him and held on, his hips continuing their constant assault. So close. I moaned loudly as my body tensed and came alive at every nerve ending, utter bliss rolling through me, my breath hitched as my orgasm hit me hard making my ears ring and my eyes roll back in my head.

"Bella." Edward dropped his face into my neck. "Bella", his thrusts sped up and became more erratic, his own climax on its way. "Bella," he repeated again roughly.

He grunted with each movement, then lifted his head, and scrunched his eyes up as his whole body shuddered as he came. He groaned loudly his body stilling and then dropped down on top of me, panting.

I gingerly released my legs from around his waist, dropping them unceremoniously back onto the bed, out of breath and sated and a little bit out of it.

Edward collapsing on top of me might have been almost the best feeling ever, except for the not being able to breathe part. It was more what it represented. He'd just blown my mind. Utterly and completely. This man, who had been so hell-bent on disliking me for some strange reason that he had made up in own his head, had made me feel better than anyone ever had.

It was something I couldn't quite fathom; how he'd come a total 180, but I knew I could get over it, he'd explained what was going on, and although I thought it was a tiny bit weird I couldn't deny that I had feelings for him. Even when he was avoiding me I think I had been attracted to him in some way. I think I knew it the day he confronted James, I just didn't want to admit it to myself.

My biggest worry now was knowing that things could be so incredible and yet so temporary. Edward would be leaving me soon, it wasn't long until the wedding and he had a life in Europe that I knew nothing about, that he would eventually have to return to. I shoved that thought into the back of my mind and wrapped my arms around him, pulling him down onto me even more, if it was possible. He was breathing heavily into my neck, his mouth open and his teeth grazing my skin.

He kissed me wetly where my neck met my shoulder and then pulled his head up, looking down at me with a lazy half-smile, his green eyes almost glowing. I smiled back up at him as he opened his mouth to speak, but not finding the right words closed it again. I'd seen him do this a few times before; it was like he couldn't quite find the right thing to say.

"Bella," he finally said as he wound his arms around me and rolled onto his side, taking me with him. His embrace was tight but gentle and I couldn't help but snuggle a little into his chest. "That was amazing."

I nodded in reply. It sure was.

I lay in the circle of his arms, for god knows how long, listening to the music drift around the room. Wondering idly what songs I had missed when I was… otherwise occupied. I was dying to know what else was on Edward's iPod. I always thought you could learn a lot about a person from what their iPod held and how it was organized.

He rubbed his hand softly down the bare skin of my back, leaning his head on top of mine, occasionally dropping sweet kisses into my hair, humming quietly under his breath. It was bliss, never had I been more relaxed.

Dizzy, I'm so dizzy, my head is spinnin'…

"Alice," I huffed and quickly sat up as my cell phone ringtone clashed horribly with the song that was playing on the dock. "What the hell does she want?"

Like a whirlpool, it never ends…

"Just leave it," Edward grumbled, his arms snaking around my waist trying to pull me back down, his palms sneaking up my chest.

I shook my head, "she'll keep ringing if I don't answer. Trust me, it's easier this way."

I leaned over the edge of the bed and shuffled around looking for my jeans. Thankfully they weren't far. My cell phone was in the pocket and I found it just in time to miss the call. I sat back up on the bed, pulling the sheet up under my arms and leaned against the headboard, the phone in my hand, waiting.

Dizzy, I'm so dizzy, my head is spinnin'…

I smiled; I knew she would ring straight back. I slid my finger across the screen to accept the call.

"Hi Alice. What can I do for you?"

"Bella!" she screamed excitedly, "I just wanted to call you because Jazz and I were talking about the bachelor party…"

"What about it? You know I'm not going to tell you anything. Edward and I have it all under control," I answered, glancing over at him, trying to ignore his hot nakedness as he lay on his back, his head turned in my direction, watching me.

"Jazz is worried; he doesn't want to leave the bar alone…"

I cut her off, "Tell Jazz not to stress, Al. I promise we will work something out. When have I ever let you down? Huh?"

I could hear her huff, "I know…"

"Is that all you called me for?" I asked. "Coz I'm kinda busy." I smiled over at Edward as he grinned back at me, bringing his hands up behind his head and lounging into the pillows.

"Oooh what are you and Edward up to? Having yourselves a good time over there?" she asked in a sing-song voice.

"Oh my god, Alice!" I threw my hand over my eyes.

She laughed wildly down the phone, "Bella Swan! I was only joking, but your response says it all. I bet you're naked right now!"

I knew I was blushing, Edward was chuckling quietly next to me; I wasn't sure if he'd heard her or if he could just tell what she was going on about.

"I'm hanging up now, Alice," I groused.

"Okay, bye, Bella Bee!" she chimed.

"Bye, Al. And don't worry, everything is under control," I assured, pulling the phone away from my ear and ending the call before she could bring it up again.

I rubbed my eyes and then peered over at Edward, dropping my hand to the bed. He was smirking back at me, his eyes crinkling up in amusement.

Remembering what she originally called me for, I sighed, knowing we had some work to do. I hadn't completely lied to Alice, but the truth was nothing was officially organized for the joint bachelor/bachelorette party, but it was all in my head and ready to be done.

"What's up?" he asked, reaching out and taking my hand in his.

"The bachelor party," I said simply.

He nodded and then tugged on my arm, pulling me across the bed and helping me lie on top of him. "We'll do it together." He smiled widely, and threaded his fingers through the hair in the back of my head, pulling my face down to his. "...later," he whispered as his lips hungrily met mine.

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