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The next day, Jo woke up in the Guest bedroom of the Wilson's Home. She sat up, Stretching and Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She gently Braided her hair. She was up too early, she glanced at the clock. 5:45 on a saturday, She groaned. She tiptoed out and walked into the kitchen. "Morning." said Cecil to Jo spotting her on the stairs. "What are you doing up so early on the weekend?" She asked. " I should ask you the same question." He responded. "Touche." She said, exploring the kitchen. "You want milk?" She asked. He nodded. "And oreo cookies!" "You gotta ask mom for those bud." She said. Cecil groaned throwing his head back. She could see his hearing aids. "Cecil?" She asked. "Yeah?" He said. "Are you.. Hearing Impaired?" She asked. She nodded. "How?" She asked. "I was born this way." He said. She grinned weakly. "I'm weird too." She said. "Really?" He said.



"I have Dyslexia."


"So... Milk?"

"Yeah. Sure."

She poured him a glass of milk. "Well what would you like for breakfast?" She asked. "Eggs and Bacon." He smiled. "Sure." She smiled back. She expertly fried four pieces of Bacon and made Two eggs. They happily munched away, talking as they ate. The doorbell rang. "I'll get it." Jo said running to open the door. "Yes?" She said. "Your siblings. They awake?" a man asked. "Possibly..." She said. Cecil peeked around the the corner. She made many swift hand movements behind her back, Cecil understood perfectly. 'Get mom. hide 'becca and Riley.' He quietly ran up the stairs. "Mom!" He whispered. "Yeah?" She said hearing the panic in his voice. "Jo's talking to some wierdo at the door. She says go downstairs." He said. Something clicked in Marissa's head. She rushed downstairs. "NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!" She heard Jo shriek. Marissa reached Jo just in time. "Agent Wilson." Said the man. "Leave Jo alone." She said Anger dripping from her voice. "Why?" Said the man. "Just leave her be!" She said louder. The man Dropped Jo from his Spot on the roof. She fell too fast. Jo's head hit the sidewalk. Cecil saw everything from the upstairs window. "JO!" he yelled, grabbing the first aid kit in his room and running down the stairs. "Cecil. Take Jo inside." Marissa said. He did his best to Drag her inside the safety of his house. "Jo, you'll Be fine." He said. She groaned a bit. He examined her. Her head was bleeding. "Uh-oh." He said, Grabbing the gauge in the box. "How is she?" Marissa asked. "She's bleeding from her head." Said Cecil. "I kinda stopped it but she needs to go to the Hospital." Jo Groaned. "Mom? Cecil?" She asked. "Sh-ch-ch. Honey, Your head's hurt." Marissa said. Jo groaned more, turning her head. Cecil dialed 9-1-1. "9-1-1 what's your emergency?" Said the operator. "My sister. She's bleeding from her head." Cecil said Panicking. "Calm Down sir." The operator said. "We're sending a Team to help you." Very soon, an ambulance arrived. Men loaded Jo in the ambulance. "Go Cecil." Marissa said.

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