Naruto: The Missing Nin


Naruto finally gets sick of the way his village has been treating him for the past 10 years.

On his 10th birthday he leaves without a second glance

What will happen to naruto and how will the old Hokage take it?

Fem kyuubi, motherly kyuubi, smart & powerful naruto

thinking 'blah'

speakin "blah"

demon think 'rawr'

demon speakin "rawr"

Story Chapter One: Gone Missing

Normal P.O.V

It was the day of celebration, the day of happiness. But on this day it was a night mare to a ten year old naruto. Even if it was his birthday he would be bashed, hit, kick and spit on, actually it was worse on his birthday than the other times the villages find him or corner him in an alley. But on this day the village hiden in the leaves will lose their bright ball of sunshine.

Naruto Pov

I looked behind me to see the villages gates 'Kyu do you think anyone will miss me if i just leave like this?' i asked the giant fox that I keep inside of me "Only one kit and the would be the old man but he will understand" 'hopefully' replied the fox'ok then' i knew that kyuubi was only going to say that the old man would miss me but i needed to hear it, even though I am now classified as missing nin i could tell that this was a new start for me to try again and hopefully i don't run into any leaf nin's when i find a place to stay until i can defend myself properly "oy, kit would you like me to help you train?" asked kyuubi in my head 'but how your in my head' "yeah, but we can change that, first we need a place to camp so no one interfears because we only have one chance at this well maybe a couple but it's easier on the first try" I frowned at what kyuubi said but just did what she told me to do and found a small clearing that would be perfect for camping.

I looked around the clearing to make sure no one was hiding behind bushes or tree's, 'kyu no one is here are you going to tell me how your going to train me' "well first kit i need you to meditate and come into your mind first after that i will tell you what we need to do" 'ok' i sit down in the middle of the clearing and started meditate. as i opened my eyes again i saw i was in a sewer like scene with pipes of blue and small sized pipes of red. As i walk around i see a larger room down the end that seems to be glowing, when i finally reached the end i saw a large red fox curled up in 9 tails "kyu is that you" i asked wanting that this was not a dream, hoping to finally meet my adopted mother. "Yes kit it's me" said kyu while moving towards me, as she got closer i jumped into the cage that has a seal on it and huged kyuubi. I felt her pat my head as she whispers "nice to meet you too kit"