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Chapter 4: Training and an Attack

Border of Hi no Kuni and Kaze no Kuni

Its been three months since the last time he talked to the old man about Naruto.

Jiraiya was livid.

No, thats not right he was down right pissed his contact had said a kid matching Naruto's description had been sighted near the border with Kaze no Kuni. Now the problem with that was He couldn't find hide nor hair of the boy. The spy who gave him this information told him that the kid was seen traveling with two companions, one of whom hapened to be the famed Demon of the Mist, Zabuza Momoichi. He wasn't sure if Zabuza knew what Naruto contained but he didn't want to take any chances. He needed to know his godson was safe and happy.

Jiraiya sighed. He had been working on how to appologize to the gaki but he was never good with that kinda stuff so it was difficult trying to come up with a decent appology for what he had done.

'I need to stop getting destracted and find Naruto or i'll never get a chance to make everything up to the kid' He thought focusing on the task at hand. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" He shouted after biteing his thumb and running through the seals. A medium sized smoke cloud appeared then faded to reveal two small toads one green with a white goatee and the other purple with a weird hair style.

"Jiraiya-chan why did you summon us I don't sense an enemy?" The green, and now identified, Male toad asked slightly annoyed.

SMACK "Pa don't be rude just because your meal was interupted. What did you need us for?" The purple female toad queried after hitting her male counterpart for his rudeness.

Jiraiya smiled knowing they would be able to help him look for Naruto. "Actually I need to use sage mode. Naruto ran away from the village and I got some info saying he was in this area. But for some reason I can't find him. I wanted to make sure he wasn't here before I moved on." The two elder toads were shocked fromhearing the news about Naruto but understood his reason for summoning them. Before they were about to jump onto his shoulder Pa asked Him something that had bothered him since he heard the news.

"Jiraiya-chan, why did Naruto leave the village?" Jiraiya frooze not sure on how to tell them why Naruto left. He sighed thinking this was going to be a long talk.

With Naruto and the gang near the tri-border between Hi no kuni, Kaze no Kuni, and River country (sorry couldn't find translation for that one)


Thats the only thing that registered in Naruto's mind... well that and anger towards a certain swordsman.

"HAHAHAHA...Come on gaki this can't be all you have can it?" Zabuza asked while laughing sadisticly. Naruto had been three months into his water manipulation training with Zabuza. They decided to finish this training first since it was what Zabuza was best at using besides his sword. After they finished it they planned to move on to Sunagakure to see Naruto's teacher for his wind manipulation training.

Now one might think that going into a ninja village with a high class missing-nin and a Jinchuriki would be a bad idea. Well that person had obviously never met Zabuza. He had spys and allies all over the Elemental Nations. Early on after his failed coup he relized he wouldn't live long with out some help. You can guess what happened after that.

But it had been three months and Naruto was no where near Zabuza's level but he was still making great progress. He could already draw water from a medium sized lake but was now having trouble with a small pond.

Zabuza had exhasted every bit of Naruto's energy by having him training from the time he woke up to the time he slept, with the exceptions of meals and bathroom breaks. Currently he was watching the blonde train and was frowning. He wondered why the gaki was having so much trouble with this exercise.'Hmmm, could it be because of his huge chakra reserves. They are Jonin level boardering ANBU Level but I drilled control into Naruto before we even started this training. Maybe he just needs too take a break and focus more when he resumes his training. That may work.' He then voiced his thoughts.

"Hey gaki! You can stop for half an hour then we'll pick back up. I think your having trouble focusing. Probably because your just tired."

Naruto stopped and looked at Zabuza strangely before walking over to a tree to sit down. "Hey sensei, why can't I get this down already we've been working on it for a month?" Naruto asked only slightly winded from the training. But he was more curious as to why he just couldn't seem to finish the training. "Well this was never ment to be easy. But I'll make you a deal, If you can finish this stage of the training by the end of the week then I'll take you to have your sword made from the best blacksmith in the world before we head on to Suna. That sound good gaki?" He was smirking because he already knew the answer.

Then Naruto proceded to explode in a blast of happiness. Which disturbed Zabuza slighty.

"WOW! Really! Alright your on No Brows! I'll definantly be finished with the traing by the end of the week!" Naruto shouted with joy. He was excited he was finaly going to get his own weapon. While he was buisy imagining what things would be like after he got his own blade that Zabuza was holding his ears because of the volume level the blonde emitted. 'Damn gaki! Thats it after this i'm upping his weights so he can suffer more.' Zabuza thought in agony.

"Okay now that your little episode is over i'll tell you who is going to make your sword. His name Nanaki Hiruto he was the person to make five of the seven swords weilded by the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He was run out of Kirigakure because the Mizukage beleived he was making weapons for the rebellion. Of course he was wrong but in doing that he drove the best blasksmith towards my side. I helped him escape and now he'll repair my sword and have weapons made for me when I need them." He explained. He decided against telling Naruto about the forbidden justu that binds the swordsmen to his blade which uses a peice of his soul to forge the sword.

"Okay lets get going i'm gonna start right now on my training!" Naruto exclaimed ready to collect on the deal he made with his sensei. Zabuza only chuckled alrady believing he could do it.

One week later

"Okay Gaki come show your ready for the next faze of your training." Zabuza shouted wanting to move on so they could leave the clearing they had been using. He knew it wasn't wise to stay in the place any longer or the hunter-nin would find them. Not his favorite visitors but they could prove good practice for Naruto.

"Alright sensei what justu do you want me to use?" Naruto asked. Zabuza thought about for a little while before picking one. "Gaki I want you to preform the Suiton: Suiryudan no jutsu. Hurry up lets get this over with already." Zabbuza shouted, starting to get edgy about staying for much longer.

"Suiton: Suiryudan no jutsu!" Naruto shouted. He pulled the water from the small source and was able to use and control the jutsu properly before sending it crashing into some trees. He heard clapping and looked to see it was Zabuza with an appraising look in his eyes. "Good job gaki now lets go." He chose his words carefully. Now he was sure they were being watched he justed needed to lure them out so he could finish them off.

Then in a flurry of movement numerous kunai and shuriken flew towards their positions. They all dodged quickly, Naruto had no trouble thanks to Zabuza's physical training, and broke off to fight their opponets. There four hunter-nin, two of which Zabuza took. Haku and Naruto each split off as to divide them so they couldn't aid each other easily.

Zabuza slashed one hunter in half quickly, in hopes of finishing the fight fast, then engaged the other hunter in a weapons clash. Haku had quickly froozen her attacker's feet. This stunned him enough that she was able to throw senbon into his neck killing him. Haku sighed she didn't like killing but knew it was a standard for the shinobi life style. Haku then looked over to see Naruto use the Suiton: Suiryudan no jutsu to kill his opponet. Thats when the shock kicked in. He had killed someone. He had taken his first life and was terrified. Inside his mindscape Kyuubi was trying to calm him down and try to get him refocused on the battle there was still on hunter-nin left after all.

But the last attacker noticed his hesitation and acted on it trying to get an easy kill. Naruto was even more scared than before he was about to die! He closed his eyes waiting for the pain.

Haku screamed his name.

But the pain never came he heard a sickening squelch and a thud shortly after. He opened his eyes to see Zabuza over the dead hunter with a bloodied sword.

Zabuza looked at Naruto and said "Good job using the jutsu to take that hunter gaki but you can't freeze up like that or an enemy will take advantage and end you. I know the first kill is the hardest but you have to accept that people will die by your hands if you defend what is precious to you." He was trying to get him back to his old self so they could leave. But that didn't mean he wasn't concerned about Naruto they just had more pressing matters to deal with.

"Thanks Zabuza-sensei. I think I understand. But that doesn't mean I have to enjoy killing when I have to." Naruto defended, thinking he was going to become a monster if he started to like killing people.

Zabuza chuckled "Ofcourse not gaki but I just wanted you to understand sometimes there is no other option." he shook his head clearing his thoughts. "Okay a deals a deal lets go get your sword kid, it'll take us a week to get we will finish your water manipulation training and move onto your sword skills during the trip to Suna." This had Naruto excited again. He was finaly getting his weapon. They set out leaving the bodies to rot.

Back with Jiraiya

The elder toads were furious not just with Konoha but also with their summoner for abandoning Naruto. They were calmed slightly when he told them what he was doing but were still angry with him. "Alright Jiraiya-chan lets get sage mode up and running so we can track down little Naruto." Pa stated wanting to find the boy.

The elder toads jumped on his shoulders and they began channeling nature chakra to him. Jiraiya opened his eyes which now look like toad eyes and his nose grew enormously with warts. "Alright I found him. It'll take me about a week to catch up to him. I'll summon you when I find him ok?" They nodded knowing they were no longer needed they displled themselves. Jiraiya then set out to find Naruto hopeing his godson would forgive him for his stupidity. 'Naruto, i'm sorry. I only wish I could have been there for you instead of wallowing in my own self pitty.'

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