She woke up feeling slightly lost. Scratch that. She was completely lost, she couldn't even recognize the surface on which she was laid on. It wasn't her bed. It was also soft, but not really. She was laid straight without even a pillow or a cushion under her head.

Her chocolate brown eyes blinked while she looked around after something that was familiar to her.

She found nothing at first.

"Andréa?" she heard the voice coming from close to her. Very close to her.

The voice was surprisingly familiar, but the concern behind it was not. Not directed toward her at least. It was like they didn't belong together.

The voice and the concern, she meant.

"Is she okay, mom?" another, somewhat, familiar voice sounded just behind the first one.

"I hope she is, Bobbsey." The first voice answered very kindly before turning to her again. "Andréa?"

This time she looked to where the voice was coming from. She turned her head very slowly, as if she was afraid of the world vanishing before her eyes. Ice blue eyes were looking directly at her. The same concern that was in the voice was shown there.

It, also, really was who she thought it was. She looked to the person's hair just in case, however.

Silvery white, as expected.

Though, they were longer. How came that? It couldn't have grown so much in so little time.

"Miranda?" She asked feeling a little dizzy.

"Andréa." The other woman breathed in relief. "How are you feeling, dear?"

Dear? Andy thought confused.

"Um… Miranda where I am? Why are you here? That's not my house nor my work is it?" she showed her confusion without trying to get up.

"Oh god…" a third voice said, further away than the others.

"Mom…?" the second sounded very unsure.

"Oh, Andrea… which day you think it is?" Miranda asked still very close, concern deepening in her sapphire eyes.

"September the third? Or maybe…"

"From which year?" the older woman cut her worried.

"2007?" Andy answered hesitantly.

"Oh God!" The third voice said again.

"Did you call the ambulance, Caroline?" Miranda asked looking behind her.

Andrea followed the woman's line of sight just to see a redheaded teenager girl. She knew that girl. But she was supposed to be younger. Much younger. Somewhat around 4 years younger. And here she was, looking older than she was supposed to look.

Andy looked with a frown at the girl's twin just to confirm that this one was also looking older than the 12 years they were supposed to be.

"Yes. They will be here soon." The girl who was farther away answered.

"What is happening?" Andy asked getting more scared than confused by this time.

"Andréa, darling, you hit your head and, apparently, is suffering from memory loss. We're not in 2007. It's already 2011. Almost 2012." Miranda said putting some of Andy bangs behind her ear.

"But…" Andrea stopped to think before asking what she wanted to ask. "But why you're here? And where I am exactly?"

Before Miranda could answer the bell rung and both girls run to get it. The noise the paramedics were making was getting closer and it was just when Miranda got up that Andy noticed that she was lying on the ground. On a very fluffy and comfortable rug.

Two men in bright blue uniforms came in with an immobilization board to put her on.

"Be careful with her." Miranda ordered inspecting them.

The men didn't answer just did their work, carefully moving Andrea.

"She hit her head and seems to have some memory loss." The older woman said seeing the two paramedics inspecting Andy for injuries and checking her vitals.

"We're going to take her to the hospital. She seems fine, but has a lump forming in her head. The disorientation can be very usual." The blond paramedic said.

"She thinks we're still in 2007." Miranda said harshly and a little louder than the normal for her. "That's a little more than disorientation."

"We're taking her to the hospital, ma'am." The brunette paramedic said quickly, not noticing Miranda's grimace.

They both raised the board with Andy on it and carried her to the ambulance. Miranda was shortly after them.

The woman said to Cassidy to put some of hers and Andrea's clothes in a small bag just in case they had to spend the night at the hospital. She said, then, to Caroline to call Roy so he could take both of them to the hospital.

Andy was put in the ambulance and Miranda was right there with her.

"What was I doing at your house, Miranda?" Andrea asked having recognized the entry hall of the townhouse.

"Our house, dear." Miranda corrected the younger woman.

"Our?" Andy asked don't really understanding

"Yes. Ours. We're married, Andréa." Miranda finally said holding the young brunette's hand. "For almost a year and a half."

Andy's eyes practically bugged out in surprise, she couldn't really move because of the straps keeping her still or else she would have sat very abruptly on the stretcher.

"What?" Andy voice cracked when she spoke.

Then, Andrea tried to look at her direction without moving her head.

"How unlucky that your last memory is from the day before we met again." Miranda breathed feeling quite exhausted.

She was so afraid that something much worse had happened with her Andrea.

Or even…

She couldn't even dare to think about that option. She was sure that, other than the amnesia, nothing serious had transpired.

Miranda needed that to be true. She couldn't even think what her Andrea would think or feel if the worst occurred.

"I will tell you everything, love. Just let me first ask a doctor how I must approach that situation." The older woman said dearly.

Andy simply nodded in agreement. Although she wanted to know what occurred during the last 4 years or so, she'd be equally worried with the possibility of putting her loved one in a severe state of shock.

She'd do exactly what Miranda was doing. She'd wait and ask a professional if it was okay sharing everything at once or not.

Maybe they really were a lot alike.

She always felt something for Miranda. Good or bad. She never had been indifferent to her. It was so good to feel Miranda holding her hand that she felt almost giddy. But it may be because of the fall too.

They're soon at the hospital and Andrea is immediately examined.

"She has a small lump at the back of her head, but it's not even a small concussion." Dr Riddle says holding a clipboard. "She probably won't even feel much other than a weak headache."

"She has amnesia, doctor." Miranda state. It was obvious serious than what it seemed.

"It's most likely caused by shock. It wasn't because of the fall and I believe she will have her memory back. It can take a lot or little time. Just keep things normal and she will start remembering…" The doctor suggested a little unsure. "If it's too much she can see a therapist."

"I see…" Miranda say in understanding

"Wait, wait…" Andy protests getting their attention "I'm kinda clumsy…" and Miranda just rolls her eyes at that making Andy glare at her before speaking again "I wouldn't be so shocked by a simple fall. I had it worse and never had a shock attack… or whatever..."

Dr Riddle opened his mouth to answer but Miranda beat him to it.

"You're pregnant Andréa." The older woman says carefully. "You probably got scared of losing the baby… you've been having some nightmares of losing it."

And with that Andy fainted. For the second time that day.