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Phineas and Ferb: End of Summer

Ch.1: The Worst Day Ever?

Isabella was a normal girl on her way to her neighbor's house. With a pink bow on her long, raven black hair, a white shirt under a pink dress, a purple belt, and pink shoes, she wore this everyday when she wasn't wearing Fireside Girls uniform. Isabella was the leader of her Fireside Girl group, and had spent her summer trying to get patches. That is, when she wasn't devoting her time to a boy she had a crush on, Phineas Flynn.

Phineas had a triangular shaped head, wore an orange and white striped shirt with blue pants, and had red hair. He had spent the summer working on ways to have the best day ever, by doing things that would was near impossible. That was one of the things she loved about him, his love of adventure, excitement, creativity, and how nice he was to everyone.

However, he never noticed her affections of him because he was usually working with his step-brother, Ferb Fletcher. Ferb had green hair, was very taller than Phineas, wore a shirt that was covered by his strangely high pants, which was held by a belt, had a lightly big nose, and rarely talked much. The two would spend their days creating wild inventions like tree-house robots, a giant carwash, and even a haunted house.

Isabella walked into the driveway, as a truck with a giant water tank that had a tiger shark in it was driving away. She opened up the gate to Phineas and Ferb's backyard, stuck her head in and asked, "Watcha doooin'?

She gave a puzzled look as she saw Phineas, Ferb, and their pet platypus, Perry, tying up one of the biggest garbage bags in the world.

"Hey Isabella. We were just waiting for you, Buford, and Baljeet. We got bored and decided to tie up some loose ends. No pun intended." Phineas said.

Isabella knew what he meant. Phineas and Ferb usually did their greatest inventions with her, Buford Van Stomm, and Baljeet. Buford was the local bully, who for some reason, Phineas and Ferb befriended. She assumed that after the two thumb wrestled at the beginning of summer, he started liking Phineas and Ferb for their impressive feats and because Ferb gave him a nerve pinch. He had a brown, buzzcut hairdo, pale skin, a black T-shirt with a gray skull on it, brown shorts, and brown boots.

Baljeet was a foreign child who can safely be described as a "geek". With light brown skin, neat combed hair, and blue overalls, Baljeet was the brains of Phineas and Ferb's operations. He was usually Buford's target of bullying, but he has managed to get used to it. Like Phineas, he was a brilliant child, but was very shy and timid. The five of them have done fun, exciting activities that any kid would envy, though today, Buford and Baljeet were missing.

"So, your loose ends were taking out the trash?" she asked.

"No we were finishing some forgotten tasks on our "Important Things We Got To Do Over The Summer" List that we meant to do over the summer. We made and crossed a tundra, skiied down a mountain of beans, synchronized submarines, tamed a tiger shark, then stretched out a rubber tree, and used it to make a giant rubber plastic bag for the snow, beans, submarine parts, excess water, and whatever trash we had lying around." Phineas explained.

"Wow, that must have been hard to remember."

"Nah, we also devised a system for remembering everything. All we have to do is memorize a key word, so that if it's ever said, we'll instantly remember it. Like if I say "candy" I'll remember past Halloweens, trips to the candy store, and any memory I've had involving candy. Ahhh, those were sweet times. No pun intended."

"Cool. Um, what's an "Important Things We Got To Do Over The Summer" List?" she asked.

"You've never heard of it? Well, let me tell you. At the beginning of summer, you make a list of fun activities you want to do over the summer, and then check them off after you do that one event. So that way, you have a plan for summer instead of letting your parents decide. Ferb and I made similar choices, but we each have certain activities that one of us does ourselves."

"We made it into a theme song, but then it got too long. So we added an extended version, but even then it was too long." said Ferb.

"Yeah, so we decided to get those items out of the way. We thought everyone had one. I guess we just have a weird way of doing things. Oh and the weirdest thing about today is that Candace has been gone the entire day, and for some reason, Perry hasn't wondered off like usual." said Phineas.

"That is weird. Not as weird as what usually happens in your backyard, but it's still weird." agreed Isabella.

The boys didn't know it, but Perry and Candace have been leading secret lives. Their sister, Candace was 15 1/2 years old, had long orange hair, with a oddly long neck, a red sleeveless shirt with a dark red collar, white skirt, dark red belt, red socks and white dress shoes.

Unlike her brothers, she wasn't interested in making gadgets or making every day the best. She was more focused on exposing her brothers or "busting" them to her mom, for some strange reason, her brothers' inventions always ended up disappearing before her Mom could see it. When she wasn't busting her brothers, she was more focused on her boyfriend and love, Jeremy Johnson or hanging with her best friend Stacy.

"So, what do you guys want to do now?" Isabella asked.

"...Wanna watch TV?" Phineas asked.

"Sure." They went inside the house, but before they closed the sliding door, Isabella asked, "What about Perry?"

"Meh. We've had our fun. We don't want to waste his day, he can do what he wants. Just leave the door open just in case." Phineas said, as he turned the TV on.

Phineas was right, it was odd Perry was home with them, because usually he would be living his double life as a secret agent known as Agent P. Perry would have been fighting his nemesis, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, and foiling one of his evil schemes today, but something unusual happened that day.

Earlier that day...

Perry had just used his top secret tree elevator to get to his underground lair, where he would receive his mission from the leader of OWCA, Major Monogram. Major Monogram was a middle-aged man with white hair, a white mustache, a small monobrow, a green suit that has the initials "MM" on it, and a big nose. Who was usually filmed by an intern named Carl, a scrawny, red headed, glasses wearing, white shirted, teen.

As he approached the monitor, when it turned on, it showed Major Monogram and Carl partying.

"WOO-HOO! We did it!" cheered Major Monogram, as he notices Perry. "Oh uh, Agent P. I forgot. We probably should have told you earlier, but we were to busying celebrating."

"Sir? I don't think he gets why we're celebrating." reminded Carl.

"I'm getting to that! Anyway, Agent P. Normally, I would tell you about some weird items Doofenshmirtz has bought off the internet, or what he was last seen doing, and what not. But for the past few days, he's done nothing! No inators, no back stories, no purchasing items off the internet. Do you now what this means? HE'S GIVEN UP! After all this time, we think he's finally given up. Which means, you have the day off. And if this keeps up, we may even let you retire early."

Perry smiled at the sound of that. Perry was starting to get sick of doing the same old thing. It felt good knowing that Doofenshmirtz wouldn't be capturing him any more, but he felt kinda bad that Doofenshmirtz just gave up.

"Normally, we would just reassign you, but because I can't stand Doofenshmirtz for what he's done, I think that you've earned it considering what he's done over the summer."

"You mean freeze you, almost ruin one of your shows, and tried to ruin your reputation with a water balloon?" Carl asked.

"Exactly. I've been waiting for this all summer. I no longer have to worry about that nut job trying to destroy the city or embarrass me. WOO-HOO! Your mission, Agent P: PARTY!" he cheered.


Perry felt good knowing that his owners were safe. Even though they were just his family, Phineas and Ferb treated him like a member of the family, and he's grown to love them


Suddenly, a giant laser zapped the garbage bag and obliterated, without leaving a trace. Perry started to worry. Soon he saw some more laser blasts zap the Tri-State Area. Perry put on his usual fedora and rushed to his lair.

When he got to the monitor, he saw the Major on the screen with a serious face.

"Agent P, horrible news. Doofenshmirtz has surprised us with lasers blasting from his lair. How he made an inator, we don't know. But we need you to put a stop to it. And make sure you stop him quick. I want to get back to partying, not hiding in fear."

Perry saluted him and jumped on his personal scooter, and rode to Doofenshmirtz's.

Doofenshmirtz Evil In-cor-porateeeeed!

After climbing up a long flight of stairs, Perry walked to the door of his enemy's front door. Perry was ready to expect the usual.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz was a man with a slouch, wind bown hair, a lab coat over a black shirt, a pointy nose, and a foreign accent. He was a divorced, father and evil scientist who would try constantly to try and take over the Tri-State Area. Everyday, it would be the same thing: Doofenshirtmz would trap him, he'd tell him his evil scheme, show off his -inator, Perry would escape, fight him, and destroy the -inator, and afterwords he would curse Perry.

Despite their rivalry, Perry didn't hate Doofenshmirtz. At some points, Perry felt sorry for Heinz for having the worst childhood known to man. Sometimes, Perry would join Doofenshmirtz when he wasn't doing evil like dancing during his exercise videos or helping him with kickball. But it was Perry's job, so he had to defeat Doofenshmirtz.

But when Perry got to the door, he noticed it was unlocked, which was weird because normally Perry would have to kick the door down. He opened the door and was expecting some sort of trap. After a couple of seconds, nothing happened.

He cautiously entered the apartment, waiting for a trap or something, but nothing happened. Then he saw Doofenshmirtz slumped over in a chair next to a giant -inator. Perry walked up to him and saw that Dr. Doofenshmirtz just sitting in a chair, pressing the button of his -inator, bored out of his mind.

He looked at Perry and sighed. "Hello Perry the Platypus. Your timing is impeccable blah blah blah." he said tiredly. "Sorry I'm not trying to capture you, but I'm just depressed. I've been watching all my past surveillance tapes of us fighting, trying to find a way to defeat you, but all that did was make me realize what a failure I am. And look at this."

He pulls out a list and shows it to Perry. "Look at my "Important Things We Got To Do Over The Summer" List. I haven't been able to do any of the activities on here. I'm a bad villain. Not like evil bad, just incompetent bad. I kinda want to give up being evil at some points, you know. Like right now."

Perry turned on his wrist communicator and Major Monogram.

"Is it ov-" he asked. Perry covered his watch and shushed him, as he listened.

Perry pointed at the -inator. "Oh this? Well, do you remember when I entered the science fair earlier this summer, and how I told you at my first science fair, I lost to a baking soda volcano? Well, this is what I made. This is my very first inator. The "-inator". It just fires a laser, but I like to keep it around. It gives me hope about being evil. Like it's telling me, "Heinz you aren't a failure"."

"Really?" Major Monogram whispered suspiciously.

"Whenever I get depressed, I take this out, and just like to press the button on here. This, Perry the Platypus, is my greatest and favorite creation. I mean, after Vanessa, because obviously she comes before this. I mean, she's my only daughter, I love her more than one of my -inators. This is my favorite and greatest -inator. Without it, I'd turn into a bitter, depressed, sad man who would just give up on evil all together, realizing that being evil is pointless and I should just finally use my Retire-inator over there." he said pointing to the chair with crosswords and cat.

"Yes that's it! Agent P, destroy that thing so he can finally-" Major Monogram was stopped when Perry turn his communicator off.

"What was that? Oh well. Like I was saying, I would either get really depressed or turn into a raving, enraged, mad man, blaming all my troubles on someone, and go crazy with evil, swearing to destroy them for ruining MY LIFE! But that's just a maybe. Without this, I'd either retire or go mad with rage. And I know you wouldn't destroy because I'm not hurting anyone with it because it's not firing."

Perry showed him the plug and that it was plugged into the wall outlet.

"WHAT! How did this happen? NORM!" he yelled. Norm, Doofenshmirtz's robotic man came out.

"YES SIR?" he asked.

"Did you plug this in?" Doofenshmirtz asked.




Doofenshmirtz sneered at Norm, but looked at Perry and started to worry.

"Ah heh heh. Whoops." said Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Perry gave him an angry look. "Okay look, I'm sorry, I had no idea that this was on. You have to believe me."

Perry ignored him and headed for the -inator. "No Perry the Platypus. PLEEEASE!" he begged. "Don't destroy it. I'm begging you. It's my favorite -inator. Look, look, I'm unplugging it, and I'm going to take it back down to the basement, and never bring it up again. Just please don't. If you care about our rivalry, you'll take pity. PLEEEASE!" he said.

Perry looked at him. When he started to tear up, Perry gave in and stopped.

"Oh thank you Perry the Platypus. You don't know how much this means to me. I am truly grateful. You are the greatest nemesis. Oooh, how about we watch some movies and have popcorn to celebrate the fact that I'm keeping my inator? I'll get the popcorn, you find a movie." he said as he happily went to the kitchen.

Perry smiled a little as he saw his nemesis smile.


Perry activated the watch and Major Monogram appeared.

"Agent P? Did you do it?" he asked. Perry shook his head. "WHAT? Agent P, don't you realize what's happening? If you destroy that, Doofenshmirtz will finally give up, and we won't have to worry about it. Now go destroy that -inator! And don't bother duplicating it." he ordered.

Perry crossed his arms and shook his head.

"Come on Agent P, we'll give you a big bonus and let you retire early so you can spend time with your owners."

Perry was tempted, but he shook his head again.

"*sigh* I was hoping it didn't come to this. Agent P, if you don't destroy that inator, you will officially be fired, relocated, and will never see Phineas and Ferb ever again."

Perry's eyes nearly popped out of his head. He could tell Major Monogram was serious.

"The choice is yours." he said, before hanging up.

"Oh Perry the Platypus. The popcorn's almost doooone." he said.

Perry wasn't sure what to do. On one hand, he didn't want to lose Phineas and Ferb, but on the other hand, Doofenshmirtz's reaction to him destroying his -inator, could lead to catastrophe.


"Perry the Platypus, it's ready." he announced. Doofenshmirtz got out a big bowl and poured the popcorn into the bowl. "Okay, Perry did you find-"

He froze as he saw Perry smash his -inator. Using his karate skills, and throwing random stuff at it, Perry smashed the -inator to bits. When all that remained were some bits and chips, Perry saw Doofenshmirtz.

"Perry...how could you?" he said as he started to tear up. He ran to his -inator and picked up the remains.

"NOOOOOOO! How could you do this? This is the most heinous, cruel thing you've ever done Perry the Platypus. I have never been hurt this badly, well figuratively, I mean. Peter the Panda did nicer things than this." he said as he started to cry a little.

Feeling bad, Perry started to back away to the door. Doofenshmirtz saw him and was infuriated.

"YOU! YOU DID THIS!" he said as he got up and walked towards Perry, as Perry backed up. "You've ruined all my schemes, all my plans, my dates, my revenge, and vendettas. I always thought we were friendly enemies, but no more. As of today, I will devote my life to making you pay. No more ridiculous schemes, no more traps, NO MORE! I will spend the rest of my life, making you pay, and feel the pain that I feel. The only time I want to see you, will be when you're 6 FEET UNDER!"

By now Perry has backed out of the apartment and Dr. Doofeshmirtz slammed the door.


The he opened the door again and "And just to be clear, that means I want you dead. I will be after you and make everyone that you know suffer!"


Perry left the building, feeling very guilty and bad about what he did.

Meanwhile, Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella were watching TV when Buford came in.

"Hey guys." he said.

"Hey Buford, where have you been?" Phineas asked.

"Looking for Baljeet. I can't find him anywhere. I can't go this long without bullying. I get the shakes."

"We haven't seen him. We were just finishing up our "Important Things We Got To Do Over The Summer" List."

"Oh you guys have one too? What are the odds? I have one too." he said pulling out a list.

"Cool. Isabella, are you sure you don't have a list?" Phineas asked.

"I told you I don't already." she said.

"Oh, well I guess it's not important to have a list." said Phineas.

Secretly, Isabella did have a list, but she didn't want to tell Phineas because one of the things she listed was that she wanted to kiss him. As much as Isabella wanted to tell Phineas her true feelings, she didn't want to ruin their friendship.

"La la la la la."

"Did you her someone singing?" asked Phineas.

As if on cue, Baljeet can in happily skipping and singing, but was stopped when Buford gave him a wedgie.

"Yes. My 500th wedgie. I can cross that off my list." said Buford.

"Nice try. But even you can't put me in a bad mood today." said Baljeet with a smile.

"We'll see about that."

"Why are you so happy?" Phineas asked.

"Don't you know? After this week, school will start up again. Summer will be over and we will go back to learning."

"WHAT!" exclaimed Phineas. "Summer's over in a week? But we haven't finished our list."

"This stinks. I don't know how this could get any worse." Buford said.

"Wait, I think I hear someone driving in." said Isabella. Everyone listened and heard someone come in through the front door.


"Mom?" Phineas asked. "What are you doing home so early? I thought you guys were running the antique store."

"Your parents own an antique store?" Buford asked.

"Duh. How else do you explain why they are always going to antique shows?" Baljeet asked.


"Well something... unpleasant happened." said their Dad.

"What happened?"

"Well how do we put this?" he said as he came in with his wife.

"WHOA!" said Buford. Phineas and Ferb's parents were covered in ash, dirt, and their clothes and hair were ruffled.

"It seems that shops, kind of... exploded." he said.

"Exploded?" Phineas asked.

"Well, we were inside, getting a new shipment of china, when we saw some lights outside, and then BOOM! The store exploded." explained their mom.

"Actually it kind of looked like a laser to me." said their dad.

"Not to be rude, but did you guys know that school starts next week?" Phineas asked. The two looked at each other nervously.

"*Sigh* Boys, come into the kitchen, we have something to tell you." admitted their dad. The boys looked at each other and then followed their parents into the kitchen.

"Well, are you still in a good mood now?" Buford asked Baljeet.

"Not as much. But still a little." Baljeet said.

End of Ch.1

I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. Don't feel too bad, because things will start to pick up, and the suspense hasn't even started. Stay tuned for the next chapter, Discovery.