Time: Sasodei Love Story


It's said that opposites attract. Like magnets, for instance, or positive and negative. They are drawn towards each other, attracted, despite their differences. In some cases, that's not always true. People can find their attraction in things they are so alike with. They find love in replicas of themselves, they find themselves within another, and become drawn towards the soul which contains them. My story, however, follows the cheesy old cliché "opposite attract." It's a tale of woe and pain, of humor and friendship. But most of all, it's about love. Love, the most powerful feeling to ever be experienced. It's a tale of how I found my love, my magnet, and how I found the peace it came with, even though my time had already come.

Hmm…time. Funny, isn't it? How it trails forward, no matter what. There are no exceptions to time, and time waits for no one, trampling those in its quack if they dare stand in its way. No one can understand the concept of time, no matter how hard they may try. Though, if one tries too hard, their time stops. Their world ends, leaving them in the consuming black void of death.

Death can come in all ways, painful or peaceful. You can fall during a deep slumber, or be burned at the stake, knife through your heart and scars on your battered face. Quickly or slowly, no matter what way, death will come for you, knocking on your door. They say you can cheat death, be able to live forever, so long as you give the right sacrifices. But in the long run, its death that cheats you. No soul can wander this world forever, they will dim, fade into nothingness, into obscurity.

My death… It came on a cold, rainy night.

The rain pelted down from the Heaven's, blinding the fools who dare lift their heads to gaze into the clouds. The water fell so hard; you couldn't see three feet from your face. I was alone. I don't remember much. Just being alone. There were voices. Voices of the wandering bodies that traipsed from building to building. I was walking, or maybe running. I don't remember. Then, there was red. So much red. It clouded the earth, tainting the pure water into copper dirt.

Black. Everything was black.

I heard nothing. No breath, no voice.

I felt no presence. Not a soul, not even my own.

Death. It had claimed me.

All my memories. Gone.

Would I ever get them back? I don't know…

I was only nineteen years old, when death had claimed my soul.