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Chapter Seven: Highway to Hell

"Tell me what you know, Uchiha."

That was the first thing spoken by Sasori Akasuna that day.

At the current time, Akatsuki, save Deidara, were all at Amegakure High School. The bell had just rung, signaling the ending of fourth period and the beginning of their lunch hour. The group had gathered around their self-assigned table, food trays sprawled all over the console. Sasori had slammed his hands on the table, glaring at the blackette with such ferocity that you could see bolts of lightning outline his eyes.

"About what, Sasori?" the oh-so-stoic male responded, raising his eyebrows elegantly.

"Deidara! What else?"

"What would you like to know?"

The members glanced around at each other before eyeing Itachi again. He was as nonchalant as ever, his eyes half-lidded with obvious boredom. Sasori gave another heated glare, shoving his tray of food off to the side.

"What are you willing to share?"

Itachi placed a single finger to his lips, his eyes looking towards the ceiling in thought, before smirking.

"I can share family history, his personal favorites, his personal dislikes, life goals, personal dreams, and things of the like."

The red head stared at him, before sighing and placing his head within his hands. Nodding, he motioned a finger for the blackette to continue with his story.

"Where would you like me to begin, Sasori-san?"

"Family history. The entire story."

"Very well…but be warned, it's not a happy tale."

Itachi smirked before leaning back in his chair, allowing his eyes to flutter shut before beginning.

-_Flash Back_-

"Ita-chan!" a high pitched voice squealed, a lightning bolt of blonde flashing before the blackette was tackled to the ground. Itachi glanced downwards at the small child that had entangled himself around the slim waist, briefly noticing the small body shaking and his tight fitted black shirt becoming increasing damp.

"Pest?" he asked, running nimble fingers through the golden strands of hair. "Why are you crying?"

"M-m-mommy, un! She…she let d-d-daddy t-touch…ITA-CHAN, UN!" the child screeched, his shaking noticeably increasing and the grip he had on the blackette's shirt tightened. The elder sat up, wrapping an arm around the blonde's waist, continuing to stroke the yellow strands.

"Shh, shh. Hush, Deidara, hush. Now, what happened?" he asked again, moving the blonde to straddle Itachi's waist, setting his hand on the petite figure. Deidara sniffled, rubbing his eyes in a childishly innocent way. The blonde then put his tiny hands on Itachi's shoulders, blinking his blue eyes repeatedly.

"M-my mommy. I t-told her a-about-t h-how daddy t-touches me, and…and how it hurts, un! But! Sh-she didn't b-believe me! Mommy hit Deidei! Then...then m-mommy l-left and I-I was alone with d-daddy, un!" by now the water works had started up again and were flooding the azure eyes with a vengeance. Deidara began shaking again and he put a death grip on Itachi's shoulders. The blackette soothing rubbed Deidara's back, urging him to continue. "Daddy…h-he touched me a-again, b-but this t-time d-daddy really h-hurt me, un."

Itachi could feel his blood boil at each trail of wetness the salty tears led down the innocent blonde's face. His grip tightened on the child ever so slightly, his hands still rubbing circles on Deidara's lower back.

"How did he hurt you?" he asked, bringing a skinny hand up to wipe away the water. He felt Deidara take in a deep, shaky breath before sniffling again.

"I-I don't k-know what he did, un. I…I k-know he put s-someth-thing big inside m-me. There w-was so much b-blood, un. It h-hurt so much, I-Ita-chan! H-he never-r p-put something that b-big in me b-b-before, un!" the blonde wailed, drooping his head so it rested on Itachi's chest. In return, the elder pecked his head gently, soothing running his hands up and down Deidara's arms.

"And what happened next?"

Deidara looked up at the onyx eyes before looking down again and opening his mouth.

"I…I just remember s-so much p-pain. Daddy-y h-hit me over a-and over, a-and I felt something-g warm and w-wet p-put in me, t-then he took whatever-r-r was i-inside me out-t, a-and he left, un. I-I tried to g-go to sleep but it h-hurts so much, s-so I w-went to find y-you, un."

"Deidara, take off your shirt," he ordered, glancing down as the child shrieked and tried to escape Itachi's grasp.

"W-what? No, un!"

"Pest, relax. I only wish to see if you have any bruises."

Deidara looked up at him, fear perceivable in the diamond orbs. He shakily held up a hand, a puny pinkie finger extended.

"P-promise, Ita-chan?"

The blackette fought back a smile at the innocence and nodded, connecting his longer finger with the miniscule one. Seeming satisfied enough, the blonde nodded, leaning up in Itachi's lap before peeling off his own shirt. It was now that the blackette truly took the time to notice Deidara and his posture. The child's back was slightly arched outwards, tender bruises outlining the area just around the spine. The markings got darker the further down Itachi's eyes traced the back. Right above the hemming of Deidara's pants were dark blood marks and black bruises everywhere. On his sides were dark fingerprints and nail marks, small bits of dried blood flaked all around.

"W-what's wrong, I-Ita-chan, un?" he heard the frail voice asked, snapping him out of his broodings. He blinked before taking Deidara's shirt under his arm and wrapping his hands on Deidra's back.

"Nothing, but I'm taking you to get you cleaned up. It'll make you feel better."

The blonde nodded before clinging onto Itachi tightly, allowing him to take him back to the Uchiha Estate.

-_Flash Back Ended_-

"That happened quite often. It's sad, really," Itachi sighed, resting his elbows on the table.

"Deidara was…raped?"

Itachi was vaguely amused that all nine beings had simultaneously yelled out the same line, and he found himself nodding.

"If you truly wish for me to continue, I can. But as I warned you, it's not a happy story."

Sasori looked murderous, glaring daggers at the table beneath his hands. His dull brown eyes flashed their up to the blackette's before he sighed.

"Did…did you ever…see…Deidara get raped?" the red head hissed out through grit teeth, his knuckles white from the force of which he clutched his own fist.


You could have heard a pin drop. No one even dared to breathe as Itachi and Sasori had a stare down, the scorpion's anger flaring and the blackette's own brooding colliding. The Akatsuki were the only one's remaining in the cafeteria, none of them noticing the extra arrival.

"Ya know, if you wanted to know about my childhood, un, you could have just asked."

The nine entities jumped, whirling around to face the main entrance, seeing a blob of gold and pool of baby blue.

"D-Deidara!" Konan gasped, putting a gentle hand to her lips.

The blonde nodded in her direction, his face unusually stoic and his normally beaming eyes were hard and vacant. He walked over their table, resting his hip against the side closest to the Akasuna.

"I thought you couldn't remember anything, Deidara," Kakuzu accused, eyeing the blonde's rueful smile. The ghost sighed, twirling a segment of his bangs before blowing it out of his face.

"I remember every single piece of my traumatizing childhood, thank you very much, un. I don't, however, remember how I died, nor do I remember what happened to my siblings when I did," he snapped back, huffing and crossing his faded arms over his chest.

"Siblings?" the woman of blue asked, eyes lighting up.

Deidara nodded, giving an amused grin. "Yeah, un. I had a little brother and a little sister."

"Little brother…you mean Naruto?"

The blonde looked towards Sasori and nodded, a smile on his face.

"Pest, do you wish for me to continue your story, or would you like the honors?"

The blonde scoffed, waving his hand. "Yeah, some honor. I'll do it, it's my story anyway, un. But there is one thing you have to understand."

"Which is?"

Deidara grinned at the red head's question before he sighed, flopping on the seat beside said red head, and flipping his long silky bangs away from his face.

Directly under the bangs and crossing over his left eye was a pair of light pink scars. His eye was a light blue, almost a shining grey color. The pink ripped its way down to the middle of Deidara's sheet white cheek, reaching up to barely touch his eyebrow. The Akatsuki looked towards Deidara as he clipped his bangs away from his face.

"What you have to understand is, un, I was abused as a child and on multiple occasions, I was beaten and raped. Also, I spent a great deal of time looking after my younger siblings, which means I also took their beatings. This includes being starved, un, beaten, raped, humiliated, and near death experiences. And if you ask me to continue this story, then you have to listen to it until the end, un. Understand?"

Deidara looked them all directly in the eye, both his blue orbs boring holes into the other members. Each one nodded slowly, his eye finally resting on Sasori and Itachi. The Uchiha looked indifferent and didn't move. The blonde took it as an okay, not that it mattered. Itachi knew the whole story anyway.

Sasori though… Deidara looked towards the red head, inclining his head up so they could see eye to eye. The Akasuna sighed and nodded slowly, moving his hand under the table to gently brush the ghostly aura of Deidara's hand. The blonde smiled and returned the brush before taking in a deep breath and continuing where Itachi left off.