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Nikki POV

I was always the outcast everywhere I went, but it wasn't like I minded. I actually preferred it this way because if I had friends, then I would probably spill my secret to them, and that was something I couldn't risk. I lived in Beacon Hills my entire life but I never went to school. It was my junior year. Today was my first day. I was about to open the doors when he came running out.

I quickly dodged the door and grabbed his shirt.

"Dude! Quit being such a dou-" he stopped abruptly when he realized I wasn't a 'dude'.

"Maybe if you didn't go OUT the IN door this wouldn't happen to you!" I retorted sternly


"I'm sorry I don't speak idiot."

"You're hot," was all he said in response. I blushed on the inside. "And awfully strong, I like that." He winked.

"Gross. Well if you'll excuse me I have to go to the office."

"You're new? You surely don't act like it."

"Well, I'm sorry I don't meet the 'new kid' criteria."

"It's a good thing. Do you, uh, know where the office is?" he questioned.

"No, but if you wanna help me out I would totally love that and I'll make it up to you for being mean to you."

"Sure, no problem. I didn't quite catch your name though?" He said in the form of a question.

"Nikki. Nikki Ashmore. And you Mr. Mysterious?"

"Stiles Stilinski. Son of Sheriff Stilinski. So don't get in any trouble 'cause I'd have to report you to my dad, and what a shame that would be."

"Wow. Are all your pick-up lines this lame?"

"I don't really get a chance to use pick-up lines because none of the girls ever pick me."

"Why not? You're a real catch"

"Well, my other friend Scott McCall, co-captain of the lacrosse team and Derek Hale, 'super-hot guy' are apparently 'just so irresistible'!"

I laughed. His girl impression was hilarious. I could see myself dating this guy. Why was I even thinking this? That's impossible. No he's just-

"Ok, I guess I'm not as funny as I thought. I'm not gay! I swear I was just doing a girl impression" he explained worriedly.

"Oh, no, I know. I got the joke, I was just thinking of something."

"Oh, ok, well here we are. The very prestige front office of Beacon Hills High School, where greatness happens."

"Hahaha you're hilarious. Maybe we should hang sometime. I kinda need some friends since I'm all new and stuff and maybe you can introduce me to your 'irresistible' friends," I winked.

"Y-y-yea, totally" he stuttered.

"Here's my number. Call me or text me." I wrote my number on his hand.

After school I went home and checked my phone, two new messages:


Hey, are you free tonight at say 9ish?

I looked at my clock and it was 8:45. I figured it was Stiles, because he was the only person I gave my number to and the only friend I've ever had. I checked the next message


By the way, it's Stiles. And if you are free, meet us at 2332 Robinson Dr.

I quickly took a shower and changed into my blue cookie monster T-shirt that I cut into a tank top and my shorts. Then I grabbed my black Jordans and put them on. I left my hair in its natural messy, curly state, grabbed my keys and purse and left the house letting my mom know I'd be gone possibly all night. I hopped into my baby blue Bugatti Veyron wanting to show my knowledge of cars instead of my typical purple Mustang that said I was just like other girls who wanted to look good in a sports car.

It took about 15 minutes to reach the address Stiles gave me. I pulled up to this house way out in the woods next to a burnt down house. This house was amazing; on a scale it took a close second next to my own. I parked in the driveway and got out. I went up to the house and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later a tall muscular guy wearing a black polo V-neck and some black jeans answered the door. He had green eyes and black hair, and when I looked at him I knew instantly, he was like me.

"You must be Nikki. The girl Stiles was telling us about. Come in. I'm Derek Hale by the way."

"Ok you are Mr. super-hot guy. Got it."

"Huh? Not that I mind you thinking I'm super-hot."

"Oh, no it's complicated. It was something Stiles and I were talking about. Nevermind."

"Can I see your phone?"

"Sure, here. Why?"

"I'm gonna put my number in, and then you can text me this explanation later." He winked. We walked into a huge living room that was, yet again, second place to mine, but I still gawked at it anyway. "Never seen a room this big before? My family came from a lot of money. They all died in a fire so all the money was left to me, and I decided to build a house in their honor."

"Oh, that's so sad. I'm sorry. But no, my house is actually twice the size of yours. So I'm not stunned at all."

"Oh, it's cool. I've found closure, and I'm completely healed. So you're a spoiled rich kid?"

"Well I wouldn't say that. I'm not that spoiled, and no, my parents are rich, I just live off of their money for now."

"That would explain the car. Do you even know what kind of car that is?"

"Hey, no need to be mean. I most definitely do know what kind of car it is. I'm not a prissy girly-girl. I chose that car so everyone would know. Maybe I should have come in my purple Mustang instead."

"You're kidding right? You have a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport AND a Mustang?"

"GT. Don't forget the GT."

"Hahaha, you're pretty cool. Maybe we should hang out alone sometime." He said then we actually entered the living room with three other people. Two guys and a girl: I saw Stiles in a simple T-shirt and some jeans; and across from him was a guy with longer black hair and pretty brown eyes, this must be Scott I thought; sitting on his lap was a thin girl with long black hair she was smiling showing her very deep dimples, she was pretty, and was probably Scott's girlfriend.

"I'm Scott McCall." Scott introduced himself.

"Allison Argent." The girl said.

"I'm Nikki Ashmore. I'm actually not new to the area just new to the school. I was homeschooled"

"And you know me, Stiles Stilinsky."

"Hey, something's kinda off about you. I don't mean to be mean, but it sorta is." Derek said out of nowhere.

"Excuse me?"

"Like you aren't human, are you?"


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