Hi :) I just wanted to let you all know that I am actually writing for a different fandom (One Direction) now so if you want to check out my current works, you can find me here...

tumblr: puzzlinglarry dot tumblr dot com

and here at AO3: archiveofourown dot org/users/PuzzlingApproach

Don't give me shitty comments for switching fandoms, I used to dislike them too until I gave them a chance. If your interested, just go to youtube and watch some of their video diaries from being on X Factor. The whole fandom is made up of two sides: Extremely homophobic or pro equality. I happen to be the latter.

I hope if you do check out my current writing, which is honestly so much better than anything I've ever posted on here, please feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think! Let me know if you found me through this because I think that'd be really cool :) Like we're old friends or summat haha

Okay, I'll leave you alone now. Love you all, goodbye twilight fandom, and feel free to either explore a new fandom or completely ignore this message.

P.S. If I get anything homophobic in these comments about One Direction, you are really stupid and need to realize we are in 2013. Saying something is 'unnatural' is like saying you shouldn't drive a car because god gave us legs, not wheels. If god hated homosexuals so much, they simply wouldn't exist. Get off your high horse and realize that you are the weird ones, not them.

If these links don't work for you and you want a 'click on link' go to my profile, it will be the first thing you see :)

MOST IMPORTANTLY~ If you send me a message on here, I will not reply. Go to my blog and click MSSG (if you cannot find that, add /ask to the end of the url) and send me a message :) I will respond as soon as possible and it can be about anything. If you do not have a tumblr, you can still send a message. It will be anonymous and you'll have to watch my blog for a response. But you will get a response, promise!