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Taryn leaned back in his chair, his black robe suffocating him. He looked as uncomfortable as all of his brothers and uncles.

"Don't look so surly. I might think you were planning to murder dad." Taryn lifted his head to look at his twin brother. "Think we could ditch the robes?"

"Mom would kill us because then dad would take his off. How have we lived so long in these things and we still can't stand them? Damn. I want my battlesuit back." Tiernan sighed and sat down next to Taryn, grabbing the flute of Champaign and chugged it. Taryn took a swig from the flask he carried before he handed it to Tiernan, who grimaced at the taste. "You are such a pansy ass."

"There's a reason Tondarion Fire is banned on most planets. How you and your crew live off of that shit I will never know. It amazes me you haven't all gone up like a Roman candle when you launch." Taryn waved Tiernan's words away.

"I'm sure the Vengeance is fire proof. Gods know dad would flip a shit if it wasn't." Taryn and Tiernan looked over at the new voice. Taryn's jaw dropped.

"I'll be damned. Adron Quiakides showed up to one of dad's political functions." Adron rolled his eyes as he pulled out a chair for Livia before sitting next to her. "How you guys doing?"

"Pretty good. Liv's pregnant again." Livia rolled her eyes at her husband's exclamation.

"So much for keeping it on the down low, Adron." Taryn and Tiernan laughed.

"Brothers of mine!" Taryn winced and grabbed his flask back, downing the contents. "Oh bite me, Taryn." Taryn glanced at Zarina.

"Reen, what are you doing so close to me?" Zarina sat next to Adron with a huff. Taryn cursed as his link buzzed in his pocket. He slipped it over his ear and tapped it. "What?" he snarled. He paused to listen. "Oh you've got to be fucking with me, Sphinx. How the hell…? I'm killing him. Seriously? My baby was… Oh I'm going to kill that fucker. I'll be there in a bit." He paused again. "Yes I have to tell my dad!" Tiernan and Adron raised an eyebrow as Taryn jammed the link back into his pocket. "Fucking morons. All of them."

"Problems brother?" Taryn made an obscene gesture at Tiernan.

"Fucking crew. Mered let a chick onto Vengeance and turns out she was with the League. Or sleeping with a member of the League. Fucking bastard. Why is he a friend?" Devyn scoffed from behind him.

"He's your demolitionist. You'd miss him."

"Don't forget navigator. Sphinx can't navigate worth shit." Taryn tipped back his flask before grimacing. "I have to go bail Mered out of jail then get our collective asses out of here." Tiernan saluted him as Taryn grimaced as Jayce came up to him.

"Say thank you big brother, I just got Mered out." Taryn stared at him.

"No shit?" Jayce nodded. Taryn cheered. "One down one to go. I will see you guys in a few weeks. I got to get the medical supplies to Paradise City, hopefully before the League catches on." He turned to Jayce who made a motion of zipping his lips.

"Be safe, aridos." Zarina stood and moved next to Taryn as he went to find his father.

"Hell no, Reen. Dad will kill me."

"What for this time?" Taryn turned to see his mother and father just off to his side. Even as an adult, his fearless father placed the fear of the Gods in Taryn. Nykyrian, while he would never raise a hand to his children, would kill for them. Taryn had seen that side of his father. The side that was the Command Assassin of the First Rank.

"Tell Reen she can't be a stow away again. I have enough shit to deal with without her." Nykyrian frowned at his kids.

"Taryn!" his mother snapped.

"Mom, I love you, but I have to go before the League kills my ass. Reen needs to stay here." Nykyrian's gaze went past Taryn. Taryn turned and cursed as he saw a group of League soldiers heading towards him.

"Go, Taryn. I'll take care of them." Taryn nodded at his father and let his robes fall off before he handed them to his mother and kissed her cheek. Kiara sighed as she saw the weapons adorning her son, knowing that her other children and husband were equally as armed.

"Be safe, Taryn." Taryn nodded once and headed for the terrace. Zarina stayed right behind him, making him growl.

"Reen, I will shoot you." Zarina looked at him with her signature pout. The pout that had every male Quiakides giving into her every whim, but not this time. This time he needed her safe. "No, Reen."

"Come on, Taryn, please?" Taryn sighed. He couldn't waste time so he pulled Zarina ahead of him and pointed to the rain gutter.

"Start climbing." Zarina didn't waste time as she shimmied down the side of their house. Taryn looked over his shoulder to see if he could see the League enforcers before he lowered himself over the side.

"Taryn, we have a slight problem." Taryn grunted. Of course he did. It was what Fate gave him for being nice to his baby sister. "Taryn?"

"What Reen?" he snarled at his sister as he jumped the final few feet to stand in front of her. Zarina pointed over his shoulder and Taryn turned and came face to face with the barrel a blaster. He heard the unmistakable sound of the click of the safety release.



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