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"Strife! You imbecilic asshole! Where is my sister?" Taryn demanded. Jaylee poked her head out of her room before she followed the noise to the rear of the ship. Taryn stood with his hand on his blaster while Strife glared at him.

"You don't pay me enough to follow her. She has bodyguards."

"I can go watch her. You men don't need me to unload your cargo." Taryn turned to stare at Jaylee. She had easily gotten along with the rest of the crew over the days since they left Nera and Reen loved her. The woman had even managed to worm her way past his defenses. "I mean I have my own blaster and everything."

Jaylee had handed over her blaster and all weapons once they had left Nera. Taryn had handed them back and told her to use them as she wished. They hadn't left her nightstand drawer.

Taryn watched as she walked forward on slightly unsteady feet. His sister's short tight black leather dress clung to her curves in all the right ways. Reen had forced her into a pair of knee length leather high heeled boots. Jaylee had pulled her hair up into a messy bun.

"Damn me" Strife breathed as he turned to face her. Jaylee smiled shyly and pushed a lose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Sadly, your sister doesn't have anything more conservative. I think she needs new clothes." Taryn laughed. "If you trust me enough, I'll watch her." To everyone's surprise, Taryn nodded.

"Sure. I'm sure she'd like you a lot more than Strife anyway." Jaylee smiled and headed back to her room. She grabbed her blaster and made sure it was fully charged before making her way back to the ramp. Strife was nowhere in sight, but Taryn stood waiting for her. He pushed off the wall he was leaning against and smiled at her. "Strife said she was heading for town."

"Shopping" Jaylee guessed with a smirk. Taryn rolled his eyes.

"Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to find Zarina and protect her." Jaylee laughed at his playful nature. Over the past few days she had warmed up to him and him her. He had yet to tell her the full story of her father and she was scared to hear it. What if he was lying? What if she needed to hate him after he told her? What if Rafael found out she hadn't stayed loyal? "You alright, Jay?" She gave him a soft smile. He was the only person she allowed to call her Jay.

"I'm fine. Just thinking that you never told me the story about my father." Taryn looked away, his eyes focused on a spot on the wall just outside the ship.

"I'll come find you after we deliver the cargo." Jaylee nodded and walked down the ramp, resisting the urge to turn around and make sure he was alright. She forced her thoughts to anyone who could pose a threat to Rina. She didn't see anyone who immediately jumped out to her keen senses, but that didn't mean the guy dressed as a business man walking behind her just to the left wasn't a trained assassin. Her father had tutored her well on the act of hiding in plain sight.

"Be brave, my little one. He won't be the easiest to deal with, but he will be able to give you a better life. Be safe, be strong, be brave, be loved my baby." Jaylee jerked to a stop as she recalled her mother's words to her as she left Jaylee to her father's cruel hand. She had just been an infant, only a few weeks old. What had caused her to remember those words after all these years?

"Jaylee Callas." Jaylee turned to the shadow, fear running down her spine.

"Rafael. What are you doing here?" She stepped closer to him, hoping to avoid drawing everyone's attention to them. Where was Taryn when she needed him?

You need Taryn? Since when?

Since I decided that I like him. Who else has kept me safe in this stupid life? Until I met him I wanted to die.

Yeah, but he killed your dad, Jaylee.

Why thank you, self, I didn't know that.

Sometimes I don't think you do.

Am I really having this conversation with myself?

Yes you are. Now, since when do you need Taryn?

Since I decided to. Now zip it, self!

"I came to check on your progress. Have you killed him yet?" Jaylee started to shake her head, but she saw Rina out of the corner of her eye. She pushed Rafael further into the shadows so Zarina wouldn't see her. "You haven't done it yet. That is his sister is it not? I'll make you a deal, sweets." Jaylee forced herself to remain emotionless. She couldn't let Zarina get hurt. Or any of them for that matter.

"What's your deal?" Rafael smirked at her.

"It you or them, sweets. You've grown to care for them, haven't you?" Jaylee made no movement to give away her thoughts. "Your daddy isn't here to save you from me, Jaylee. You better remember that." Jaylee scoffed.

"I don't need him to kill you, Rafael. I'm my own person now." Rafael smirked.

"Jaylee Callas, does your new family know what you were going to do to them? Do they know how you were going to betray them?"

"It doesn't matter. I won't do it. I will gladly trade my life for any of theirs." Rafael smirked.

"Is that right?" Jaylee nodded. "Well then, Jaylee, I guess you are going to die as a gutter rat after all." Jaylee sucked in a sharp breath as a fire burned across her stomach. Rafael pulled his blaster away and wiped it off before walking away.

"Taryn" Jaylee breathed as she looked at her shaking hands, covered in blood. She fell to her knees and cried out in pain. She could see Zarina across the street in the store shopping. She could almost feel Taryn's presence nearby. Her vision started to fade as she leaned back against the wall behind her, the shadows hiding her from sight. She was going to die here. Cold and alone. Just like the street rat she was.


Taryn paused as they finished unloading the last of the supplies. Another successful mission to Paradise City and with only a few minor setbacks. All in all, one of their best trips.

"Hey, does something feel, I don't know... off to you?" Mered and Strife stopped and looked at Taryn.

"Don't tell me you're starting to get your dad's bad feelings. I don't know if the word can handle two people so damned depressing." Taryn flipped Strife off as he turned and started back towards the main city.

"Where are you going?" Mered called after him. Taryn's feeling doubled and he started to jog.

"To check on Reen and Jaylee! Finish up!" Strife and Mered exchanged looks.

"Anyone else feel like some bad shit is about to go down?" Mered nodded at Strife's question before they set their boxes down and took off after Taryn.


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