Once upon a time many, many years ago there lived five half yokai martial arts masters. The five were as close as brothers despite being blood enemies and grew up together in the wilds.

Then after so many years they left the safety and security of the woods to heed the mating call of their kind and settled themselves in the nearest city where they met five noble young women and mated and married them and had children.

Things were going well for the five masters until people started to notice that they didn't age while their wives and children did. People began to talk. Then to become frightened of them despite the fact that they had never harmed a living soul.

But that all changed one night when their home was attacked by soldiers and their wives and children were all ushered into a hut made of wood where they were all locked in and the hut was set on fire.

Upon hearing the terrified screams of their families as the hut began to burn the half yokai fought their way through the lage number of soldiers sustaining many wounds that would have killed normal men and ripped the door off of the hut and one by one filed inside hoping that they had reached their families in time.

Sadly many of the women and some of their children had suffocated from the smoke while several others had become trapped under some wooden beams that had fallen from the roof of the hut and had burned to death.

Grabbing who ever was still alive the five yokai managed to carry some of the younger children from the burning hut before it collapsed and returned to the woods where they could mourn their loved ones and nurse their children back to health.

Years passed-

First five. Then ten. Then fifty. And then a hundered and finally the five yokai succumed to old age and died leaving their children behind.

The children stayed in the secluded areas that their fathers had raised them in until the mating call began to sing through their viens, forcing them from the woods in search of their mates.

Three hundred and fifty years later their great, great, great grand children of those half yokai had settled in a semi secluded place, cut off from the world around them by a twenty foot brick wall and large ornate gate made of heavy wood and iron.

This is their story...