Then do nothing. Akisame's words echoed in Nara's head as she sat across from him during dinner feeling more and more confused about everything that had happened thus far. He glanced at her, his pale blue eyes seeming to see straight into her soul.

He frowned a little bit and nudged her foot with his own under the table, jolting her from her thoughts. She looked at him and he said gently. "You're not eating love." She blinked and looked down at her plate and seemed to notice it for the first time and automatically reached out and picked up her fork.

Ignoring the concerned looks that the others at the table were giving her, she started eating. She ate maybe about ten small bites, then politely excused herself from the table and left the room. She couldn't sit there and eat and pretend that nothing had happened earlier.

She needed to think and sort stuff out before she even thought about anything else.

Negi watched his daughter walk out of the room and then turned his head to glare at Akisame. The man's pale eyes flickered to him for a brief moment as he set his fork aside and grabbed two apples and three oranges from the dish in the middle fo the table and politely excused himself too.

No doubt to go after Negi's daughter. Negi set his fork aside and started to get up but a large hand settled on his shoulder and squeezed warningly, stopped him from getting more than half way out of his seat before he sat back down. Negi looked at the man sitting next to him, the dark eyes flashed to greenish gold with slit pupils as the man hissed. "Don't. Get. Between. Them."

Negi growled at the man and crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm not getting between them-" Though I'd certainly like to take a stick and beat the whole frigging lot of you. "I merely want to make sure that Nara is alright."

"Whether she's alright or not is no longer any of your affair. Akisame will take care of whatever is bothering her. So sit tight, shut up and stuff your face."


Akisame walked over to Nara after observing her for a few moments after finding her, and sat down behind her and laid the fruit aside so that he could wrap his arms around her and pull her back against him. She jumped a little when his hands touched her, but quickly relaxed and leaned her back against his front and sighed. "I came out here to think in peace."

"So think. I'll not bother you." He said gently as he kissed her shoulder. She twitched and squirmed a little bit.

"But your already bothering me." Nara said in a slightly strained tone. Akisame brushed her hair away from her ear and nipped at it before running his tongue along the shell. Nara made a strange sound and reached up and gripped a hand full of his thick dark hair causing him to hiss at the sting in his scalp.

"Ow-" Nara let go of his hair automatically as he leaned back a little bit and rubbed the side of his head where she had got him. "Was that necessary?" Akisame asked in a wry tone as Nara half turned to look at him.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to do that."

"Then why did you?" He asked in an amused tone, knowing very well that she hadn't meant to pull his hair. Besides it was his own fault for teasing her. The next time he did that he'd be sure to have her hands where he could see them.

"You were licking me."

"So you pulled my hair."

"It was a reflex!" Nara said defensively. Akisame made a humming sound and grasped both of her hands in his and settled himself back in his previous postition and pinned her hands under his legs so that he could tease her a little more and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"That's some reflex love."

"Well it could be worse. I could have kicked you in your sensitive place like I did with one of my cousins once."

Akisame hummed again and nuzzled her neck then pulled back. "That sounds perfectly horrible love."

"Yeah it is. But it's effective against pervs."

Akisame snorted then laughed softly. "I bet it worked wonders against pervs."

"It did. Coincidentally my cousin's despise the very sight of me now."

"Well, their loss is my gain." Nara sighed and turned her head to look at him over one of her shoulders.

"You're not going to let me think at all are you?" Akisame gave her a wide eyed innocent look and smiled.