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Chapter 1: Stupid Wish

Giotto was the boss of the most powerful and influential mafia family in the world. He had everything. He had fame and power. Under his leadership, Vongola family had become a force that needed to be recon with. Everyone knew not to mess around with him. He had reliable and amazing guardians that he would not trade for anything although they can be crazy almost every time and had their own quirks. Like the time when they almost destroy the Vongola mansion due to a small joke by his bratty lighting guardian, Lampo. But, let's not get to there part. The point is Giotto practically didn't have anything to worry about except for one.

He worried about Vongola's future if he gone.

Okay, this maybe ridiculous to do so given the fact that Vongola is one of the most richest family in the world. They are successful in many business areas, legally or illegally. With steady growth in Vongola's power and size, one would say that Vongola would have a bright future ahead of them. But, Giotto didn't think so. Actually, he didn't worry whether Vongola will be in power after he gone or not. Giotto more worried if the next generation of Vongola would stray away from their original intention.

Originally, Giotto created Vongola as a vigilante group to protect and help people. And that's exactly what they do even though they slowly turned into mafia. But, Giotto knew better that mafia world is full with corruption and darkness. He couldn't help but wonder what could happen in the future. Will Vongola continue to protect the people like they did right now? Will it become just like any other mafia family that didn't mind killing to reach fame and power? So many 'what if' scenario that Giotto can think of. Unfortunately, it was more on bad thing than good thing.

Giotto had so many questions. And yet, he didn't have an answer for his questions. After all, his questions can only be can only be answered by looking into the future. Or, by some miracle, someone from the future popped in front of him. Giotto almost snorted at the absurd solution that he thinks of. Of course, his guardians knew something was bothering him. So, they decided to confront about this issue with their beloved boss at a night by cornering him into wall.

"Okay, split it out, Giotto. We know something bothering you," G asked straightforwardly, not bother to hide their intention.

"Maa, maa, calm down G. I'm sure Giotto will tell us," Asari beamed with his signature smile before turning seriously to Giotto, "Right, Giotto?" The last part was stretched to indicate that Asari meant it seriously.

Giotto sweatdropped. 'Was it really obvious? I thought I hid my worry well. But, damn, my guardians are good. What should I do? I don't want them to worry unnecessarily'

Before Giotto could think of a lie, Daemon cut in, "Kufufufufu, I suggest you don't try to lie us. If you do…"

"I'll arrest you for lying and misleading other people," Alaude flashed a pair of handcuff, leaking off deadly aura.

"Okay, okay," Giotto held up his hands. Geez, his friends can be really scary. "It's nothing." Giotto let out a sigh, "I just wondering what'll happen to Vongola family in the future."

"I EXTREAMLY DON"T UNDERSTAND," Knuckle said or shouted loudly.

Giotto winced at the volume. "Like I said before it's nothing." He sighed again when his guardians gave him 'I don't believe' look. "Okay, I just can't stop thinking what will happen to Vongola in the future. I know I create Vongola to protect people. But, what if they stray away from their original purpose? I don't want Vongola to become like other mafia family." He finished quietly.

"Tch, you're worried unnecessary thing," G said.

"That's right, Giotto. You should always be optimistic," Knuckle added.

"Kufufufu, but I had to say I am also interested with what you said," Daemon gave out his eerie chuckle. "But, unfortunately, you can only know if you go to the future or someone from future came to our era."

"Then, let's make a wish to shooting star."

Everyone turned to Asari who smiled happily as if he didn't suggest something stupid.

"Are you an idiot? Everyone knows shooting star can't grant wish. It's a common knowledge," G bellowed.

"But, it wouldn't hurt to try, right?" The rain guardian continued, unfazed by the storm guardian's comment.

"I supposed so," Giotto mused.

Suddenly, Lampo shouted and pointed his finger outside the window, "Look, a shooting star! Quick, make a wish, Giotto."

A collective groan can be heard from the adults at Lampo's childish antic. But, Giotto didn't want to disappoint Lampo so he made a wish for all of them. He closed his eyes and said loudly.

"I wish we can meet the future generation of Vongola family."

Giotto slowly opened his eyes. Nothing had happened. "I guess nothing happen," he said in dejected tone.

"Of course, nothing will happen," G scoffed, "Only an idiot….


Suddenly, in front of them, a large smoke explosion occurred.

"…believe that…." G finished his words lamely as the whole room had been covered by smoke.

Everyone was stunned. But, they quickly got on their act as soon as they saw some figures in the smoke. It's not good to be gaping like an idiot when enemy (hopefully not) is in front of them.

"You, stupid cow, look what you have done!"

"Shut up, stupidera. You're the one who start it."

"Maa, maa, calm down, Gokudera, Lambo. I'm sure Lambo didn't mean to drop the bazooka."

"Shut up, baseball freak!"

"Oi, octopus head, what EXTREMELY happen here? Where are we?"

"Who's octopus head, turf top?"

"Mukuro-sama, what should we do now?"

"Kufufufu, it's seem we have been sent to the future again. I guess we have to wait for 5 minutes."

"For crowding around, I'll bite you to death."

"Kufufufu, I like to see how you do it."

The first generation sweat dropped at the intruders as they heard shout, metal clash and more bickering. Seriously, don't they realize their presence at all? The smoke was starting to clear away. They saw there are at least 8 intruders. The intruders were wearing suit. The first thing that came into the first generation's mind was mafia. They slowly drew out their weapon. Taking advantage of their intruders' obliviousness to surroundings, Giotto signaled his guardians to wait for the smoke to clear away before attacking the intruders. This should teach them a lesson to not show your back on your opponent.

Well, that was the plan.

Until they saw the scene unfolded in front of them.

A Lampo looked a like kid was pulling the hair of a boy who scarily resembled G except for his hair colour. Hell, he even has the same scowl on G's face when he got angry. Asari looked alike was laughing idiotly at them. Then, the clash of metal drew their attention to two boys who again looked like Alaude and Daemon. Not far from them, there were a girl and a boy. Giotto could swear the girl had the same pineapple hairstyle like the boy with trident. As for the Knuckle looked alike, he was cheering (more like shouting) the fight from the sideline. Aluade frowned at this scene. He didn't like to be ignored especially by a bunch of kids who eerily resemble them. Apparently, he was not the only one felt that.

"Who the hell are you? And how the hell did you get here?" G shouted, grabbing the kids' attention.

It really had immediate effect. The group stopped their bickering. There was a silence before a great outburst came.

"What the hell, how did you guys came alive?" G looked alike shout.

"Maa, maa, calm down, I'm sure this is some misunderstanding."

"Why are you EXTREAMLY here? Did you come to EXTREAMLY test us?"

"Tsuna, there's a ghost!" wailed the cow kid.

"Kufufufufu, it seems we are sent to the past instead of the future."

"What should we do, boss, Mukuro-sama?"

"You're annoying. For that, prepare to be bite to death." The tonfa wielding boy glared at the first generation for disrupting his fight with the pineapple boy. Without a warning, he launched his attack at his nearest target, Alaude.

Alaude quickly got ready into fighting stance. The boy aimed a hit on his head which Alaude managed to duck last minute. This attack seemed to be a cue for other guardian to fight and attack the intruders. And before Giotto knew, his guardians were fighting the kids in front of them. At the beginning, Giotto thought it was an easy fight. But, these kids are not easy picking. For a bunch of kids, they are surprising good at fighting. But, Giotto couldn't help but worry about the fight. It was starting to get out of control.

"Stop this right know." A clam voice with full authority echoed throughout the room.

Immediately, all occupants in the room froze. Yup, including the first generation. All heads turned to the voice owner. The first generation had the shock of their lifetime when they saw a mini Giotto in front of them, wearing almost the same suit and mantle like Giotto. The boy carried the aura of a boss, power and full of authority just like Giotto when he is in the boss mode. But, the boy was more serious than Giotto. His aura practically screamed 'I'm maybe look cute, adorable and small but I am more than strong enough to kick your ass so don't mess around with me'.

The only things that separated Giotto and the boy apart were their eyes and hair colour. If the guardians didn't know Giotto any better, they could swear the boy in front of them is Giotto's son. But, the thing that caught them the most was the ring on the boy's finger.

The sky Vongola ring.

Everyone was gaping. Well, not for Alaude. He's too cool to be seen gaping around like an idiot. But, you could see how shocked he was by watching how his eyebrows raised. Giotto turned his gaze on other kids. That was when he noticed all of the children had a ring that looked eerily resemble the Vongola ring. But, it can't be. They have the real ring. But, the children' ring didn't look like a cheap imitation ring to him.


Giotto quickly snapped out of his trance when he heard coughing sound from his mini. He suddenly remembered the current situation and he was acting like an idiot, standing around with mouth gaping like that. He quickly regained his composure. Giotto looked at the mini Giotto boy. The boy seemed to be the boss since everyone in his group was expecting some sort of order from him.

"I'm Giotto, Vongola Primo and these are my guardian," Giotto gestured his hand at his guardian. "G, my storm guardian, Asari, my rain guardian, Knuckle, my sun guardia, Alaude, my cloud guardian, Lampo, my lightning guardian and Daemon, my mist guardian." Then, in a firm tone, he asked, "Who are you? Which family are you from? And, how did you get here?" Giotto had a feeling where they came from but he needed to confirm it first.

The group was tense. They looked at their boss as if asking what they should do. The boy nodded slowly, still keeping a calm, calculative face.

"Tsk, Gokudera Hayato, storm guardian" G looked alike said.

"Ha, ha, ha, my name is Yamamoto Takeshi. I'm the rain guardian," the smiling kid answered.

"I'm Lambo-san, the great lightning guardian. Everyone bow on me."

Everyone sweat dropped at the cow kid's introduction. 'So, bratty.' Lambo seemed wanted to continue his great speech but one glance from their boss, the kid shut up.

"I'm Sasagawa Ryohei, the EXTREAM sun guardian." Everyone winced at the loud volume.

"Kufufufufu, I'm Rokudo Mokuro. This girl is Dokuro Chrome. We are the mist guardian," the pineapple haired boy said.

"Hn, Hibari Kyouya, cloud guardian," The skylark glared.

The first generation stared at the last boy. For some reason, waiting the answer from the boy made them felt nervous. Not like they're going to show it. The boy still looked calm despite being stared at by many people.

"My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi." The boy paused for an effect, "And, I am Vongola Decimo."

Silence. Then….