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Chapter 38: The Legendary Throwing War

~Excerpt from the book called Vongola's History: 8 Crazy Moments That Will Leave You Laughing, Crying and/or Outright Speechless~

People often said arguments will bring lovers closer to each other, and Vongola Primo's Mist Guardian and his fiancée certainly took this saying to their hearts. In fact, they took it to the extreme level. One of their couple fights has actually left an imprint on Vongola's history, and was considered to be the fourth craziest moment in Vongola's history. To this day, nobody could match the sheer destruction they had made during their fight. Witnesses said the dining room was almost demolished and the couple actually broke their relationship.

And it all started because of a stupid question asked by a certain boy known as Mini Primo.

"Can we start the game now? I don't think I can stomach your fluffy friendship moment anymore?" Mukuro said, earning a nod from everyone.

"I guess it's my turn now," Giotto smiled sheepishly and turned to Tsuna. "Tsuna, truth of dare?"

Tsuna's eyes widened in surprise before he shuttered, "D-dare, please." He mentally slapped his face when he realized what he had done.

'Smooth, Tsuna. Very smooth. Now, Giotto-san will definitely think you're an idiot and no good,' Tsuna internally chided himself. 'And, why did you pick a dare? What if he's making you to do something embarrassing?'

Apparently, Giotto didn't notice Tsuna's shutter or he just chose to ignore it. He just directly asked, "I dare you to tell me more about your family member other than your Guardians."

"Other than my Guardians?" Tsuna repeated the dare slowly.

"Yes, other than your Guardians," Giotto nodded eagerly. "I'm sure your family is not only made up of your Guardians."

"Well, I have a tutor," Tsuna said slowly, contemplating what he should say about Reborn. "He taught me a lot of things." Tsuna smiled fondly at this.

'That's right. He taught you the effective ways to blackmail, cheat, lie and dirty fight. In fact, it felt as if it was yesterday when he taught you how to flirt with girl. Without him, I don't think you can survive as a Mafia boss.' Inner Tsuna nodded sagely.

Tsuna continued as everyone listened tentatively. "He always finds a way to motivate me."

'By getting you into life or death situations. Oh, don't forget his death threats when you don't finish your paperwork.' Inner Tsuna added helpfully to which Tsuna paled slightly.

"Tsuna, are you okay?" Giotto asked when he noticed Tsuna's paleness.

"No, no, there's nothing to worry about. Now where was I?" Tsuna shook his head before remembered something. "Oh yeah, and my family members are always helpful."

'In adding to the amount of paperwork,' Inner Tsuna sighed tiredly. 'I swear they do it on purpose. You'd be surprised at the sheer amount of paperwork that the Varia creates in a short time.'

"And they always care and get along with each other." Tsuna said, ignoring Inner Tsuna no matter how true it was.

'Yeah right, hell will freeze over when that happens.' Inner Tsuna mumbled. 'In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Reborn and Varia are trying to kill each other right now.'

~At Present Time~


"Die you stupid trash!"

"In your dreams."


"VOOOIIII, who dirtied my paperwork?"

"Now, now Squalo-chan, don't be mad. It's not good for your health."

As the battle became worse and worse, two technicians chose wisely to go into hiding. They definitely didn't want to get in the middle of their battle.

"Shoichi, is it okay for us not to stop them?" Spanner asked worriedly.

"Don't worry, they will stop eventually," Shoichi answered nervously.

He certainly did hope so, because Tsuna won't be happy when he comes home, if he ever comes back.

'Yup, that's definitely what they're doing right now.' Inner Tsuna mused.

Again, Tsuna ignored Inner Tsuna. "I guess that's all about my family. I can't tell you much without affecting the future. And, you know about my Guardians, so I'm not going to talk about them."

"That's okay," Giotto nodded with satisfaction before smiling. "Now it's your turn. Pick your target."

"Well, I want to ask Elena-san," Tsuna shuffled his legs. "So Elena-san, truth or dare?"

"Hmm, truth I guess. I don't have anything to hide unlike a certain someone." Elena said while glaring at a melon headed illusionist.

"Why did you break up with Daemon-san, Elena-san?" Tsuna asked.

Instantly, the entire room became deadly silent. It was as if someone had just dropped a nuclear bomb in the room. Everyone subtly took a glance at Elena and Daemon's reaction. Elena was shocked while Daemon was petrified to his chair. They totally didn't expect this question. Tsuna, on the other hand, was wondering if it was the right decision to ask such question. He had a feeling that Daemon's real wish wasn't to see Vongola became the most powerful Famigilia in the future, but to make up with Elena and take her back from Cozart.

By proving that the Vongola family was superior.

Tsuna thought that if he could find the reason of their fight, he could help Daemon to make up with Elena. That's why he asked the question. But from the looks on Elena and Daemon, Tsuna wondered if it was a good idea to ask the question directly like Gokudera did before.

"Urmm Elena-san, its okay if you don't want to answer it. I could pick another question." Tsuna said.

"Kufufufu, that would be unfair Tsunayoshi. Primo didn't have any problem in answering Gokudera's question. Why should we make an exception for her?" Mukuro asked innocently. "After all, I too want to know why they broke up."

"We didn't break up." Daemon shouted, slamming his hands on the dining table.

"Well, that's not what you said when you were bounded on the chair and interrogated by my dear Chrome." Mukuro answered smoothly.

Tsuna cursed his Mist Guardian internally. Trust Mukuro to make things worse. Now, they will never know what really had happened between the two lovers.

"I'm not surprised if Elena broke up with Daemon," G snorted. "He had it coming."

Before Daemon could explode, Giotto intervened, "That's enough. We're here to spend a quality time to get to know each other. Not to start a new fight. Now, shut up so that we can hear Elena's answer."

Everyone glanced at Elena, waiting for her answer. Silence fell on the dining room. Needless to say, the silence was killing everyone. They were itching to know Elena's answer.

"He's a jerk."

"Huh." That was the only intelligent response that Tsuna could think.

"He's a jerk." Elena continued as if she didn't hear anything. "He's always cheating on me with other women. In fact, he has the nerve to do it in front of me."

"Wait a minute, I never cheated with anyone." Daemon protested, getting up from his seat.

"Yes, you did!" Elena yelled, standing up abruptly from her seat.

"When?" Daemon growled. He did not like to be accused as an unfaithful boyfriend when he was anything but that.

By this time, everyone was wise enough to know that they should inch away from this couple. Of course, the said couple did not notice this because they were too busy trying to outdo each other. Tsuna watched the event unfolded worriedly from a very safe distance which was at the end of dining room and near to the exit door.

"Is it okay for us not to stop them?" Tsuna asked. "They could kill each other."

"No, it's okay. I think its better this way," Giotto shrugged. "Besides, it's about time they blow the steam away and confront each other instead of keeping it inside of them. Who knows… Maybe they will make up with each other again." He then paused and sighed. "To be honest, I'm pretty fed up with their little drama."

Primo family and Cozart nodded in agreement at Giotto's reasoning. To be honest, it was getting too old. Sure, it was fun at the beginning watching Daemon mopping around because of his rocky relationship with Elena, but it's getting annoying for them to be Daemon's counselor whenever he had a fight with Elena. Tsuna nodded and continued to watch the couple's bickering.

"When?" Elena shrieked, repeating Daemon. "When you were flirting with that Estraneo girl!"

Daemon groaned before looking at Elena and shouted. "Oh for crying out loud, you still haven't gotten over it yet? How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not flirting with that girl. I was negotiating the treaty's terms with her."

"While dancing together?" Elena scoffed, crossing her arms and defiantly glaring at Daemon. "I hardly believe you needed to dance with her to discuss the treaty's terms."

"It's a party Elena, of course there will be dancing." Daemon hissed. "What did you expect me to do? Reject her when she asked to dance with me?"

"Yeah," Elena deadpanned. "You could make an excuse, saying you want to dance with me."

"Except you don't want to dance with me," Daemon muttered. "Unlike other girls..."

"Excuse me, what's that supposed to mean?" Elena narrowed her eyes with her hands on her hips. "Are you implying I'm not girly enough?"

"What? No!" Daemon shouted before mumbling. "It's just that other girls would flock over to me to dance."

Unfortunately, Elena took that statement in the wrong way.

"I so can be like other girls. You stupid second rate, melon headed illusionist!" Elena shouted, grabbing a fork and threw it with a deadly accuracy at Daemon.

Daemon dodged the fork as it grazed his cheek and he hissed in pain and anger. Elena had really pushed Daemon's buttons. If there was anything that Daemon was sensitive about, they were definitely his hairstyle and his skill as an illusionist. And Elena had just insulted his hairstyle and skill at the same time. It was an understatement to say Daemon was angry.

"Oh yeah, what kind of girl has the strength of a gorilla?" Daemon yelled as he retaliated by throwing plate at Elena.

Elena ducked and the plate shattered. She looked at the shattered plate with disbelieved eyes. She can't believe Daemon, her beloved boyfriend, had just thrown a plate at her. This made Elena angrier.

"I AM NOT A GORILLA!" Elena shrieked, grabbing a glass and hurled it at Daemon.

And thus, the throwing war began.

First, it started with small things like spoons, forks, plates and glasses. Then it started to move to bigger objects like vases, chairs and portraits. By the time they were both panting tiredly, the dining room was totally wrecked.

"Don't think this is over cheater." Elena hissed.

"Me, a cheater? What about you? You didn't seem to have a problem dating with Cozart behind my back." Daemon sneered. At Elena's dumb look, Daemon continued. "Not that's really surprising since you're a desperate attention seeker who will never be acknowledged by her father."

The entire room became silent at Daemon's words. Daemon's eyes widened when he realized what he had just said to Elena. Elena looked like she was trying very hard not to cry on the sport. At that moment, Daemon knew he had stepped out of his boundary. So he didn't do anything when Elena approached him and slapped him really, really hard. That he had expected much after what he had said. But, he didn't expect the next thing.

"I HATE YOU, DAEMON SPADE!" Elena shouted at top of her lungs before storming away from the dining room.

Daemon was rooted to the floor. Somehow, he had a feeling he and Elena won't be together anymore.

OMAKE: Giotto's Revenge

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Chapter 4: The Case of Missing Coffee

As the head of CEDEF, an intelligence organization, Alaude had to read many reports from his subordinates. As such, it was natural for him to stay up late to read them. This made him a bit grumpy and sleepy in the morning. It was a problem to Alaude since a grumpy and sleepy Alaude equaled to a clumsy Alaude. There's no way he's going to let anyone to see his clumsiness. He had a reputation that needed to uphold.

That's why a cup of hot coffee was a must for Alaude every morning.

However, someone had the nerve to hide all of his coffee stash. How the hell is he going to function properly in the morning without his coffee? He had looked everywhere in the mansion but he found nothing. Alaude's detective mind tried to deduce who was responsible to the disappearance of his beloved coffee. He had three suspects in his mind.

Suspect No. 1: Daemon.

A stupid, melon headed illusionist who always tried to get under his skin at every opportunity. It was possible for that illusionist to do that just to spite him. But, Daemon was too busy moping around about Elena. So, there was possibility he didn't do it since he was too distracted with Elena.

Suspect No. 2: Giotto.

A mafia boss who had a great craving on sweet foods especially cakes. Alaude was quite aware that Giotto could hold a grudge if he wanted, especially if it was related to his cake. Therefore, Giotto had the motive to hide all his coffee stashes. After all, Alaude had eaten Giotto's cake in front of him. But Giotto was busy with his paperwork. It was impossible for him to find and hide Alaude's coffee in short time especially while G was watching him like a hawk.

Suspect No. 3: Lampo.

The resident prankster who had nothing to do in his free time except for pulling pranks on other people. There was the possibility this whole fiasco was another one of Lampo's prank. But, Alaude never thought Lampo would be suicidal enough to pull a prank on him. That brat knew better than to prank him.

Except for them, he didn't really think there were other people who have enough motives to hide his secret stash.

So, in short, he had three suspects.

But, there's only one culprit.

Who could be that culprit?

It seemed he needed to do a bit of detective work right now if he wanted his coffee stash back.