A/N This is my first piece of fanfic and I hope you enjoy it! The story is a crossover between Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The story will revolve around Haru from Reborn forming a contract with Kyubey from Madoka and becoming a Puella Magi. The story happens after chap 349 but before 350 of Reborn, so it's just before the Curse of the Rainbow Arc begins.

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Puella Magi Haru Magica

Chapter 1: The Girl's Final Wish

"Will you make a contract with me?"

It had all began innocently enough. A promise to receive what your heart desires. A chance to turn dreams into reality. When the young girl had heard that she could make her wish come true she didn't hesitate in agreeing to form the contract.

"Be careful what you wish for." the girl smiled bitterly as she thought of the famous saying. She hadn't been careful and instead of receiving the heart of the one she desired she had bewitched an innocent man. It had already been painful enough realising the mistake she had made in toying with people's hearts but it became a nightmare with the arrival of the blue haired girl. Her body was in pain from the numerous scars and bruises that mutilated her body and her mind was tormented from the terrible images that ran through her brain. Images of the people whose blood stained her palms.

Tears ran down the girl's face as she remembered the blissful, yet hectic, daily life she had once enjoyed. The days spent with her weird and energetic friends and the time spent with the boy she loved. The boy she had wished to spend eternity with. The boy who would now never love her back. She wanted to return to those days but she knew it was impossible. After all she was no longer human. She couldn't pin the blame on anyone else because it was her selfish wish that transformed her reality into a living, breathing hell.

With tears clouding her eyes she focused on the object that rested on her palm. It was a small, purple gem, that once illuminated a radiant glow, was now tainted by despair.

"I'm a monster!" cried the girl as she could know longer withstand her suffering. "I want to vanish. A monster like me doesn't deserve to live. There is no hope left for me. So please… grant my last wish!"

The girl continued her sobbing.

"My wish to disappear!"

With those words a strong gust of wind surrounded itself around the tormented girl. She could feel her body changing and a feeling of relief ran through her as her final wish was being granted. As she glanced around the fading world she could see the mysterious white creature that had altered her fate. Memories from that fateful encounter and the broken wish that was granted. As the girl vanished from the world she breathed out her last words.

"Sayonara, Miura Haru."

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