Final Chapter: Goodbye

After Haru had fled her home, Tsuna had gone to check on Chrome. Returning to Haru's room, Tsuna and the gang had found Chrome breaking down in tears on the carpet. When Tsuna had first asked her what had happened, Chrome had been hesitant to talk but she reluctantly revealed to them about Haru's secret, after numerous gentle prodding from Tsuna, Kyoko and Yamamoto (Gokudera's method had been to freak out the already trembling girl by yelling at her.)

After hearing the incredulous tale, Tsuna decided to search for Haru. At Yamamoto's suggestion, they spilt up to look around Namimori seperately. Even Chrome joined in, after she had finished spilling all of her tears.

The first place Tsuna had checked was his house, asking Reborn, Bianchi, his mom and the children if they had seen Haru. After learning that none of them had encountered her that day, Tsuna continued his desperate search. The sun had already set but even so, Tsuna wasn't going to abandon his friend.

"What?" Tsuna suddenly mumbled, pulling the brakes on his jogging. Tsuna's Hyper Intuition had activated itself and was telling Tsuna where Haru was. He couldn't control this ability and it always surprised and made him uncomfortable because, in a way, he felt like he was witnessing something that he shouldn't. Regardless of this abnormal power, Tsuna could sense that Haru was in agony and headed to where his body directed him.

"Haru!" Tsuna called out, seeing Haru's crouching body on the large bridge, heavy gusts of wind threatening to blow her away. When Haru failed to respond, Tsuna pushed his way through the deadly tornado.

"Haru!" he repeated. As Tsuna kept pushing himself onward, despite the current, he stumbled over an unusual bump that lay on the bridge. "Dino-san," Tsuna breathed out, feeling shock and nausea at seeing his older 'brother's' lifeless corpse. Shaking his spiky brown head, Tsuna removed the horrific image from his brain. Grieving for Dino can wait. He had to focus on helping Haru right now.

As Tsuna closed the gap between himself and Haru, reaching out his right arm to grab her, he heard Haru's final words, "Sayonara, Miura Haru," as Namimori disappeared and Tsuna's surroundings transformed into a nightmare.

The strange, mysterious realm that Tsuna had been transported to was filled with various colourful, tasty looking cakes, namahage's cosplaying in odd costumes, such as a houseboat, and floating winged hearts flying around the blinding pink world.

"Hiiii!" screamed Tsuna, as he just barely avoided being attacked by the large beast in this wondrously, scary world. Taking out the small plastic container that he always carried with him, he placed a Dying Will Pill into his mouth, tasting its sweetness. He felt the change in his body and the flame light up atop his head, as he entered Hyper Dying Will Mode. Utilizing the flames that emited from his X Gloves, Tsuna sped away from the monster, that strangely had the same aura as Haru.

"What's going on?" the calm voice of Hyper Tsuna, wondered aloud, staring at the huge beast from a safe distance.

"You walked right into a barrier, that's what," a familiar sounding girl's voice replied, from behind Tsuna. Turning to face the newcomer, Tsuna recognised the speaker as M.M from the Kokuyo Gang. Instead of wearing the murky green colours of Kokuyo that he had grown accustomed to viewing on the members of Kokuyo, M.M was now outfitted in a crimson and forest green sleeveless top and a tiny pair of shorts. Her boots came up to her knees and were mismatched, one being a fire red, while the other was stained a dark green. The part of M.M's odd ensemble that Tsuna found the most striking though, was the shining jewel attached to her right earlobe.

"M.M, don't tell me you are also a Puella Magi?" Tsuna questioned, never thinking he would encounter her in a place like this.

"Oh, so you know already? Then that saves me from explaining all the boring details. So, do you want me to kill your friend or would you rather do it?" M.M answered.

Tsuna confused by her words, responded, "What are you talking about? There's no way I would ever kill a friend and I would never let you harm one of them either."

"When a Puella Magi falls into despair, they become a witch. That ponytail girl couldn't handle living any more and so she turned into that giant monster behind you. The only way out of this barrier is to kill her and no, I don't intend to spend eternity trapped here. So either you kill her or I will. I'll leave the decision up to you, Vongola," revealed M.M. She spoke in her usual catty, self-confident way but thanks to Hyper Intuition, Tsuna could hear the sorrow in her words but that didn't really surprise him. That was because, despite M.M and the rest of Mukuro's gang being criminals, Tsuna believed they were good people, deep down.

M.M silently waited for Tsuna to make his choice. She already anticipated that she would be the one to defeat Haru because she knew how naive and kind the Vongola Decimo was. M.M hated killing others but if it benefited her, then she could care less about getting her hands dirty but still, she genuinely felt a touch of sadness at the prospect that she may have to kill Haru. Maybe this sudden compassionate moment was because Haru was an innocent human who had just made terrible mistakes and not a complete bloodshedding monster, along the likes of Bluebell.

Tsuna's orange, inhumane eyes locked contact with M.M's own eyes, ready to declare his decison. "You are not going to kill Haru," Tsuna said.

M.M asked, "So, are you going to kill her?"

"No," M.M blinked in surprise at Tsuna's immediate reply. "I'm not going to kill Haru. I'm going to save her!" Tsuna vowed, clutching his closed fist in determination.

"You're kidding, right? I already told you it was impossible," M.M irritatedly yelled at Tsuna.

"Even if it's impossible, I'm still going to try. I would never be able to rest in peace, if a friend was killed right before my eyes," Tsuna bravely swore, as he began to fly towards the witch, leaving M.M to wish that someone cared for her in the same vein that Tsuna treasured his friends.

Haru's current form was a mammoth, grotesque, brightly coloured mess. Broken heart tattoos covered every part of the body and attached to what looked like a back, were two black stumps. Whatever it had been before, had now been ripped away. The witch's head was decorated with large, clown lips and blue lines streaked down the cheeks, as a permanant imitation of tears.

Tsuna sped towards the creature, knocking her over with a flame-loaded punch. Tsuna's method to save Haru, was the same one he had used against Enma. On the Shimon's Holy Island, Enma had lost control of himself due to the power of his ring being too much for him. Tsuna had managed to return Enma to his senses by beating him up and now Tsuna prayed that fighting Haru would also return her back into her cheerful self.

"Urgh," groaned Tsuna, after failing to avoid a blow from Haru and getting painfully knocked face down to the ground. After evading Haru's next move by rolling onto his back, Tsuna propelled himself into the air again, using the force of his flames against the ground.

Flying at incredible speeds towards her, Tsuna landed a three-hit combo on the witch. Moaning in silence, the witch widely opened its mouth, allowing a dangerous breath to escape and head for Tsuna.

"Zero Point Breakthrough, First Edition," Tsuna called out the name of the icy ability, created by the Vongola Primo, as he froze Haru's breath attack, which broke into tiny fragments after crashing to the ground.

While the witch was distracted by the sudden blizzard, Tsuna rapidly landed a multitude of blows on her.

"I want to become a mafia boss' wife," Haru's wishful voice rang in Tsuna's ears. These words were very familiar to Tsuna. He often heard her speak of her love for him but he never took it seriously. After all, it was Haru saying it and despite her attending a private school, Tsuna always thought she was a little insane. Now Tsuna felt guilty for not realising her serious feelings of love.

More unknown images flashed through Tsuna's mind. These are Haru's memories, Tsuna realised. He watched how she struggled against the witches, the way Dino forced himself on her, the tears and anguish that Haru displayed and the horrific deaths of Dino and Bluebell. As the visions imprinted themselves inside Tsuna, Tsuna was struck a hard blow by the witch.

Lying painfully on the ground, his sky flame died out and he was returned to normal Tsuna. Haru's memories, given to Tsuna thanks to his Hyper Intuition, finally finished telling its depressing tale and Tsuna's eyes was now moist.

Groggily, rising to his feet, Tsuna cried out, waterdrops dripping beside his feet, "Haru, it's okay. You're not a monster. I know what you've done and I forgive you. Haru, I will never be able to hate you because we are friends. So, please return back to normal."

"I am a monster! I killed Dino-san and Bluebell! I can't ever go back to how I was before, " Haru's dejected voice emitted out of the witch.

"You can, Haru. I promise I will be there for you. So will Kyoko-chan, Chrome and everyone else. None of us will think you are a monster. Not even Dino-san would ever be able to consider you as a monster and I'm sure he would be able to forgive you. Haru, please," pleaded Tsuna, desperately.

"It's impossible for me to change back into a human. Even if it weren't, I want this suffering to end. I can't take it any more, it hurts too much. Please, Tsuna-san, before the witch inside of me regains control, kill me!" Haru's anguished voice screamed out. After a brief, quiet moment, Haru emotionlessly continued speaking, "I want to rest. So, please, Tsuna-san, let me escape from this pain and just let me rest. That's the only thing I wish for, now."

"Haru," Tsuna sadly whispered. He popped another capsule into his mouth and regained his Hyper self. "Operation X," muttered Tsuna, as the tears streamed down his bruised face. He was going to fufil Haru's last wish. If this meant she would finally become happy again, then Tsuna would cut these deep scars on his heart. Now flying in mid-air, both hands aimed at the witch, Tsuna waited as the gauges in his contact lenses found the correct spot.

"Ready to begin, Operation X," the robotic voice from Tsuna's headphones informed him.

"I'm sorry, Haru," apologised Tsuna. "XX Burner!" he coughed out the name of his most deadliest attack. Tsuna didn't observe the sky flames decimating Haru. That was because his vision had become heavily blurred by his relentless sobs.

"I can't believe he actually killed her," M.M gasped, incredulously. They world had returned itself to Namimori and M.M saw Tsuna collapse on his knees, his tormented cries tearing at her heart strings. She didn't attempt to comfort him, though. He was still Mukuro's target, which then made him M.M's enemy. "Till next time, Vongola," she waved goodbye but Tsuna failed to hear her due to the murderous rage of his tears.

While Haru was being consumed by the flames, Tsuna had listened to her final words. "I'm sorry, Tsuna-san. All I wanted was for my wish to become true but I was a stupid, idiot. I should have been brave and seriously confessed my feelings to you. Praying and wishing on a shooting star is useless. If I really wanted to obtain my dreams, I should have worked hard for it. Instead, I took the easy path, that left me filled with regrets."

"I don't believe in wishes anymore but If I could have one more wish, I would want to be reborn by your side. It doesn't matter if you would never return the same feelings, just as long as I could be there beside you. Even if that was just as a friend, I would definately be happy. Of course, this wish is just a far away dream. The only thing I want now is your happiness. I'm sorry for making you destroy me but I hope you will continue living as the kind, honorable, brave and compassionate Tsuna that I loved and that you would keep smiling your sweet, magical smile."

"Goodbye, Tsuna-san. I love you, always and forever."

A/N: There you have it, my first completed fic that wasn't a oneshot. For the most part, my fic stayed the same as I had envisioned it like a month ago, when I first started. Probably the bigest change was including M.M in the story because she wasn't in the original plan at all. The last couple of paragraphs I thought up last week but because I was listening to the Vocaloid song 'Always and Forever' when I wrote it, it influenced the final words. It fits well though, so I'm happy. Despite this fic being pretty depressing, I had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks to everyone who read my story and I hope you enjoyed it.