Title: Just a Little Elevator Jump

Fandom: Leverage

Summary: Parker, being Parker, cannot be persuaded to perhaps pass up an elevator shaft jump.

Characters/Pairing: Hardison, Parker, Eliot; Hardison/Parker

Words: 169

Spoilers: None

Timeline: Future Fic

Warnings: None

Genre: Humor/Family

Disclaimer:I do not own Leverage. Unfortunately.

A/N: This is just a little Leverage fic I couldn't get out of my head. I hope you enjoy!

"C'mon, Parker, this is crazy! You can't do this!"

"What? Jump three floors down an elevator shaft?" Parker waves a hand dismissively in front of her face. "Easy!"

"That's not what I m-"

Parker ignores him, systematically fastening the buckles of the safety harness. Hardison halts mid-sentence, realizing Parker won't be persuaded by him.

In despair, he turns to Eliot. "Tell her, man. Tell her she shouldn't do this."

Eliot glowers at him. "She's your wife!"

"Whee!" Parker shoots off the edge, the line of her safety harness trailing behind her.

The slack gives out and the line falls taut. There's a second's pause as both men stare at the line. Hardison seems to be having a hard time finding his voice. Eliot leans down over the yawning opening: "Parker, you alive down there?"

"Of, course, silly!"

Eliot rolls his eyes. Hardison slumps in relief against the door frame.

"Wasn't that fun?" Parker croons, looking down at her three-months-pregnant belly.