Swimming Lessons

What happens when an accident on the Wounded Coast results with Fenris learning that Hawke can't swim? Well, the student becomes the teacher. Rated T for language and sensual scenes First fan fiction ever! Rate and Review please! Comments and critiques are appreciated. :3

Fenris took another swig of his wine straight from the bottle, wiping the remaining residue from his lips with the back of his hand. Slumping back in his chair he stared into the fire with un-interest, "I really need to do something…" Fenris muttered.

"Well I'm glad we finally agree on something." Fenris whipped his head towards the door, and he saw Hawke with a smirk tugging on her lips leaning against the door frame. Relaxing his tensed posture he collapsed back in his chair,

"Hawke" he said offhandedly. She sighed dramatically, pushed herself away from the door, and stood directly in front of his view of the fire.

He gave her a look, and she laughed "What? Am I interrupting your brooding?"

Fenris scowled at her "As I told Varric, I don't bro—"

"I know I know 'I don't brood'" She interrupted with a sweet smile as she tried to mimic his deep husky voice. She bent down and brushed some hair from his face and looked straight into his eyes. "What am I going to do with you?" She murmured her light blue eyes swimming with emotion, but before Fenris could place it she pulled away and straightened up.

"Anyway, the reason I came is because Varric heard that there were some slavers that just moved in a cave up by the wounded coast. And I thought that you might want to join Varric, Aveline and I tomorrow and give them the best Kirkwall house warming gift we could offer." Hawke said with mischievous look in her eyes. Chuckling at Hawkes obvious intent, Fenris stood up and nodded to her,

"I would love to." They stood there for a moment looking into each other's eyes, neither daring to move, not knowing what would happen. It was the way she stared at him when he… he left her that night. Full of pain, yet a gentle love that he never felt he deserved, especially in that moment.

Hawke finally broke eye contact and turned from him walking to the door she stopped right before walking through, "See you tomorrow. Oh and maybe afterwards we can resume reading together? " She asked glancing over her shoulder briefly before walking through and descending the stair case. Realizing his throat was dry; Fenris swallowed and glanced down to the floor.

"Tomorrow… Yes I think I would like that" He repeated as he stared back at the doorway where Hawke was standing only a moment before. Hawke, he didn't know what to make of her. She has every right, every damn right to hate me... But she just keeps looking at me with those eyes! Fenris began to angrily pace in front of the fire place, rage tearing through him, gripping determinedly not wanting to let go. After all I did to her, use her and throw her away, protecting her but then keeping her at an arms distance. And she just gazes at me, her eyes trying to tell me anything, everything, but yet hiding so much. Throwing himself to the nearest wall Fenris punched it with all his might, those damn eyes! He held it there, willing for his anger to just leave him. The force of the punch caused the gauntlets to dig painfully into the flesh in his palm, Fenris watched as a tiny drop of crimson fall to the floor. Fenris let the pain replace the anger, Hawke didn't deserve any of this, and she never did. Fenris groaned, I need some sleep. Grabbing his sword off the wall next to him, Fenris finds a corner facing the door and attempts to fall asleep.

Trudging through the hot dry sand of the wounded coast, Fenris followed Hawke, Aveline, and Varric up where these slavers were hiding. Hawke and Varric were rattling on about the latest rumor about her, Aveline walking silently beside them.

"Hey elf," Fenris glanced to his left and noticed Varric pulled back from Hawke who was now talking to Aveline. "You have this gloomy black cloud just hanging over your head, more so than usual. So what's wrong with you and Hawke this time?" Fenris was taken aback

"What makes you think it has anything to do with Hawke?" He spat at Varric, glancing at Hawke to make sure she didn't hear anything.

Varric chuckled shaking his head, "Well one, your hung-over, and two, you are avoiding talking to her like she's the blight but you keep staring at her ass!" Fenris groaned "I am not staring-"

"Hold up" Varric threw out his hand and halted Fenris' movements, he glanced at Hawke and Aveline and he saw that she had triggered a trip wire. But nothing had happened and they obviously didn't notice. "Probably just letting the guys know inside that were here, be ready. Oy! Hawke, Aveline, get ready." Hawke pulled her staff off her back and Aveline fallowed suit with her ax and shield. Not a second later, Slavers started pouring out anywhere and everywhere, they were quickly surrounded. Hawkes grin quickly grew.

"Hey Varric," She called over her shoulder "I still have a higher body count than you, whoever wins this round buys the drinks tonight?" Without any warning an arrow zoomed past her head and buried itself into the chest of a slaver closest to her.

"One," Varric said with a smirk as he reloaded Bianca. Immediately Hawke through a stone fist at a random slaver and winked at Fenris.

"Let the games begin!" She called and everyone began fighting fiercely. Arrows and Lightning were raining down everywhere from Hawke and Varric while Aveline and Fenris were keeping the worst off of the two distance fighters. But there were too many, Hawke was quickly being stressed by three men who would not let up. Hawke was backing up from the men, dodging and trying to block the incoming swings from them. Shit! They won't let up!

"Varric, I need a little help!" Hawke felt her foot slipping slightly. I don't think I'm going to have—"Her foot slipped off the cliff and she felt herself falling. Hawke watched as she fell away from the cliff's edge. The slavers observed her plummet into the water and she hit the water hard and began thrashing. I don't know how to swim! Hawke began to scream, but the salt water kept rushing into her mouth, scorching her lungs, pleading for air. Hawke began to severely panic. I'm going to die! She thought as she began to lose focus and begin to submerge underwater.

Varric heard Hawke call for his help. "I'm coming Hawke! Just hang in there!" He began moving slowly to her position, shooting a bolt into a slaver, killing him. He turned and began advancing on Hawke's position. Varric fired on the slaver closest to her. She was dangerously close to falling over the edge. He fired one more time at the slaver, but he kept advancing on her. A swift blur of luminescent blue flew past Varric's head before he could reload Bianca. It was Fenris and he was blistering with raw fury, he cut through slavers like they were butter. He was especially brutal to the men who pushed Hawke off the cliff and brought the flat end of the sword down on top of his skull, utterly obliterating his head, blood and grey matter spewing everywhere. With a snarl, Fenris sliced the remaining man in half. Without wasting another moment, Fenris dropped his sword, turned, and shot into the water straight after Hawke.