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Hawke POV

Hawke silently gasped at Fenris' words, tears trickling in her eyes as her chest began to constrict. For Hawke, the thought of him being in such agony because of her, it's almost like it's herself in that ring being torn apart. The woman on the throne was bristling in resentment from Fenris' words.

"You will obey me!" The mage shrieked bloodlust evident in her gaze. Sending a rock fist at Fenris he was knocked square in the chest, sending him flying. He was barely hanging on to consciousness now. Noticing the mage was on edge, Hawke knew she had to act fast if she wanted to save Fenris. Surveying the area, she noticed that the torches on the roof didn't look very stable. Glancing one last time at the crazy mage, Hawke shot an icicle at a torch. Come on… Hit! The icicle landed on its mark and the torch began to slowly fall out of its holder. Slowly rocking, the torch finally fell out of its placement and descended below. The flaming torch ended up hitting the helmet of a slaver, sparks and ash spraying everywhere. The man began screaming, desperately wiping the flaming material off of him. Grabbing the helmet, the man yanked it off his head and threw it away from him. The helmet bounced away and ended up settling at the edge of the throne. Other men began teasing at the screaming slaver. Bringing her attention back to Fenris, Hawke observed Fenris finally passing out; from pain or exhaustion she didn't know.

"You look ridiculous you pansy! What, did you get a booboo?" Doubling over in laughter the other men started shoving each other. The injured man began to swing blindly around him, trying to land a punch on anyone he could. A fist fight broke out amongst the males causing mass hysteria. The woman spun around to the direction of the fight. Good, she's distracted! Hawke began to slowly climb down from her perch, she knew she only had one chance to grab Fenris, and she needed to time it just right! Stopping for a brief moment, Hawke watched as a man picked up a helmet and absentmindedly chucked it in the air. She watched as it flew through the air, and hit the mage square in the face. The woman shrieked as she summons flames to her hands, throwing them to the middle of the brawl. She didn't even hesitate as she began shouting.

"How dare you! All of you! Who started this?"

Grabbing the blinded man, a couple of slavers heaved the man to the ground. Burned even worse from the flames of the mage, you can still perceive the fear evident in his face. The mage continued.

"A couple of you stay here and watch the elf. The rest of you, come with me and let me show you what happens when anyone defies me." She turned and walked swiftly to a door directly behind the throne, the men quickly following behind her, dragging the burnt man behind them. His screams of protest disappearing, as his form is pulled behind the large door. Feeling only a moment of sorrow for the man, Hawke quickly hid behind a pillar, only four men had stayed behind and were taking a moment to check their wounds and compose them-selves. Hawke began to draw mana, in order to cast a spell. Shit, I don't have a lot of energy. Maybe enough for two decent spells… three if I'm lucky.

The slavers began walking over to Fenris, who was still unconscious. A sudden shriek echoed throughout the cave, chilling Hawke to the bone, she could only imagine the brutalities that witch could be placing on the man. The men also paused and Hawke knew that was her signal. Hawke began to sprint to Fenris and the slavers noticed her immediately, running at the elf also. Not a chance! Hawke thought as she used telekinetic burst, thrusting the men violently back, and then quickly silencing them with a cone of cold, halting them all together. Quickly rushing to Fenris' side, Hawke lifted his head to lap.

"Fenris!" Hawke whispered. Surveying his wounds quickly, Hawke began murmuring a healing spell. Cuts, bruises, and bones began to mend quickly. Fenris began to stir as she finally ran out of energy. Panting heavily, Hawke began to shake Fenris. His eyes, barely opening, gazed up at Hawke.

"Hawke?" Fenris croaked, his voice raw. "What happened? Are you alright?" His fingers gently brushed her cheek, his eyes searching her delicate face. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Hawke gave his had a reassuring squeeze before she lifted Fenris' head from her lap and attempts to lift him to his feet.

"I'm fine! But we need to get out of here. I don't know when the others will come back, and neither of us are in any condition to fight." Hawke responded with a rough whisper. Hawke swung Fenris' arm around her shoulders, encouraging him to move as quickly as he can. Fenris responded with a groan as he clutched his side. Hawke reached the door she came out from in the first place.

"I think there is a door that leads to the outside through here." Hawke said as she leaned Fenris against the wall to open the door. Slowly pulling it open, Fenris began to talk.

"If there was an exit, why didn't you take it in the first place?" Hawke didn't even bother looking at him when she responded.

"There is no way I would leave you." Fenris pushed himself off the wall and grabbed Hawke by the arm.

"Were still in danger, I can barely walk! Why did you risk coming back for me?" The anger and confusion obvious in his tone. The low groan of a door opening was heard, and Hawke felt a terrifying chill crawl inside her as she realized, it was right behind her. Slowly turning her head she met the terrifying gaze of the mage returning to the room. Grabbing Fenris, she pushed through the door as she heard the woman scream.

"Don't let them escape!"

The sound of metal pounding the ground filled the cave as men emptied into the chamber. Ushering Fenris through, she slammed the door and used the last of her energy to freeze the hinges. "As long as I'm still standing, she won't have you." Fenris' eyes grew wide as her words sunk in; realizing Hawke heard what he had said to the mage. Quicker than she had anticipated, men began banging on the door, trying to break in. Glancing around, Hawke spotted the lone torch that was opposite of her cell. From the light she could see a hall way, and the only way to escape. It was not wide enough for both and awfully dim. Hawke took a breath as she went first. Fenris followed her lead, snaking through the twisting passage.

"There!" Hawke said as she saw a faint speckle of light shining through the gaps of an exit. She felt Fenris grab her hand from behind and hold it firmly. Just as she grasped the handle of the door, the cave rumbled as she heard an explosion somewhere behind them.

"The mage must have broken through the door… Go Hawke, Now!" Fenris shouted, grabbing the door handle, and yanking it hard. Sunlight poured into the hall and Hawke was blinded, shielding her eyes as Fenris forced her through. Fenris closed the door hastily and turned to face Hawke. The door led outside, but there was only a small space to stand before it turned into a straight drop into the dark waters below. Only a small path led down the side of the mountain, immediately to their right.

"Is that the only path?" Hawke examined, testing how sturdy the path was.

"I don't think we have the luxury of finding another." Fenris said as he took the lead as they began slowly following the path. Hawke's worries began to grow as she started evaluating their current situation. One, I have no mana left. Two, Fenris is injured. Three, we have no weapons.

The last door they came through, blew into the waters below and out stepped the mage with her face and hands covered in blood. Four, our enemy is a ruthless woman with an army of slavers. The woman didn't even say anything as she turned, her lips curled into a wicked sneer. Only two slavers followed her as she hiked down the same path. From the looks of it, their wrists were cut and magic was flowing forth, surrounding the mage. Shit, and five, she's a blood mage. A low moan came behind her, Hawke new what it was; two demons had blocked their path. Fenris moved closer to her, they were screwed.

"Now, little girl?" The mage said sweetly still walking towards them. "Just hand over my little elf and I promise, your death will be swift." She was now directly in front of Hawke, staring at her straight in the eyes. The smell of blood and magic wafted around her, a putrid smell. Hawke only chuckled as she shook her head.

"Up yours!" Hawke cried as she grabbed the mage and pulled her over the edge. Hawke struggled midair with the mage as she clawed and shrieked at Hawke. I hope I bought Fenris enough time to escape. Hawke thought as she smashed into the freezing water.


Fenris could only look on as he saw Hawke pull that witch over the edge, and hearing the splash as she hit the water.

"You idiot!" Fenris roared as he pulled off his shirt, and jumped off of the cliff, narrowly missing the claw of a demon reaching for him. Bracing himself, he hit the water and he was instantly ice-cold from the water. The murky water was obscuring his view, barely seeing a couple feet in front of him. He kept searching, only coming up to breath. But slowly, the truth began to sink in; she was nowhere to be found. She can't swim, and that witch was holding her down. She- Fenris' muscles began to cramp from the chilling water. Finding the shore, Fenris pulled his weak, numb body from the water. Finally collapsing onto the shore, he began to unravel.

"Damn it, Hawke! Why…" Tears gathered In the corners of his eyes. The realization of Hawke being gone tore through him, he was alone, just as he found his happiness, his Hawke. Her eyes, her voice, and kindness, all of them won him over. She was the only good thing in his life, she was his life.

"Why?" Fenris roared, slamming his fists to the ground. The sand absorbing the impact, denying the pain he wanted.

"What?" A clear voice rang in his ears. Freezing for a moment, Fenris drew his head up. Hawke was standing only a few feet away, she was visibly shaking; her robes soaked in water, were torn and shredded. Her hair was wet and strewn across her face, bruises and cuts across her body. And to Fenris, she never looked so beautiful as she did then.


Fenris was gaping at her; Hawke had been trying to find that path up the mountain when she heard Fenris' shouts. Running to the beach, Hawke found him on the ground, soaking wet. Hawke began walking toward Fenris, stopping when he groggily pushed himself to his feet. His face was burning with rage and Hawke new she was going to get a lecture. Hawke cut him off.

"Sorry! I had to make a split decision and I—"

"Shut up." Fenris whispered as he silenced her with his lips covering hers. Hawke responded immediately and wrapped her arms around his neck as she deepened the kiss. Both pulled away after a few moments, Fenris pulled her into a hug, nuzzling the crook of her neck.

"I thought I lost you." Fenris whispered, his lips brushing her neck. Hawke snickered slightly as she pulled Fenris up to look into his eyes, supping his face into her hands.

"You are going to have to try a lot harder to get rid of me" Hawke kissing Fenris tenderly on his lips. "Because guess what, I swam to shore!"

"I hope you don't think you're done with your lessons though, I have a lot more to teach you." Fenris' voice dropped an octave as he whispered in her ear, His hot breath causing Hawke to shiver.

"Let's go back to Kirkwall, we can finish there." Hawke said with a saucy wink, and they started their long journey back to Kirkwall.


"And that's how our dear broody elf, taught the champion how to swim." Varric said, concluding his story with a bow. Patrons of the Hanged man started clapping when his story ended.

"Wait, what about sex?" Isabella prodded Varric, "Didn't you write a sex scene? You know they totally had sex." Varric laughed and patted Isabella on the back.

"Don't worry Rivani, I knew you would want to write that scene, so I left it up to you." Isabella's smirk grew wide.

"Well, then I better get started." She said as she sauntered up the stairs.

"Varric!" Hawke yelled from across the room. "That so did not happen! Yes, he taught me how to swim, but we never got caught by slavers! Where in the world did you add that in?" Hawke asked exasperated.

"Hawke, you of all people should know that people love drama. Who would want to read a crappy story that just involved broody teaching you how to swim? I wouldn't." Varric said, arching his eyebrow at Hawke. She threw up her hands in defeat.

"Alright, but I am not going to be to one to tell Fenris…" Hawke said as she left the hanged man. Varric, smiled at Hawkes shuttle threat. Knowing that by the time tomorrow rolls around, Isabella will have finished her special scene, and he's going to have her tell it, in complete detail.

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