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Mike awoke to the incessant blare of his alarm clock. It was time to force his body from the warm cocoon he slept in and try to get to work on time. He was sure if he was late one more day Harvey would actually fire him, then proceed to throwing him out of his office window…

So, he dragged his body out from under the covers. Grumbling to himself about how he managed to wrap the sheets around himself and away from the other person, who was now glaring at him angrily. "You know, if you didn't need to encase yourself in my sheets, while sleeping in my bed, you wouldn't have to struggle every morning simply getting out of bed." Harvey growled, clearly annoyed with Mike's antics. Mike had managed to get his upper body off the bed and a single leg, which he was wobbling on and flailing his arms to maintain balance. But, physics had other plans for poor Mike, who slipped on a random sock and slid backwards, his arm slamming against the bedside table and hitting the hardwood floor with a painful thud. With a leg still tangled in Harvey's dense sheets and the other under the bed, Mike groaned and Harvey peeked over the edge with a bemused expression. "Oh. Thanks, Harvey, I'm just fine. No, I haven't broken my spine in half nor is my arm bleeding profusely!" Mike glared at Harvey through the stinging pain.

"You are not bleeding and if your spine was actually broken, and it isn't, you wouldn't be whining right now." Harvey sighed, rolling off the bed to stand over his clumsy associate. "Get up before we're late. You're fine."

Mike groaned in response, clearly not wanting to go to work feeling bruised. "Carry me?" He pouted, big blue eyes shining with hope and lip quivering in emphasis of his plight.

Harvey rolled his eyes and nudged Mike with his foot to get him up, "No. Now, stop being a useless infant and get your lazy ass off the floor."

Mike glared at Harvey as he slowly pulled his leg out of the sheets and using Harvey as support to stand. Again, Harvey rolled his eyes and left the bedroom to prepare for the workday ahead. Mike stretched out his limbs to assure himself that nothing was broken; if anything he would only be sore and have minimal bruising. Happy he hadn't destroyed his body in an embarrassing duel against a cotton sheets and physics, he followed Harvey into the bathroom. He opened the faucet in the shower and began stripped away his pajamas in front of Harvey, who glanced at him after rinsing his mouth and chuckled at Mike's attempt at a seductive wink. Mike shrugged and sauntered into the shower, giving Harvey a look saying 'you-wish-you-could-have-this'. But, clearly Harvey wasn't in the mood for amazing morning shower sex. His loss.

Mike spent about twenty minutes in the shower, trying to adapt his brain to being awake after the attack from physics. Really, of all the theories teachers taught him in his high school physics class, they neglect to mention how deadly the sly fox could be in practice! Sighing and feeling relaxed he shut off the water, wrapping a towel around his waist and stepping out of the shower his foot (the same devilish foot that slipped on a sock) glided across the sleek, polished tiles and for the second time that morning, Mike flailed his arms in a futile attempt to catch himself. A resounding thud, the clatter of a stainless steel wastebasket, and an unmanly yelp echoed around and out of the bathroom. In a flash Harvey was in the doorway, concern in his eyes. "What the hell is wrong with you this morning," He said angrily, carefully pulling Mike onto his feet and holding him by his shoulders. Mike felt as though someone smacked him behind his head with a bat. "Ugh…it's too early for this kind of abuse…" Mike murmured to himself and squinted his eyes at Harvey, "is that concern I see in your eyes! I must have brain damage if you've suddenly started caring…"

Harvey glared at him, suppressing the urge to smack the back of his head upon remembering the bathroom tiles already did it for him. Harvey led Mike back into the bedroom, watching carefully where Mike stepped. Where was the use in a broken associate?

He sat Mike on the edge of the bed, the sheets pushed away to avoid another ridiculous fall, and examined Mike's head. "Did you hit anything when you fell?" Harvey asked, Mike's head was bent forward to better examine him.

"Other than the tiles, just the trashcan and the wall," Mike replied casually, "I'm fine, Harvey, wipe the 'care' off your face. It's uncharacteristic and disturbing me emotionally." He pulled Harvey's hands away from his now bruised scalp. Harvey glared at him, though his eyes were still laced with concern.

"Whatever, kid, just don't pass out and die in the middle of the day from internal bleeding," he rubbed the back of Mike's head tenderly and kissed his forehead then said sternly, "and if you don't get dressed in the next ten seconds I'm letting you bike to work."

"And let me get hit by a bus?" Mike gasped dramatically.

Something flashed in Harvey's eyes for a moment, before Mike could question it he walked away. "You have ten minutes." Mike stared at him confused, shaking his head he began getting dressed.

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