Wolfs Rain/ Balto

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"Kiba, there's a town up ahead," Tsume howled into the night air from ahead.

They had been searching for a place to stay for Chesca as she was noticeably weakened by the frozen wasteland. It was only the sunlight that kept her going, but she needed warmth as well to keep her strength up. Coming upon a town would be a good thing. They just had to find an inn now to check into and get food before they left town.

Kiba raised his head and gave an answering howl. "Good. Find an inn that we can go to."

"Sure," came the answer.


Tsume, Hige, and Blue bounded towards the town keeping their wolf guises until they reached a hill and Hige stopped.

Blue was the first to stop, noticing Hige just standing there in the snow. Tsume realized they weren't behind him a little after both had stopped and turned to see why they had stopped.

"What did you stop for?" he asked annoyed.

"Don't you smell it?" Hige asked.

He stuck his nose in the air and began following the drifting scent. Blue and Tsume followed him to the top of a rise of snow in time to see what at first glance looked like a regular old dog. Tsume turned away only to be drawn back by the scent that now pierced his nose.

"Is that another wolf?" Blue asked.

Hige nodded cheerfully. "Yeah! I wonder if there is a pack that lives here."

Tsume shook his head. "No, that isn't a wolf. He's half dog."

Hige snorted. "So what? He's part wolf which makes him kin."

He raised his head to the sky and howled to the half wolf. When he stopped they all waited to see if he would answer.

Tsume lost patience first. "Leave the guy alone. It's clear he doesn't want to be bothered. Besides we need to take care of Chesca, not some stray."

Tsume turned away and left. Hige glanced after him and started to follow. Blue turned with him and followed Tsume down the rise. Hige took one look back hoping that the other wolf would come with them.

He was sadly disappointed as the other wolf had turned away and was heading to the abandoned ship cast aside by the humans.

"Hige!" Tsume barked.

Hige bounded after them to find shelter for Chesca.

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