I'd moved from California to up north and now lived in a mansion in New York. My father was still in Chicago. He'd decided to move there since he was always going there on business trips and left me stuck in the cold. To keep up appearances so the city wouldn't ask any questions we had said my housekeeper was my mother, my aunt, my sister, my cousin. My mother lived in Paris, I didn't know where any of my other relatives were and I didn't have any siblings. My mother had lived in Paris for as long as I could remember. She was there from when I was about 4 to 10 and then decided the flair, romance, elegance and class of Paris were better suited to her needs. My father had been taking business trips to Chicago all his life and finally one day just up and left.

I did have some friends, like some of the girls at school and in my ballet classes, of which I took 2 every day of the week, one in the afternoon and one in the morning. I took them at ABA, ABC and NYCB. I had been taking ballet all my life and was now on pointe because of it. We were currently rehearsing for the winter show, the Nutcracker. We were rehearsing the show at each ballet school of which there were only 3. I took ice skating also 2 hours a day every day of the week but we didn't have a show coming up. The thing I missed the most was my best friend, Jessica who I felt I had left just as my father had left me. She and I had been emailing and calling each other but it just wasn't the same. We had met several other girls through a message board.