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Full Summary :

What Gonna Happen If Yellow From "Pokemon Special" Meet "The Original" Red? as you don't Know, "The Original" Red Is Very Cold. Then He Gonna Meet with Yellow From "Pokemon Special" what Gonna Happen? Let's Start The Story. HIGH SCHOOL STORY

Yellow POV

I Am Now Standing On The Front Of "Pokedex Holder" Class. I'm So Nervous. Well Let Me Tell You. "Pokedex Holder" Class Is A very Special Class, Just wonderful Student who elected to enter into this class. Oh And On This Class we have A Different Age. My Friends Blue. She's 2 Years Older Than Me and My Friends Sapphire, She's On This Class Too. And She's 1 year Younger Than Me. And Just The Student who Choose can Come to This Class. I Don't Know Why Choose Me Last Week. And Now Im Standing Front Of this class! Oh God…

"Amarillo, Come In" I Heard The Teacher Call My Name And Then I Walking Inside. I Kinda surprise When I See The Teacher…Guess who The Teacher…Yeah you're Right….Is Professor Oak…

"From Now, Amarillo gonna study on this Class Too. Now Introduce Yourself Yellow"

"M-My Name Is Amarillo. But Just Call Me Yellow" I Said With A Nervous Tone

"Now You Can Seat Down Behind Gold. Hey Gold Raise Your hands" Said

I See A Boy With Google Head raise His hand.

I Walking To My Desk And Then Sit Down.

I Heard A Boy Named Gold Said "Hey Beautiful" But And Then some Girl Beside Him Smack His Head.



"Gold And Crystal! Be Quite!" Said

"S-Sorry Sir" They Said Together

After That Starting Explain About Pokémon History And Then YEAH! It's start To Lunch Time!

After I Clean Up My Desk, My friend Blue walking Towards me.

"Hey Yellow! Im very Glad we're now on The Same Class!" She Said With Big Smile On Her Face

"Same Goes From Me Blue" I Smiling

"Then Wanna Eat lunch Together Now" She Said

"Sure..Oops I Have To Go To 's Office Room, I Have To Complete My data" I Said. She Look Dissapointed

"Huh, Okay then…Catch you Later Yellow!" And Then Blue Walking away

I Stand Up Quickly And Then Go To Prof. Oak's Office Room. Now I Am At The corridor School. I Saw A Boy With Black Hair And Red Eyes Walking towards Me and A Girl with Orange Hair Near Him. The Boy Look Very…..Cold. I Feel Scared but I Keep walking. And Then…..

WOOPS! I Accidentaly Bumped Him!

"I-Im Sorry!" I Said With Nervous tone

"…." He Didn't Said Anything. Just Look me With his Cold Eyes

"Hey! Can You See your Way Huh?" The Orange Girl Yelled at Me with Angry Face

"I-Im Really Sorry"

"…Misty….It's Enough" The Boy Said With Cold Tone

"Hmph. Okay! You Can Go Now!" The Girl Said With Puffs Cheek

"Thank you" I Smiling Warmly At Him And I Heard He Gasped A bit

I Quickly Turned Away Slowly And Walking away from Him. I Notice He Still Look At Me with His cold Eyes. Oh God! What should I do!

I See Blue Running Towards Me And Her Arms Around me Now

"Hiya Yellow!" She Said Cheerfulu

"H-Hey Blue" I Said with Blank eyes

"what's wrong yellow?" She Said with confused face

I Explain Everything

"…..The Boy With Black Hair And Red Eyes?" She Said and a Little yelled at Me


" It Must be Red!"

"Red?" I Said

"Yeah! He Is The Most Powerful Battler On Pokedex Holder Class!" Blue Started Explaining

"Are You Serious!" I Said a Bit Yelled

"Yeah. He Have a very Cold eyes. Hm He Is Kind I Guess..He's My Friends Too..But We didn't talk much. He always with Misty. Well Yeah.. Misty Always Pull Red Everywhere. Hm I heard She Have A Big Crush On Him But Red didn't" She Said

I Just Thinking with Blanky face

"Oh My…. I Just Bumped The Poweful Battler…He Seems Hate Me Now….WHAT SHOULD I DO?" I thought

After That I Went To 's Office room and Then The Bell Ringing. I went to the class. Started To Explain about Math, I still Thinking what gonna happen to Me and then I Sighned

The School End. Blue Coming with Smiles widely on her face.

"Hey yellow! I Wanna You meet another Pokedek Holder Student!" She Said

"Hmm Sound Good" I Said while I check My Underdesk

I found A paper On My Underdesk. I Wonder From Who…I Started to read That Paper

Meet Me At The School Park

Behind The School Building

After School End.

Now Im REALLY Scared!

"From Who?" I Thought

"Hey Blue. Can We Do It Tommorrow Maybe? I Have Something To Do" I Said. She Look very dissapointed

"Geez Yellow! Hm Okay! But promise Tomorrow Okay?" She Said with Wink

"haha I Promise!" I Said Cheerfuly

After That she walking away and I Started To Walk Towards The School park Behind School Building.

When I Arrived. I See A Guy With Red eyes And Black Hair. Sit down and Leaning On The Tree


Yay! Done! I Know My English is bad! Sorry! I'll try The Best next Time!

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