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Yellow's POV

"R-Red?" I said, You have To Know How Surprise I Am

"…Hey" He Said While His Hand On His Pocket

"I-IM REALLY SORRY!" I Said, A Bit Loud I Guess

"…..For What?" He Said

"I Just Accidentaly Bumped You! I-Im Really Sorry"

"….Here" He Gave Me A Blue Pencil.

'Oh My God. This Is My Favorite Pencil! How Can He Found it?' I Thought

"T-This Is My Pencil"

"Yeah…You Lost it when you bumped me" He Said

Red's POV

"Yeah…You Lost It When You Bumped Me" I Said

I Just Thinking. Did I Really Scary Huh? It Just….Im Not Really Comfortable Talking with Girls…Include Misty…I Hate Her…Why She Always Dragging Me With Her?

"Thank You" She Said And Then She Look at Me With Her Smiles warmly. OH GOD IM BLUSHING

I Try To Hide My Blush and Stay Cool As Always

"…." I Just Keep Quiet. To Be Honest, I Don't Know what To Say

"Red" She Said My Name


"Are You Okay? Your Face Is All Red. Are You Sick?" Yellow Said


"….No Im Fine" I Said And My Hand On My Pocket Then Turned Away

"Hm Okay" She Said

I Leaning To The Tree And Closes My Eyes. Then….

"Hey Red" She Said


"It Must Be Your Favorite Place Right?" She's Smiling

"….True" I Said then turned away. I Don't want to blushing again

"Can I Sit Near You?" Yellow Said

"…..Sure" Then She Sit Down Beside Me. For Your Information, Yellow Is The First Girl Like This. Everygirls Coming Towards me Just Because Im Popular. Include Misty. I hate her.

"…." I Just Keep queit Until She Break The Silent

"I Guess You Look Handsome If Your Smile" She Said. Did Really Notice what she said Huh?

"…..I Like Me…Like This" I Said while slowly closing My Eyes

Then Im Quickly Open My Eyes When She Do Something With My Hair. She Made My Hair Spike (A/N: Like Red From Pokemon Special)

"Hey What Are You Doing?" I Said yelling At her

"Now Smiles" She Smiling. Her hand is On My Mouth and Made A Smiles with Her Finger


"see? You look good" She Giggles

Then She Look at Her phone

"Oops I Have To Go! See Ya Red" She Smiling Then Run Away

I Just Stood There without said Anything. Then I chuckles slightly

"….Weird Girl…..See Ya Yellow" I Said Then Walk away


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