Unrappin' Drakken - Chapter 7 - I Am Woman (III)

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Shego skillfully negotiated the hovercraft towards Middleton. The wind was blowing through her raven locks. Shego was sure her hair was seriously disheveled but she didn't care. The villainess loved the freedom of flying. She had always loved it. Flying a jet fed her adrenalin addiction and her need for speed. A hovercraft in comparison was clunky but it did not confine her to a cockpit. When Drakken got his hovercraft design to fly successfully, Shego could have hugged the crazy scientist. But she didn't. That would have been creepy and would have totally undermined the indifference she had worked so hard to cultivate with Drakken.

Flying for Shego was also an escape. From that first lesson, the villainess knew that she had found something that Hego could not take away or spoil for her. It was something she was very good at. Her brothers did not come close to matching her skill. Also, there was something very amusing about watching Hego try and maneuver himself around the confined space of a cockpit with his large frame.

Shego looked over her shoulder to see how Kim was doing. The red head did not seem to be enjoying the hovercraft ride as much. Kim was trying to ensure that their precious cargo was secured within the craft and was trying to fix her hair at the same time. The villainess wanted to tell Kim that it was a pointless exercise but the hero wouldn't have heard her from the rush of air. Besides, there was something quite alluring about the red head at that moment. It brought thoughts of bed hair to mind. Something to look forward to, thought the green woman with a smile.

Now that the red head had indicated she returned Shego's feelings, and after spending the day with her, Shego now believed she had a future with her Kimmie. Gone was the usual way the pair related to one another, a Drakken plot, Kimmie trying to stop him, Shego intervening, fight, taunt, and then repeat. Shego was now on new ground with the hero, one where they were relating to each other beyond their hero versus villain roles. She welcomed the shift in focus.

Shego was never gladder the Drakken had lost the plot. She knew that the day at the lair had given Kimmie an insight into to the real Shego, one that wasn't all sarcastic doom and gloom, and one that had a gooey soft centre to the hard exterior. Not that she would ever include that in her social media profile.

Part of Shego wished her exposure wasn't so public but the other part of her acknowledged that the events had played out in front of their closest friends and associates. She had nothing to be embarrassed about.

The day had also allowed the green woman to see another side to the red head. She liked what she had already experienced. She knew that Kimmie was caring but she was really surprised how affectionate the younger woman was, taking every opportunity to touch her. Not that Shego was complaining. Never would she have thought that the red head's touch would be so calming. It just wasn't what she expected. In her daydreams she was the more dominant one, making all the moves.

The other aspect of Kimmie's personality that surprised her was that Kimmie wasn't a stickler to rules. At the gallery the red head had helped her willingly. Shego was sure that she would had to pathetically beg before Kimmie would agree to help her with her wardrobe malfunction, especially in such a public arena with so many cameras rolling.

By rights, the hero should have palmed her, and later Drakken and the henchmen off to the authorities. Before yesterday Shego would have bet that Kimmie had Global Justice and Dr Director on speed dial. The heroes, and that begrudgingly included Stoppable, respected her request not to include Nerdlinger in the Drakken drama.

The young heroes were helpful at every turn and appreciated her authority. They did not treat her like a sidekick as outsiders often treated her as. Normally she cultivated that misconception to her advantage but she didn't want Kimmie to think that. It was important to Shego that the younger woman knew the truth and treated her like an equal.

Shego could not believe how much sway the hero had over her in such a short period. Whatever reputation she had when she woke, was now totally in tatters. And to top it all off, she could not believe she had kissed Stoppable. What had she been thinking? Princess owed her big time for this one and she was definitely going to collect.


Becker came into the central room of the lair. "Boss, we found her car. I tell you, it wasn't easy. We didn't know what we were looking for. It was a half mile down the road. Stevens is parking the car in the dock now."

"Good work, Becker. Have you got her gear loaded into the hovercraft? And the painting is safely secured?"


"And Bob? How is he doing with the editing? Is there anything he needs before we go?" asked Shego. Her tone was all business. She just wanted to get the nosey journalist out of her hair.

"Just some coco-moo and cupcakes."

"Makes sure he gets them. He's on a tight deadline and the sugar makes him work faster."

"Already sorted, Boss."

"Good. I'll get Stoppable to help you carry her to her car." Shego turned to the young heroes. She was surprised to see them huddled together on the sofa. They were giggling. Shego could not see what it was that the heroes found so amusing. This was not the time for jokes. They had a job to do.

She walked over to the pair to tell them to stop goofing around. "We don't have time for you two slacking off. Stoppable go help Becker..." Shego's mouth dropped. Ron Stoppable was holding up an old edition of a Super Super Villains' Monthly just like he would his father's copy of Playoldguy. Shego reached across to grab the magazine. Ron moved out her reach. Damn he was fast.

"Stoppable give me that," Shego demanded.

"Oh no, this is gold," said Ron. "Shego, you look rather purdy, does your mother know that you moonlight?"

"Leave my mother out of this Stoppable," she said growling. "Give me that." She tried to once again grab the magazine off the blond man.

"What do you say KP, don't you think Shego's best assets are displayed here?"

"Oh definitely. I like the picture where her girls are peeking through. Where can I get a signed copy?" said Kim playing along.

"It's not even me. Do you think I would agree to pose for something like that? Its been doctored to the max. It's Junior's idea of a joke."


"Because I accidentally outed him. He's been trying to get me back ever since."

"Junior's gay?" the heroes asked incredulously in stereo.

Typical thought Shego, of all the things to pick up on. "Hello, he ticks all the boxes. Doesn't your communicator thingy have gaydar on it? Nerdlinger is slipping." The heroes were looking at her blankly.

"You can download gaydar?" asked Kim innocently.

Shego addressed the blond hero, "Is she being serious?" She could not believe Kimmie was so naive.

"I'm afraid so," confirmed Ron. "I had to tell her she fancied you."

"I'm not that bad. And Ron you did not tell me anything of the sort," said a flushed faced Kim. Ron just snickered in response.

"Princess, I'll tell you what. We will work on developing your gaydar some other time. Right now we have to get Microphone Barbie into the car and get going. Stoppable go and help Becker."

"No need Boss. We've already done it." Becker and Stevens were standing near the exit.

"Alright. Lets do this. We know what we are all doing?" The group nodded in agreement.

"Guys, I'll call you in a few days. Hopefully by then things would have calmed down and we will have a better idea where we stand. We can discuss what we'll be doing then."

"No worries, Boss. We'll be here," said Stevens.

Shego turned to the blond man situated near her. "Stoppable, I know in the past I haven't been kind to you. I'm sorry. You're a decent guy and from now on I will try to remember that." The villainess reached across and kissed the young man on the cheek. "Thanks for all your help."

Ron instantly turned red, matching any of Kim's fiery blushes. Kim appeared stunned by the action and in turn Shego became defensive. "What? I'm just saying thank you. He was full of useful ideas today. We couldn't have done it without him."

The blond hero recovered. "Thanks Shego. You know, you're all right. Just make sure you treat KP like she deserves.

"Now, can I signed copy of that Super Super Villains' Monthly magazine where you're showing a little bit of flesh?"

Shego and Kim both punched him in response.


Shego negotiated the hovercraft around the bitumen path of the fast food drive-thru. She was careful to avoid the low level signage and menu boards to the left side. The hovercraft was not designed for drive-thru. Shego wasn't even sure she was. The things she let Kimmie talk her into.

They had argued at the gallery. Shego just wanted to drop off the painting in the exact spot where she found it and leave. As far as she was concerned that was the extent of her involvement. However, Kimmie had other ideas. The hero wanted things to be done right. Kim had pointed out it was Drakken and therefore Shego's fault that there was a huge hole in the gallery ceiling. The security of the whole building had been compromised.

When Shego had asked Kim what the alternative was, the younger woman surprised her with her suggestion. Kim had dared Shego into accessing Fyne Heart's secure workspace without leaving a trace. Shego could not back down from the dare and did exactly what Kimmie had wanted. Little Miss Innocent actually participated in helping her break into the curator's office. The hero proved to have quite the deft touch.

The queue for drive-thru came to a standstill. Shego set her vehicle to hover mode. The teenagers in the cars in front and behind her were hanging out the windows jeering at the pair. As far as she was concerned they were one step away from being as char-grilled as the burgers they were about to order. "Remind me again why we are here," said Shego to the red head sitting next to her.

"Because we are both starving, we aren't dressed for anything fancier and it's getting way too late to go anywhere else."

"But Kimmie, we are at Chubbers. Couldn't we have chosen something better?" asked Shego with a slight whine in her voice.

"Like what? Bueno Nacho?" Kim replied teasingly.

"Ha, ha. That's not funny Kimmie. Chubbers is just slightly better. It's still a heart attack waiting to happen."

"Well, look at this way. You're one step away from finding that doctor Mama Drakken wants you to find," said Kim dryly.

Shego really wasn't expecting that one from the hero. Kim jabbed her in the ribs. "I'm kidding, silly. The only person who gets to practice CPR on you is me." The red head flushed from the admission.

The villainess was amazed. She didn't expect the red head to be claiming her for herself so soon. She desperately wanted to talk to Kim about where their relationship was headed but hovering in a drive-thru line was not the place to do it. Shego decided to focus on the task at hand and changed the subject. "I wonder how Microphone Barbie is holding up."


Jack de Witt watched Middleton's finest try and rouse Summer Gale. Officer Hobble was trying to be the real gentleman. If only the poor man knew who he was dealing with, he wouldn't have bothered. If Summer was conscious she would have ripped his arm off by now and that would have been for just existing. As long as it wasn't his arm, Jack didn't want to get involved.

Summer Gale opened her eyes. She looked directly at the policeman. "Who the hell are you?" she demanded.

"Oh, that's our Summer alright. Subtle and friendly as always," thought Jack.

"Mrs Gale, I am Officer Hobble," said the policeman trying to politely introduce himself.

"That's Miss Gale, you moron." Officer Hobble was taken aback by her hostility. Jack watched on with amusement. With an attitude like that it was no wonder Summer was single and often the fodder for gossip after each Christmas party.

"Why are you here?" asked the journalist. Summer looked beyond Officer Hobble and addressed her now former boss, "Jack, what's' going on?"

"Well Summer, that's what we are trying to work out," replied Jack. "We aren't sure why you're here."

"What do you mean? I work here."

"Well, not anymore. We had to let you go. Management decided you were now a liability. Don't you remember?" Jack asked sweetly.

"No." Summer seemed to bore into her former boss. "You fired me? When? Why?"

Jack just smiled knowingly. "Summer, let's just start with the last thing you do remember about work. What comes to mind?"

"Our production meeting yesterday. I was trying to get you to agree to a real story and none of the fluff you've had me doing."

"Summer that was four days ago."

Summer's mouth flapped silently. "But I remember everything clearly. You wouldn't budge. We had a slight disagreement."

"Again, Summer that was four days ago. Do know how you got here?"

"I drove to work."

"What were you wearing?"

"My fuchsia suit and cream blouse," said the blond woman in a matter of fact manner.

"Then, why are you now wearing a red jumpsuit?"

"What?" Summer took in her attire for the first time. She looked genuinely surprised and confused her eyes were open wide.

"Where is your purse and car keys?" continued Jack.

Summer looked around the sofa frantically for her purse. When she couldn't find it she spoke to her former superior, "Jack, are you messing with me? Is this some kind of joke? What's going on?" Gone from Summer's voice was her usual cockiness and arrogance. She was totally bewildered by the entire situation.

Jack knew that he shouldn't be taking as much pleasure as he did from Summer's misfortune, but over the years the woman had made his life hell. He wife had divorced him because she believed Summer was the other woman. When Summer got something into her head she didn't let it go. She had called him at all hours of the evening, and turned up on his doorstep unannounced. In the end, he couldn't blame his wife for feeling neglected.

When Summer was delivered earlier that evening, he was thankful for his good karma. Jack looked at the website on the card the moment he returned to his office. There wasn't enough material to definitely say that she was the mastermind but the website pictures and video planted Summer right in the thick of the action.

Jack's favorite was Summer's nomination for villain of the month. The zipper of her jumpsuit was slightly lowered showing a bit of flesh, her blond hair plastered around her face and she was touching the masterpiece. For Jack, it was far from being a provocative pose. He would not choose Summer if she was the last woman on earth. Jack was even very careful not to touch any of the equipment in the copy room after an office function.

As a professional journalist and media man, Jack knew some of the images on the website had been manipulated. The presentation was just too polished. He knew a set up when he saw it. As he couldn't prove that, he chose to say nothing to Officer Hobble. On second thought, Jack de Witt was unwilling to spend any energy proving the images were doctored. That could be some other schmuck's problem. Jack was unable to garner an ounce of sympathy for Summer. If he was honest with himself, he was feeling rather perverse. He wanted to see how Summer wormed her way out of this one. The woman had nine lives as far as he was concerned.

"Now, Miss Gale. Do you have any idea of how you came to be wearing a jumpsuit that is identical to that of Dr Drakken's henchmen?" asked the polite policeman.


"Can you tell me anything of your meeting with Drakken's henchmen at the Average Goon Bar?"

"No." Summer was about to explode. Jack knew the signs. He could see how her neck had tensed up and her veins were visibly throbbing.

"We have been informed that you are the true mastermind behind the heist that occurred during the opening of the Abstract Expressionist Exhibition at the gallery. Are you able to comment on that?"

Jack could see the red lava flowing up to Summer's brain and throughout her face. It's coming. It's coming. Now!

"Listen here, you miserable jackass..."

Jack leaned back into his seat and made himself comfortable. Oh, how he was going to relish this. Maybe this Thanksgiving, he could send out cards.


Kim patted the wall looking for the light switch. "Shego, can you just light up for a second? Please and thank you." Shego did as she was asked. Kim flicked the lights and the room instantly illuminated.

"Kimmie, why are we here?"

"Its private, we can see our food and we won't be eaten by mosquitoes."

"But why here, specifically?" said Shego gesturing to the large empty room of the Middleton High gymnasium.

"Because in high school it was like my second home. I feel comfortable here. Besides, its rather early to be taking you home to meet my folks," said Kim looking sheepish.

"I thought it was because you had such great memories and you just wanted to add to the collection," said Shego playing along.

"That'll work as well." Kim grabbed Shego's hand and dragged her to the bleachers. "Let's just sit here and eat our meal. You have be starving just as much as what I am."

"Actually I am. Even if it's Chubbers."

The pair sat on the gymnasium floor leaning against the bleachers before ripping open their take out bags. Despite her earlier protests, Kim could see Shego was grateful they had stopped for food. She waited until the villainess had her fill before asking, "Shego, can I ask you a serious question?"

"Sure, Kimmie."

"What are you going to do now?"

"You mean with my career?"

"Yeah. I'm a bit concerned about dating a wanted criminal."

"Dating eh? That's a bit presumptuous don't you think?" asked the green woman.

"My mom told me this morning that she doesn't want to see any camera crews camping outside our house. She's a little worried that could happen if we got together. I need to know that it won't before going any further with you."

Shego chuckled. "Kimmie, it won't come to that." Shego took a sip of her soda before adding, "I like your mom."

"And believe it or not, she likes you." Kim dunked a fry into her ketchup. "How can you be so sure the media will leave us alone?" Kim's tone became a little more serious.

Shego responded in kind. "Princess, tomorrow I will drop in on Betty and we will have a little chat."

"But won't she just throw you in jail? You've breached the conditions of your pardon."

"Believe it or not, last night was the first breach. We haven't done anything else GJ can hold us on. Once I explain Drakken's brain freeze and throw in a few sweeteners, Betty will want to be my new besty."

Kim giggled at the thought. "Well, that explains Drakken's actions but what about yours?"

"I agreed to return it didn't I? And I have. What more does she want?" Kim gave the green woman a pointed look. "I was kidding, doy!

"Listen, I think Betty will more than agree once I tell her what I'm willing to offer."

"What's that?" Kim asked softly. She was almost afraid to know.

Shego turned to face Kim, making sure she made eye contact. "Well, if Betty agrees to overlook last night, I will throw in helping out GJ flush out the white collar criminals we have discovered while playing the market. Believe me Kimmie, there a lot of them out there. And if that's not enough, the boys and I will agree to help out you and Stoppable whenever you need."

Kim gasped. "You would do that for me?"

Shego lowered her eyes. "Yeah. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's about time I got out and did something with my life." Shego's straw suddenly became really interesting for her. "If I was really honest with myself, you are part of reason."

Kim reached out and squeezed Shego's hand. "Thank you, that's really sweet." Shego did not say anything further, and just held on to the hero's hand. The two women just sat together in comfortable silence.



"I'm glad Drakken lost it today. I got to learn so much about you."

"Me too. It's too bad we never got to go on that date." Shego admitted quietly.

"Well, in a way, the whole point of a date is to get to know the other person. I learnt more about you today than in all the years we've been fighting. I think of the whole day as a date."

"Really? And you're still here," Shego said with her usual smirk.

Kim extricated her hand from Shego's and jumped up. "Kimmie, where are you going?"

"Patience Shego!" said Kim imitating Shego's former employer. Shego giggled in response. "I'll be back in a sec." Kim ran into a booth at the back of the gym. She took her Kimmunicator, entered a few commands, turned on the sound system and dimmed the gym lights before running back. Just as she reached the now former villainess, music filled the room.

"Kimmie please, no more karaoke. I've had my fill of a lifetime today."

"Its not karaoke," said Kim reaching down to grab the older woman forcing her to her feet. "Its our date." The hero grasped Shego into a firm embrace. "I've wanted to dance with you for so long now."

"Yeah?" Shego asked shyly.

"Yeah." Kim confirmed as she moved them in time to the music.

"Princess, you're just full of surprises today. The most shocking being your taste in music," said Shego teasingly.

Kim hit the green woman, "Oh hush. You're ruining my fantasy of dancing with a hot girl."

"How did that turn out for you?" Shego said with a smile.

The hero did not reply. She just placed her hands on Shego's back and brought them even closer together. "Very well," said Kim whispering in Shego's ear. The red head could feel the older woman shiver.

"Kimmie, I want to see where this thing between us goes. I really like you."

Kim stopped dancing. She was stunned by the sincerity she heard in the other woman's voice. The hero looked into the emerald pools and could see her reflection in them. "Shego, I really, really like you too." She reached up and gently caressed the green woman's lips with her own. Shego responded by deepening the kiss.

Kim was totally lost in the glorious moment. It took her a few moments to realize that Shego had stopped and was looking down at her with confusion. "Princess, what the hell are we listening to?"

It was only then the hero realized the music selection had changed. The slow romantic tune they were dancing to changed into something more upbeat. Kim could feel her face heat up. "Mmm... whenever I hear this song I think of you," she reluctantly admitted.

Tits and ass.

Bought myself a fancy pair.

Tightened up the derriere.

Did the nose with it.

All that goes with it.

"Pumpkin, you have to explain this one to me. How the hell can you say that? The song is about a dancer who has some work done to get ahead. I'm all real." Shego said sounding a little indignant at the comparison. "Way to kill the romance."

Tits and ass.

Orchestra or balcony.

What they want is whatcha see.

Keep the best of you.

Do the rest of you.

The hero really needed to rescue the moment. "No, no, no, Shego please let me explain." She could feel the flush reach her entire body. She hoped that the words would come out the right way. "I'm not saying you are like Val. It's just that I associate you with the song. It seemed like every time I came home from a mission where we fought, my mom used to have the A Chorus Line soundtrack on. Now whenever I hear it, I think of you."

Kim lovingly cupped Shego's face. "I know you're real, maybe a little plasma charged but real nonetheless. You did all that you did on your own, which was amazing. And you have talent to spare, which I really, really do appreciate. A few times a week in fact." Kim's blush was reaching diablo proportions.

Tits and ass,

Yes, tits and ass

Have changed...



"I've always loved the last lines because fighting with you has changed my life. Does that make sense?"

The villainess placed her hands over Kim's. The expression on her green face was softer than what she usually sported. "Great save Princess. You can't help playing the hero."

Kim smiled wickedly. "Kimmie, what are you up to?"

"Well tonight I'm off the clock. Right now I'm more interested in showing you that it's not just your mind that I love, brilliant as it is. I want to see some tits and ass," said Kim before breaking into song, "'Keep the best of you, do the rest of you.'"

Kim grabbed Shego's hand and placed it under her shirt. She could feel the warm green fingers resting on her bare breast. The hero placed one hand on Shego's much larger chest and the other on her rounded bottom. The villainess' eyes widened, obviously not expecting the sudden turn of events. Kim reached up and placed her lips near Shego's ears before whispering, "I told you a bra was optional."

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