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Oh and, just so you know, the story doesn't follow the original episodes closely. Many things might change simply because I wanted or because of Sakura. I will also refer to Tasuki as Genrou, because I like it better and because my OC meets him before he is acknowledged as a Suzaku Seven.

Fushigi Yuugi: How I fell in love with your silence

Tasuki/Genrou x OC

"A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step."

- Laozi, the Chinese philosopher.


Chapter 1:

And so it begins…

"Ne Yui-chan... do we really have to go to the National Library today?" Miaka asked bored to death.

"Yes, we have to. I mean, you two wanna pass math, right?" Yui answered, looking at them over her shoulder. They're so hopeless, she smiled.

"Of course we do but it's such a nice day outside... it just seems like a waste to spend all afternoon cooped up inside the library," Miaka whined. "You agree with me, don't you Sakura?" Her sister nodded eagerly but both girls could tell she wasn't really paying attention. Sakura was always lost in her own little world, which might've been why she was nearly failing math.

Surprisingly though, she was the smart one.

Sakura and Miaka were identical twins, even if no would say so. They were more different than equal. While they both shared the same deep shade of burgundy hair, Sakura had big and wide lavender eyes and Miaka had smaller dark green ones. Sakura was the youngest and she was also nearly a head shorter. She was thinner than Miaka, even in her face she was more delicate and feminine. She also couldn't speak.

Their mother had taken her to see every doctor in Japan, but none of them could come up with a diagnosis for Sakura. No one knew why she couldn't speak. They made her do all kinds of exams. Sakura had so many tubes shoved down her throat that she was still having nightmares about it, and in the end they all turned out inconclusive. Apparently there was nothing wrong with her anatomy. Her vocal chords were fine, she was just unable to use them.

Her family grew to accept her disability and they loved her all the same. Well, except her mother. She never looked past her disappointment and she never bothered to hide it either. After having Keisuke, she had wanted a girl, a beautiful and graceful daughter who would waltz her way into society to catch herself a rich and powerful diplomat. It was both unfortunate and ironic that fate had decided to bestow her with two daughters but one could barely walk a mile without tripping over her own feet and the other was a mute who was always daydreaming. And her resentment clouded her eyes, leaving her blind to see how wonderful her daughter Sakura turned out to be. As she became more and more biter, Sakura grew more and more beautiful and her heart filled with kindness.

What her mother lacked however, Sakura found in her siblings. Miaka was clumsy, loud and too obnoxious for her own good but she always knew exactly how to make her smile. And Keisuke was her best friend, she wouldn't keep anything from him.

Her siblings meant everything to her.

"Wow, it is true! The National Library looks very... national," Miaka joked, clearly unimpressed by the old building. Yui, who was already up the front steps, ignored her and stepped inside. "Oi! That was a joke – say something!"

Sakura tugged on her sleeve and gestured with her hands. "I thought it was funny, onee-chan."

Miaka smiled. "Thank's, imotto-chan." Miaka took her hand and pulled Sakura hurriedly up the stairs. "Come on; let's catch Yui-chan."

They went into the National Library, but they couldn't find Yui anywhere.

"I think we lost her."

"Well I suppose we can find her on our own, right?" Miaka heaved a sigh, taking a look around. To her right she spotted a vending machine, "oh, look Sakura! You want one? I have enough for both of us." Sakura thought for a second before nodding.

They walked to the vending machine and Miaka grabbed a little blue wallet from inside her pocket. The zipper was stuck and she tugged on it forcefully causing a coin to fly out, clinking as it touched the hardness of the floor. They both crouched down to pick it up when a strange noise stopped them. It sounded like the whistle of a bird.

As they straightened back up, Sakura caught the glimpse of a feather and a red glow.

"Did you see that?" She asked but Miaka ignored her while racing up the stairs in a haze. There was a door on the next floor with a sign reading 'Restricted Section' hanging. Miaka ignored it as well, pushing the door open and going in. They heard the rustling of feathers again and stopped, looking around to find the source of the sound.

"What are you doing in here, guys?" Yui's voice startled them.

Sakura tugged on her sleeve and gestured franticly, "a bird! We saw a bird!"

"A bird?" Yui laughed, clearly not buying it, "in here?"

"It's true! It flew up here! We heard it flapping his wings," Miaka said.

A book fell down from one of the shelves, making them jump slightly. The girls kneeled down to pick it up. It looked old and dusty, and it clearly hadn't been opened in a long time. The front cover was engraved with Chinese characters. Neither Sakura nor Miaka could understand them.

"'Shijin Tenchisho'," Yui read out loud. "The Universe of the Four Gods?"

"What is it?"

"Well, it says it's an ancient Chinese tale..." Yui furrowed her brows as she tried to read the characters, "hum… 'And so, the girl from the legend opened the door to the other world'..."

When Yui flipped the intro, the next page had the drawing of a beautiful magnificent bird. Miaka gasped. "That's the one! The bird I saw earlier!"

"'This is the story of a girl who gathered the eight Warriors of Suzaku and accomplished the power to fulfill all of her wishes. The story itself is a spell and those who read it win the power of the girl to have their own wishes come true. This happens because when the first page is turned over, the story comes to life and it begins.'" Yui stopped and looked at her friends confused, "what does this mean?"

"If Yui-chan doesn't understand, how can we?" Miaka replied just as puzzled, her sister nodding in agreement.

Then, a red light burst from the book and a familiar whistle filled the room. The light engulfed all three girls, swallowing them into the pages.

Miaka, Sakura and Yui held each other's hands as they spiraled down a never-ending darkness when a crimson beautiful bird took a firm grip on Sakura's arm and yanked her away from them. Miaka screamed her name but she disappeared with the bird through a crack in the darkness.

Soon she and Yui too were gone.

In the middle of the woods, a young man with bright green eyes was storming through the trees in a hurry to meet a friend. It was night already and the path was barely lit. The only light came from the moon casting a silver glow over the grass that his feet pounded on quietly.

"Jeez! Why did that baka had t' get a place so far 'way from the lair?" Koji asked the silent forest. As he quickened his pace something caught his eye; a dark silhouette laying limp on the ground not far ahead. "What the hell..."

Koji approached it cautiously, suspecting some sort of trap. Once he got close enough, he realized that the 'it' was actually a girl – a beautiful girl, who seemed to be passed out cold. She was dressed in strange clothing; a really short brown skirt and a jacket, he noticed, with a little blue bow laced around her neck.

Maybe I should just leave her here... he considered. One look at her, though, and he knew he couldn't. He swept her up in his arms, vaguely impressed by how light she was, and resumed his way quickening his pace.

A small shed came into view as he reached the last few steps up the mountain. It had a pointy old roof and a large front door. He knocked three times.

"Konbawa. 'Who is it?' It's Genrou's best friend, Koji, who came t' see him. 'Welcome, please come in.' Arigatou."

Koji stepped inside and he was welcomed by a smiling Genrou who was sitting on top of a table with his legs crossed. His smile quickly died as his eyes fell on the knocked out girl in Koji's arms.

"What the hell's that?" he asked heatedly.

Koji rolled his eyes. "What d'ya think it is? A girl, you moron."

"Yeah well... go put 'er right back where ya found 'er."

"Don't be crazy, Genrou. Can'tcha see she's injured? Just let 'er stay here 'till she gets her strength back." Koji laid the girl down on an old mattress.

Genrou stepped closer to take a better look at her. He raised an orange eyebrow; she was surprisingly good-looking with long flowing red locks and a lovely heart-shaped face ending in a dainty and pointy chin. Her clothes, however, really got his attention. He had never seen anything like it.

"Why she dressed like that?" he asked puzzled, "is she from a foreign country or somethin'?"

"If she is, I don't know which one. Those sorts ov' clothes ain't from anywhere I ever been to," Koji answered. "I just found her like that in the forest, passed out cold..."

Genrou shook his head, his tongue clicking in annoyance. "Ya shouldn't have brought her here. I hate women! They're nothin' but trouble!"

"Where was I gonna bring her instead, huh? Oh I know; maybe I should just take her back to the lair fer that pathetic excuse ova leader to rape her. Ain't that a better idea?!" Koji argued back sarcastically.

"Ugh alright, alright!" Genrou sighed, "why do I get the feelin' I'm gonna regret this?"

It's cold... Why am I so cold?

Am I dead?

Wait… how can I be dead when I was only reading a book at the library with onee-chan and Yui-chan?

Sakura slowly fluttered her eyes open, blinking uncomfortably when sunlight struck her.

Where am I? Her back was flushed against something cushy and she was wrapped in a warmth that unfortunately didn't seem enough to keep the cold completely away. Her body was sore all over but she forced herself to sit up, smoothing down her disheveled curls. A bed; she was in a bed. In a strange room...

Fear suddenly crept into her mind as she took notice of her surroundings and realized she was currently at a man's house.

"Hey, yer finally up!" Someone spoke from a chair in a near corner, startling her. Sakura looked up to find a handsome man with tanned skin, green eyes and blue hair, a bandana tied around his forehead. He was smiling and he seemed to be regarding her with genuine concern. "You been out fer almost four days, we were beginnin' to think ya died. Want somethin' t'eat? I bet yer real hungry."

Sakura nodded timidly, unconsciously bringing the covers closer to her body. He left the room through a door, coming back seconds later with a bowl of rice and a pair of chopsticks. He handed them to her, smiling the whole time.

"Here ya go," he said. Sakura hesitated but began eating, afraid to go against him or to offend his feelings. "So... wanna tell me yer name?" Sakura's lips pressed together into a thin line as she shifted her gaze elsewhere. "Okay... how 'bout how ya got to the forest?" There was still no answer. Koji began to feel exasperated, "hey I'm the one who savedya, can't trust me enough to answer me? I promise I won't hurt ya. I won't even touch ya if ya don't wanna."

So he had saved her. He could've just left her where she was but he had chosen to save her instead. Maybe he wasn't so bad, she figured. Sakura gestured to her throat and opened and closed her mouth a couple times.

"I can't speak", she tried to tell him.

Koji stared at her surprised. "Ya can't speak?" She shook her head. "Why? Are ya sick or somethin'?" Koji watched as Sakura shrugged and rocked her arms, as if cradling a baby. "Oh, you were born like that… that's horrible… can ya remember how ya got 'ere? And why were ya wearin' those strange clothes?"

It wasn't easy, but Sakura came up with some sort of weird signs and imitations to tell her story. Unfortunately it didn't work quite as she had planned to.

"So, lemme see if I got that straight… ya were readin' some book... right?" Sakura nodded frantically. "And then ya got sucked into it by a big bird endin' up here?" She nodded one more time, only to have him openly laughing at her. She scowled. "That's the craziest thing I ever heard. I think ya bumped yer head a little too hard, girl."

Sakura sighed dejectedly. There was no way she could make him believe her story. Even she had trouble and she was living it. She finished her rice instead. When she was done, she handed him back the empty bowl and bowed in a silent thanks.

Koji was still in the kitchen – at least Sakura supposed it was the kitchen – when the front door opened to let in another man. This one had blazing orange hair, it was disheveled from the wind. He was tall and he had several necklaces around his neck and both of his ears pierced. He had a black jacket draped over an arm and both eyes closed. He only noticed her awake when Koji made a noisy return to the room. Their eyes met and Sakura felt her heart skip a beat. His eyes… his smoldering golden eyes were so familiar.

Genrou experienced the same feeling and he frowned at his racing heart. She had beautiful eyes… lavender with silver hues. They were painfully familiar but he had no idea where he could've seen them, he had never met anyone with eyes like those.

"Ehh... she's finally up, huh?" Genrou started, casually making his way to the table to put down his jacket, "great! Now get 'er outta here."

"What?!" Koji glared at his friend with disbelief. How could he be so cruel? "Yer not serious! She's been here all this time and now ya wanna just throw her out? That's too mean, even fer you."

Sakura stepped out of bed, stumbling a little because of the numbness of her legs, and bowed to them. She was grateful enough that they had saved her and had allowed her to get her strength back. She didn't want them to fight over her.

Both men stared at her in surprise. What in Suzaku's name is she doin'? Genrou thought.

As she went for the door, Koji's hand bolted to her arm to stop her. "No, wait! Ya can't go," he told her. "Genrou, the girl can't speak... and she's all alone in a country she don't know... how she gonna get around like that? In no time she'll be captured by another bandit, one not as honorable as us."

"She don't speak?" Sakura shook her head. It was Genrou's turn to heave a sigh, "well, I suppose she can stay fer a while... but only a few more weeks! Then she's off on her way."

Koji seemed content with that.

Sakura smiled but it didn't reach her eyes. She was worried. She knew she had to find Yui and Miaka... but she also knew there was no way she could do it on her own. Maybe if she befriended them, they would offer to help her out.

"Alright, now that's all settled," Koji started, heading out, "ya should go an' buy 'er new clothes. With those she draws too much attention, we don't need that."

Genrou glared at him. "Why me? Yer goin' there right now, aren'tcha? Just take 'er with ya," he replied.

"I would, but I can't. Sorry but if anyone sees me with her they'll snitch to the boss and then he'll want me to hand her over." Koji bolted through the door and down the stairs fast.

"KOJI!" Genrou shouted but he was already gone. Damn that guy!

Nervously, he glanced down at the girl standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. Well, he supposed Koji was right, she did need different clothes. He would just have to suck it up and do it, wouldn't he?

Genrou sighed. He knew the girl would bring him nothing but trouble.

"I give up…. just... wait here 'till I come back 'kay? Do not touch anyhin' or move it outta place," he warned sternly before leaving.

Sakura went back to the bed, furrowing her eyebrows and thinking about Miaka and Yui. She hoped they had been as fortunate as she had… she wished they had found someone to help them out in such a strange place.

When Genrou returned from the village, Sakura was still sitting on the bed. Her legs were curled against her chest and her head was resting on her knees. Just like he had told her to, she didn't touch anything, or barely moved for that matter.

To say he was surprised was not enough.

"Here-" Genrou tossed over to her a medium-sized package still not looking her in the eye. "Ya can dress there-" He pointed to another door and Sakura quickly went in.

It was a small room, faintly lit by a small window, with no furniture. Sakura concluded he hadn't been living there long. The entire house seemed to be rather empty.

She tore the package open. It was a long-sleeved white kimono-like dress but with a hint of Asian. It had pretty cherry blossoms scattered along the skirt and a thin lavender bow around the waist tying in the back. She thought it was quite fitting even if Genrou hadn't done it purposely.

She loved it.

Sakura hastily put it on, pleased to find how well it fitted her. She usually wore her long hair in a high ponytail but somewhere along the way she had lost her rubber band and now it fell down in messy waves. Looking around the room in search of something she could use, Sakura ended up using the navy bow of her uniform. Once she finished tying her hair up with the ribbon, she stepped out of the room.

Genrou had been leaning against the wall waiting. He glanced up at her and blushed. Wow! That was a thought that didn't cross his mind very frequently. She looked beautiful, he had to admit, but he also realized that she was still going to draw too much attention. If she ever got out into the city she would have thousands of men drooling over her. He frowned.

"Uh... I see it fits..." Genrou said, clearing his throat uncomfortably. Sakura nodded, blushing under his gaze. They stood in silence for a few moments, not knowing what to say next. In the end, it was Genrou who broke the tense silence, "can you... huh... tell me yer name or somethin'?"

Sakura grinned, gesturing to the cherry blossoms on her dress and then to herself. Genrou easily caught on.

"Sakura eh?" She nodded. "That's kinda pretty... I guess..."

He flushed from his own words, but Sakura's smile didn't falter. She gestured funnily with her hands, confusing him. Was she trying to tell him something?

Suddenly remembering that he didn't know sign language, Sakura took a couple steps closer to him. It was amusing to watch him squirm nervously. She gently moved her lips and hoped he would understand what she was trying to ask.

"Oh! Yeah, my name's Genrou. And I'm the rightful leader ov' Mt. Leikaku's thieves!" He answered with pride. Sakura chuckled and then mentioned for the other boy. "Koji? He'll be back in a few days – he always does, so don' worry 'bout him."

Silence crept over them again.

Sakura had a feeling Genrou wasn't particularly good with girls, which would prove to be problem because she didn't exactly know how to act around members of the opposite gender either. The boys from her world were immature and insensible brutes. When she was younger they would always make fun of her and as she grew up they might've realized she was pretty and wanted to date her but they also acted like fools and tried to take advantage of her muteness. So Sakura had absolutely no idea how she was going to deal with Genrou. He wasn't even a boy, he was a man and that notion alone made her feel terribly uncomfortable.

Genrou scratched the back of his head. "Okay... I'm uh... goin' t'... go… See ya later..." He rushed out of the shed quickly, feeling embarrassed.

Sakura chuckled silently. Oh, this is going to be one crazy adventure.

So... what do you think?

Love, Moon Princess.