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Oh and, just so you know, the story doesn't follow the original episodes closely. Many things might change simply because I wanted or because of Sakura. I will also refer to Tasuki as Genrou, because I like it better and because my OC meets him before he is acknowledged as a Suzaku Seven.

Fushigi Yuugi: How I fell in love with your silence

Tasuki/Genrou x OC

"A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step."

- Laozi, the Chinese philosopher.


Chapter 1:

"Ne, Yui-chan... Do we really have to go to the National Library today?" Miaka asked, feeling bored already.

"Of course! Don't you two wanna pass Math?" Yui replied. They're so hopeless, she thought with a smile.

"We do, we do... but it's such a nice day outside... it just seems like a waste to spend it all inside. Don't you agree with me, Sakura?"

Her sister nodded cheerfully, but both girls knew she wasn't paying attention. Sakura had always had her head up in the clouds. That might've been the reason why she was on the verge of failing Math.

Weirdly enough, though, she was the smartest one.

Sakura and Miaka were identical twins, although no one who'd look at them would believe it. They would maybe think they were related, but definitely not twins. Because, even though they both shared the same red hair (quite unusual for Japanese girls), while Sakura had big and sort of roundly lavender eyes, Miaka's were of a bright dark-green. Also, Sakura, who's the youngest, was almost a head shorter than Miaka and more fragile-like… and she couldn't speak.

Their mother had visited every doctor in Japan, but no one seemed to know the exact reason as to why Sakura had no voice. They sent her to do all kinds of exams – Sakura had had tubes shoved down her throat so many times that she couldn't count them with her fingers –, yet they all came in with nothing.

Eventually, her mother gave up. Sakura had never been so thankful in her entire life; she truly hated hospitals.

It didn't matter for her family that she wasn't able to speak… for the most part at least. Her mother was an exception. She never bothered to hide her disappointment. She had dreamed of a daughter who would pursue Politics and become a diplomat, and, seeing as Miaka wasn't exactly heading in that direction, she had laid all of her hopes over Sakura. But it was impossible due to her disability, and, blinded by her unaccomplished desire, she failed to see what a wonderful person Sakura had become – someone who would never look away if there was anyone suffering.

To make up for her mother's distance, Sakura had Miaka and Keisuke. Her sister might've been clumsy, loud and pretty much the complete opposite of herself, but they were strongly linked and Miaka was always there to cheer her up. It was part of being twins. And Keisuke was like her best friend, because there was nothing she'd hide from him.

They meant the world for Sakura.

"Wow, it is true! The National Library looks very... national," Miaka joked clearly unimpressed. Yui, who was already up the front steps, ignored her and went inside the enormous building. "Oi! That was a joke, say something!"

Sakura tugged on her sleeve and gestured with her hands. Her family members – and Yui – had all made sure to learn sign language to communicate with her to some extent.

"I thought it was funny, onee-chan."

Miaka smiled. "Arigatou, imotto-chan." She took her hand and hurried Sakura up the stairs. "Come on; let's catch Yui-chan."

They went into the National Library. It was just like they thought it would be, with tall bookcases, computers and studying booths. It was also rather empty that day, just a couple people sitting in a booth, hunched over some books and other few working on the computers.

Still, there was no sign of Yui.

"I think we lost her," Sakura told Miaka.

"Well, I suppose we can find her on our own, right?" Miaka heaved a sigh, taking a look around. To her right she spotted a vending machine. "Oh, look Sakura! Want one? I got enough for both of us."

Sakura thought for a second before nodding.

They walked to the vending machine and Miaka took out the money. Being clumsy as she was, the coin slipped from her hand, tinkling when it collided with the hardness of the floor. They both crouched down to get it.

There was a sudden strange noise behind them. It sounded like a whistle from a bird. When they stood up, Sakura caught the glimpse of a feather glowing red, leading up the stairs to the second floor.

"Did you see that?" She asked, but Miaka ignored her. She started up the stairs, as if in a haze. At the top was a door with a sign reading 'Restricted Section'. Miaka opened the door and walked in anyway. They heard a rustle of feathers and stopped, looking around to find the source of the sound.

"What are you doing in here, guys?" Yui's voice, coming from the doorway, startled them.

Sakura jumped and gestured franticly. "A bird! We saw a bird!"

"A bird?" Yui laughed, clearly not buying it.

"It's true! It flew up here! We heard its wings flapping," Miaka said.

A book tumbled down a shelf with a thud. The girls kneeled down and picked it up. It looked old and dusty, and it was obvious it hadn't been read in a long time. The front cover was engraved with Chinese characters, but neither Sakura nor Miaka could understand them.

"Shijin Tenchisho," Yui read out loud. "The Universe of the Four Gods?"

"What is it?"

"Well, it says it's an ancient Chinese tale..." Yui's brows furrowed as she tried to decipher the story. "Hum… 'And so, the girl of the legend opened the door to the other world'..."

When Yui flipped the intro, the next page had the drawing of a beautiful looking bird. Miaka gasped. "That's the one! The bird I saw earlier!"

"'This is the story of a girl who gathered the eight Warriors of Suzaku and accomplished the power to fulfill all of her wishes. The story itself is a spell and those who read it win the power of the girl to have their own wishes come true. This happens because when the first page is turned over, the story comes to life and it begins'." Yui stopped and looked up to her friends, confused. "What does that mean?"

"If Yui-chan doesn't understand, how can we?" Miaka replied just as puzzled, Sakura nodding in agreement.

Then, a red light made its way out of the book and the same whistle as before echoed through the walls of the restricted room. The light engulfed all three girls, swallowing them into the book itself.

Miaka, Sakura and Yui held their hands tightly as they traveled downwards a seemingly endless darkness. But a fantastic fire bird took a firm grip on Sakura's arm and yanked her away from the other two. Miaka screamed for her sister, but she disappeared with the bird through a hole it had opened in the darkness.

Soon she and Yui too were gone.

In the middle of a forest, a young man with bright green eyes stormed through the trees in a hurry to see his friend. It was night already and the pathway was half-illuminated only by the full moon, its light casting a silvery glow over the grass that his feet pounded on quietly.

"Dammit! Why that baka lives so far 'way from the village?" Koji mused out loud to no one in particular. As he headed forward, his arms lazily crossed behind his head, something caught his eye: a dark silhouette laying limp on the ground, not too far from him. "What the hell..."

Koji approached it carefully, thinking it might've been a trap. When he got close enough, he realized that the 'it' was actually a girl – a breathtakingly beautiful girl, who seemed to be out cold. She was dressed in a strange set of clothing, consisting in a really short brown skirt and jacket, with a little bow laced around her neck.

Maybe I should just leave 'er here..., he considered. One look at her, though, and he knew he couldn't. He swept her up in his arms, impressed by how light she actually was, and resumed his way; this time at quicker pace. He had to get to Genrou's house fast. If any of his comrade bandits saw her they would want to take her to their leader – their cruel and drunk leader.

The small shack came into view after climbing up the stairs. It had a reclined roof and a large front door. He knocked. "Konbawa. 'Who is it?' It's Genrou's best friend, Koji, who came t' see 'im. 'Welcome, please come in.' Arigato," Koji said in his odd habit of announcing and answering the door himself.

When he opened the door, Koji was welcomed by a smiling Genrou, sitting on top of the table with his legs casually crossed. His smile, however, was quick to die once he noticed the knocked out girl in his arms.

"What the hell's that?" He asked irritated.

Koji rolled his eyes. "What d'ya think it is? A girl, you baka."

"Yeah, well... go put 'er right back where ya found 'er."

"Don't be crazy, Genrou. Can't ya see she's hurt? Just let 'er stay here 'till she gets back on 'er feet." Koji made his way to the bed, setting the girl down on top of it.

Genrou stepped a little closer to take a better look at her. At first he was taken aback; she was sort of beautiful, with long flowing red curls. Her clothes, however, were what really got his attention. He had never seen anything like it.

"Why's she dressed like that?" He questioned puzzled. "She from a foreign country or somethin'?"

"If she is, I don't know which one. Those sorts o' clothes aren't from any place I ever been t'," Koji answered. "I just found 'er like that in the forest, passed out n' everything..."

Genrou shoke his head, clicking his tongue in annoyance. "Ya shouldn't 'ave brought 'er here. I hate women! They bring nothin' but trouble!"

"Then where wouldya have me take 'er instead, huh? Oh I know, maybe I should take 'er to the hideout fer that pathetic excuse o' leader to rape her. Ain't that a better idea!" Koji argued back sarcastically.

"Ugh, a'ight!" Genrou sighed. "Why I get the feelin' this' gonna bring me nothin' more than I bargained fer?"

It's cold... Why am I so cold?

Am I dead?

How can I be dead when I was only in the library reading a book with onee-chan and Yui-chan?

Sakura slowly fluttered her eyes open, blinking uncomfortably when the sunlight hit her.

Where am I? She had her back flushed against something cushy and her body felt warm, even though it wasn't nearly enough to warm her up entirely. She was sore all over, but she forced herself to sit up, smoothing down her disheveled curls. A bed; she was in a bed. In a room too, one she didn't recognize.

Fear suddenly crept into her mind as she took notice of her surroundings and realized she was currently at a man's house.

"Hey, yer finally up!" Someone said from a chair in a nearby corner, startling her. Sakura looked up to see a handsome boy with green eyes and blue hair with a bandana tied around his forehead. He was smiling and seemed to be regarding her with curiosity. "Ya've been out fer almost four days, ya know? We were startin' t' think ya died. Want somethin' t'eat? I bet yer real hungry."

Sakura nodded timidly, subconsciously pulling the covers closer to her body. He left the room through a door, coming back seconds later with a bowl of rice and a pair of chopsticks. He handed them to her, still smiling.

"Here ya go," he said. Sakura hesitated but ate anyway because she was afraid to go against him or to offend his feelings. "So... wanna tell me yer name?" Sakura's lips pressed together into a thin line as she shifted her gaze elsewhere. "Okay... how 'bout how ya got to the forest?" There was still no answer. Koji was getting exasperated. "Hey I was the one t' save ya, can't ya trust me at least a bit? I promise I won't hurt ya. I won't even touch ya if it's not whatcha want."

So he had saved her. He could've just left her where she was, but he had chosen to save her instead. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all.

Sakura gestured to her throat and opened and closed her mouth a couple times. "I can't speak", she tried to tell him.

Koji, surprised, looked at her. "Ya can't speak?" She shook her head. "Why? Are ya sick or somethin'?" Koji watched as Sakura shrugged and rocked her arms, as if cradling a baby. "Oh, you were born like that… that's horrible… but can ya tell me how ya got 'ere? And why ya're wearin' those strange clothes?"

It wasn't easy, but Sakura came up with some sort of weird signs and imitations to tell her story to Koji. Unfortunately it didn't work quite as she had planned to.

"A'ight lemme see if I got that straight… ya were readin' some book... right?" Sakura nodded eagerly. "N' then got sucked into it by a big bird?" She nodded one more time, only to have him openly laughing at her. "That's the craziest thing I ever heard. I think ya bumped yer head a little too hard, girl."

Sakura sighed dejectedly. There was no way he was going to believe her. Even she had trouble believing it and she was living the story. She chose to finish her rice instead. When it was finished, she handed him back the empty bowl and bowed in a silent thanks.

While Koji was in the kitchen – at least Sakura supposed he was in the kitchen – the front door opened to let in another boy. This one had flaming red hair, which was a little messy probably because of the wind. He had a black jacket draped over an arm and his eyes were closed, as he seemed to be out of it. He only noticed she was awake when Koji tripped and made a squeak coming back to the living room.

Their eyes met and Sakura was taken aback over their golden color. Genrou too was surprised; she had a very enticing eye color – lavender, with silver hues. It took him a minute to get himself straight.

"Ehh... looks like she's finally up, huh?" Genrou said, casually making his way to the table to put down the jacket. "Great! Now get 'er outta here."

"What?" Koji stared in disbelief over his coldness. "Ya can't be serious! She's been 'ere all this time an' now ya wanna throw 'er out? That's too mean, even fer ya."

"I toldya it's too troublesome!"

Sakura was thankful they had saved her and let her get her strength back. She didn't want them to fight because of her. She stepped out of bed, stumbling a little due to the numbness of her legs, and bowed deeply in front of them. Both men stared at her in surprise.

What in Suzaku's name is she doin'?, Genrou thought.

As she went for the door, Koji's hand bolted to her arm to stop her. "No, wait! Ya can't go," he told her. "Genrou, the girl can't speak... an' she's all alone... how she gonna get by like that? In no time she'll get caught by another bandit – a worst one."

"She don't speak?" Sakura shook her head. It was Genrou's turn to heave a sigh. "Well, I suppose she can stay fer a while... but only a while! Then she's off on 'er way."

Koji seemed content with that.

Sakura smiled, but faintly. She knew she had to find Yui and Miaka... but there was no way she could do it alone. Maybe if she befriended them, they could help her out.

"A'ight, now that's settled," Koji started, heading outside, "ya should go an' buy 'er new clothes. With those she draws too much unwanted attention."

Genrou glared at him. "Why me? Yer goin' there right now, aren'tcha? Just take 'er with ya," he replied.

"I would, but I can't. Sorry, but if anyone sees me with 'er they'll tell the boss an' then he'll want me to hand 'er over." Koji bolted through the door and down the stairs fast.

"KOJI!" Genrou shouted, but he was already gone.

Damn that guy!

Nervously, he glanced down at the girl standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. Well, if it really was necessary, he'd just have to do it, didn't he? Genrou sighed; he knew she'd bring him nothing but trouble.

"I give up…. just... wait here 'till I come back 'kay? Do not touch anyhin' or move it outta place," he warned her before leaving.

Sakura went back to the bed. Her brows furrowed in worry for her twin and her friend. She hoped they were as fortunate as her and they had someone to help them out in that strange place.

When Genrou came back from the village, Sakura was still sitting on the bed, her legs bended close to her chest and her head resting on her knees. Just like he had told her to, she hadn't touched anything – or barely moved, for that matter.

To say he was surprised was not enough.

"Here-" Genrou gave her a medium sized package, avoiding looking her in the eye. "Ya can dress there." He pointed to another door and Sakura quickly went in.

It was small room, faintly lit by the scarce light leaking through an only and small window, with no furniture. Sakura supposed he hadn't been living there long. The entire house seemed to be rather empty.

She tore the package open and pulled out whatever it was on the inside. It was a sleeveless white kimono-like dress, with a little touch of Chinese style. It had pretty cherry flowers scattered along the skirt and a thin lavender bow around the waist that tied in the back.

She loved it.

Sakura dressed it quickly and she was pleased to see it fitted her well. She untied the half of her hair that was usually pulled up by a bow and let it loose, fawning around her like a curtain.

When she finally stepped out of the room, Genrou, who had been leaning against the wall, waiting impatiently, had to stare. Wow! – There was a thought that didn't cross his mind many times, although it seemed to apply in that case. She was quite the vision. But, he realized, even if not dressed too differently, she would still get unwanted attention – from men.

Genrou cleared his throat uncomfortably.

"Uh... I see it fits..." Sakura nodded, blushing under his gaze. They stood where they were for a few minutes in silence, not knowing where exactly to go from there onwards. In the end, it was Genrou to break the tense silence, "are ya... hum... gonna tell me yer name or somethin'?"

Sakura grinned and mentioned for the cherry blossoms on her dress and then to herself. Genrou got it.

"Sakura eh?" She nodded. "That's kinda pretty... I guess..."

Genrou flushed deep at his own words. On the other hand, Sakura's smile didn't falter. She gestured funnily with her hands, confusing him. Was she trying to tell him something? Understanding his difficulty, Sakura took a couple steps closer, amused by how nervous he seemed to get, and formed the words with her lips.

"Oh! Yeah, my name's Genrou. An' I'm the rightful leader o' Mt. Leikaku's thieves!" Sakura chuckled at his enthusiasm, then mentioned for the other boy. "Koji? He'll be back in a few days – he always does, so don' worry 'bout him."

Silence crept over them again.

Sakura had a feeling Genrou wasn't particularly good with girls, which would prove to be problematic because she wasn't exactly good with boys either. All boys from her world never even bothered to spare her a second look. Well, they did, but once they found out she was mute, they would either run away or try to take advantage of her.

Genrou scratched the back of his head.

"Okay... I'm uh... goin' t'... go… See ya later..." He left the shed quickly and embarrassed.

Sakura chuckled silently. Oh, this was going to be one crazy adventure.

So... what do you think?

Love, Moon Princess.