Author's Note:

I've always enjoyed the Green Lantern comics and in recent years, I've come to enjoy Sinestro particularly. He is always mentioned as the greatest Green Lantern, but it was never really shown in detail why he was the greatest. So I decided to take the liberty to write my take on why he was the greatest. I will try my best to include Green Lantern canon, as I don't like the idea of ignoring established stories. But there will be a few tweaks in his origin in relation to a few characters and events. This is just something I did for fun. Sinestro and other Green Lantern characters belong to DC. With that all said and done, please enjoy!

Green Lantern: Origin of Sinestro

CHAPTER 1 – Atypical Candidate

"Curious…" A voice echoed in a near empty hall of a grand library. "Very curious…" The voice came from a small man, who stepped away from a large, mysterious book. His expression was one filled with apprehension, and yet his eyes seemed to gleam with… excitement?

This man's name was Ganthet and as he stepped away from the book, he approached a figure that had recently entered the room. A woman stood before him; tall and imposing, she emanated an air of authority (though one not greater than the man before her) as well as a great strength, both in physicality and in character.

"You summoned me Ganthet?" she asked, looking down at the blue man.

Ganthet acknowledged her, nodded once and began, "I have looked into the Book of Oa for eons. Very rarely has anything truly astonished me. However…" He paused, looking squarely into her eyes to indicate his seriousness, "…in this reading, I came across a most curious passage…" He paused again, but this time for thoughtful meditation.

"Jewelius Blak*, you are aware of the nature of an induction into the Green Lantern Corps, correct?" he inquired.

Jewelius looked puzzled as to why Ganthet would ask her such an obvious question. She answered, "Why yes. All Green Lanterns know the procedures. Upon the incapacitation, resignation, or such reasons that otherwise prevents a Lantern from carrying his or her duties, the ring is programmed to find another worthy bearer, who," she lifted her ring-bearing hand, saying mechanically, " 'has the ability to overcome great fear'. "

Ganthet nodding approvingly, and said, "Rookie lanterns are typically chosen by the ring and inducted into the corps only after their predecessor has passed." Ganthet moved back to the ancient book, turned back to Jewelius and said again with that excitement in his eyes from before, "This one, whose picture has recently appeared in the pages, is not typical."

Jewelius had grown curious now too, and walked towards the book in great, swift strides. As she grew closer to Ganthet, she realized the excitement was neither one of happiness nor anger. His eyes gleamed with a nervous excitement. Jewelius found it alarming and wondered, whatever could he have read to cause this much fervor in the old guardian?

"According to this prophecy," Ganthet gestured towards the indicated pages, "a lantern will be inducted into the corps, and in time will grow to be one of the greatest Green Lanterns. But that is not all… After a certain amount of time, a string of events will occur on an unimaginably epic scale, such that our corps has never faced in millions of years." Now it was Jewelius's turn to show a face of incredulity. Ganthet continued, "I have read further, but as ever these pages often write themselves, and the passages are frequently vague. In interpreting its meanings, I cannot say for certain that these events are triggered because of this lantern. But many of the events largely involve this lantern. And this particular one also influences another lantern that is quite possibly the most important lantern that will be welcomed into the Green Lantern Corps."

Jewelius took a step back, too overwhelmed by the sudden news. After a while she understood and said readily, "Am I to assume that you called me here in regard to the person this prophecy refers to?" Then she added, "To find this person perhaps?"

"Indeed," replied Ganthet. "This person is found in your sector. Therefore you are the most ideal for the search." Ganthet beckoned her towards him. "I have discussed this at length with my fellow guardians, but they had waved off the matter, saying that such things are far in the future. Whatever may happen is also subject to change and thus decided to take no action for something they believed will arrive when it should."

"You disagreed I take it?" Jewelius asked, although she knew his answer already.

"That is why I wish to task you with this one mission. Find this person that the prophecy refers." His hands hovered just above Jewelius's ring hand, and producing his uniquely guardian powers, he explained, "Each Green lantern ring has the ability to replicate a temporary ring in times of need. It is not a true copy as your own ring," he held her ring hand, "but for now we need to see if it responds to this person. I want to be certain of this one, make sure that this one is handled well." Then he held the replicated ring.

Ganthet then moved to the center of the library, where a computer sat dormant. He pressed it awake and a low humming was heard to indicate it powering on. A map appeared in holographic dimensions, Ganthet turned again to Jewelius, giving her a stringent look of authority, "Jewelius Blak of Sector 1417, you are to make your way to the planet Korugar, find a candidate for your successor as Green Lantern and," he paused, a strong look passed between the two, "… make him great."

With that note, Jewelius flew out of the library and off Oa, home of the Guardians of the Universe and the most respected Green Lantern Corps and headed towards Korugar. Whom she was tasked to find is a young man, whose profile she was in fact reviewing as a projected hologram from her ring while she flew. His name…

…Thaal Sinestro.


An alarm had sounded off nearby. It signaled a break time for a young man who was working so diligently at his task that he ignored the sound. Sitting quite stiffly in his chair, his eyes and hands were focused on various papers and figures.

He wondered at what the information before him could mean. His mind was racing with ideas. The temple that his excavation team had been assigned, uncovered some rather questioning material. According to one of the team members, one of the areas of the temple contained a large carving of a beast, the likes of which was completely alien to her. There was nothing to suggest that it was anything indigenous to their planet. Only after seeing it himself, had he realized the confusion it raised. Thinking about it only excited him more. He will have to look into other, older aspects, perhaps ancient texts, scrolls, or myths—**


A rap at the door could be heard along with an annoyed voice, "Sinestro! You're doing it again! It's late and everyone has to leave the complex by closing hours!"

Striding swiftly and pulling the door open, Sinestro said icily, "You! Do you realize that you just interrupted something potentially groundbreaking?"

"Right, do inform me when you receive a scholarly prize, so I can apologize profusely for interrupting your 'groundbreaking' work. Oh wait, this sounds familiar. I think I've heard it before. That's right, from the dozen other times you describe something as 'groundbreaking.'" The shorter man responded, rolling his eyes and making exaggerated gestures as he did so.

"When I do, you will be the first to know, Frool. In fact, I'll make sure you sit at the very front to witness my glorious reception," he grabbed his bag and contents, and continued, "but for now, I'll leave." Sinestro strode past the man and down the hall, hearing a small huff, and smiled to himself, satisfied that he left Frool disgruntled.

As he exited the complex, an involuntary yawn escaped him. Thaal Sinestro didn't tire easily, but he supposed the long day did warrant a good night's sleep, and besides, he had half-forgotten what he was thinking before being rudely interrupted by Frool. Thaal took his time going home though. The black night looming over the city was quiet and peaceful—most of the time. One of the reasons Thaal took his time in the nocturnal hours was so he can keep his eyes and ears open for any sign of strange activity. Often he would find petty criminals or some other person up to no good. He hated those kinds of people. They were the scum of society, and if he had his way, he'd find some means to be rid of them all…

Speaking of which, there was a struggle in a small darkly lit corner of a street. Two men were manhandling a weak homeless man. Thaal didn't like beggars and panhandlers much either, but they were slightly above criminals and the street thugs in front of him.

"Well, I wonder what all the fuss is about! Am I allowed to join in?" he asked, stretching his arms and cracking his knuckles as he stepped forward. The two men glared in Thaal's direction.

"Wanna to be a hero, do you?" one said through a crooked mouth. He had his right hand behind his back, perhaps to conceal a weapon.

"Hey, what's that you got there?" the second one said pointing to Thaal's bag. "Anythin' valuable in there?"

"It's nothing you'd know what to do with," Thaal scoffed, "and if I were you two, I'd hurry along away from the vicinity of me. Because if we were to have a scuffle, you two wouldn't win. And I've had a long day, and would very much like to get to sl—"

The man with the crooked mouth lunged forward with the knife he pulled from his back. Sinestro reacted instantly, dodging the strike, grabbing the man's right arm and responded in kind with a swift backhand. The man flew into a pile of boxes against a wall. Regaining his composure, Thaal quipped, "I wasn't finished speaking."

A shout was heard from his left, the second man threw himself at Thaal, but Thaal readied his stance. He spun once and gave a hard, powerful kick, sending the second man into his companion. When the two men recovered, they bolted out of sight. For a few moments, he waited, just in case the two returned with more friends.

"Thank you, you're truly kind," the old man said gratefully. He sat limply against a light post; his face appeared hollowed underneath the light; his eyes very sad. A wave of pity passed through Thaal, and he mustered up, "Think nothing of it." He tried to smile, but at that point he felt the energy had been sapped from him. He picked up his belongings and finally headed home.


Overhead, on the roof of the building, in front of where the scuffle took place, a green silhouette stood tall and imposingly, watching the entire scene. Jewelius Blak was impressed. In her left hand, she held an emerald ring that shook uncontrollably. It reacted more powerfully than she expected. If she let it fly to where it wanted, it would rob the young man of his well deserved rest, and he was clearly sleep deprived. No, she could wait until morning to give him his ring.

Little would he know, come morning, how much his life will be changed once he receives his new gift.


*Jewelius Blak first appears in Green Lantern Corps #222 (Mar 1988) as Sinestro's predecessor of Sector 1417 as well as his mentor.

**Sinestro was mentioned as being an Anthropologist in his previous profession before assuming the mantle of Green Lantern in Secret Origins of Super-Villains #1 (Dec 1999).