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Darkness had descended upon the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, and the night was still. The temperature had cooled slightly, but the sluggish mugginess of the day still persisted, though it was past midnight, with no sign of rain to clear it away. The silence and heavy air reflected the tense atmosphere that lingered in Charles Xavier's study as he conferred with his friends and fellow teachers, Logan and Ororo Munroe. In the mansion's upper stories, students lay in their beds and slumbered, unaware of the late-night conversation between the older mutants; the halls of the Xavier Institute were vast, the walls thick, and the adults' voices were low as they discussed a newcomer to the school, and didn't carry through the debonair, oak-paneled room and the thick, elaborately carved study door.

"I don't know, Charles," Logan growled. "Can we trust her? There's no one around to vouch for her, other than the woman you talked to over the phone. She could be a spy."

Charles Xavier smiled slightly. "Your zealousness of our school's security is admirable, Logan, but unnecessary in this case. I have spoken to the social worker, and scanned the girl's mind after meeting her. She is not a threat to us, and yet. . ." Charles trailed off, his eyes narrowing.

"What is it?" Ororo asked, concerned.

"I cannot shake the feeling that this girl is somehow more than she appears to be," Charles said speculatively. "However, we can definitely trust her. And I think she has amazing potential."

"I'm sure that she will be a fine addition to the X-Men," Ororo said regally.

"Yes," Charles agreed. He turned his sage gaze to Logan. "You should attempt to get to know her, Logan. I'm sure that she will surprise you."

Logan harrumphed. "Sure, I'll give it a try, Chuck, but I don't see what's so special about this kid."

"You'll find out in due time," Charles said cryptically, and then summoned the students, awakening them in the process.

Everyone, please immediately meet in my study. We have important news.

The bedraggled students stumbled in the direction of Charles Xavier's study, their eyes struggling to adjust to the sudden bright light, grouchily wondering to one another why they had to be disturbed at such a late hour. Ushering them along, Jean Grey doubled back once they were almost there, in order to ascertain that she hadn't forgotten anyone. Just in case, she entered the Rec room, to find Rogue sprawled out on the large, leather sofa, still fully dressed in her usual goth ensemble, her eyes focused on the television screen.

"Rogue!" She exclaimed, putting her hands on her hips, which were covered by her forest green silk pajamas, which consisted of long pants and a button-down top with folded lapels. "What are you doing?"

"Watching a movie," Rogue explained. "More specifically, watching Lindsay Lohan, when she was less of a crackhead than she is today, trying to act and failing miserably. Here, she plays the shrieking caricature of what Heather Hach and Leslie Dixon think a relatable teenage girl is."

Jubilee walked into the room, her pajamas a purple T-Shirt and yellow drawstring pants spotted with purple flowers. "Oh, hey. What are you watching? Freaky Friday? Come on, there has to be something on better than that. I know that it's late, but still. Can I change the channel, please?"

"No!" Jean said, scandalized. "We're going to Professor Xavier's study, right now! Get moving!"

She half-dragged Rogue from the couch, and Jubilee followed, and they arrived at the study just as the last few students were filing inside.

"What's going on, Professor?" Pietro politely inquired, smoothing his platinum blonde hair. The other students, in the midst of spreading themselves throughout the spacious room, yawning and exchanging exasperate glances while they did so, added their own questions.

"Students, I have called you here to meet a new arrival to the Xavier Institute. This student is extraordinarily talented in both athletics and academics, and her degree of perceptiveness may surprise you. But I can assure you that she is friendly, nonjudgmental, and her sheer determination is remarkable," Xavier told them.

The interest of several students was piqued, and Bobby and Evan traded curious glances. Whispers and comments floated about the room.

Rogue, however, remained staunchly unimpressed. "Wonderful," She said, her tone dripping with dark sarcasm. "Jean two-point-oh. I should be so lucky."

"Rogue, be quiet," Ororo admonished. "Could you at least try to be pleasant for once?"

Ororo received only a scoff from Rogue in return, and then the goth crossed her arms over her chest, cutting her cold eyes at her superior.

"Like, where is this new girl?" Kitty asked cheerfully, glancing around the room.

Charles smiled. "I'll call her in here so that all of you may meet her. Although I must insist that all of you be considerate and do your best make her feel at home." He turned to the boys. "That means no practical jokes or teasing."

"Of course," Lance said instantly, and Pietro nodded in agreement. Jubilee and Amara looked at each other eagerly, while Scott and Jean quietly murmured to one another, discussing this latest piece of information. Rogue rolled her eyes.

If you don't mind, would you be so kind as to come to my study? He requested telepathically, directing the question to the girl's mind.

Of course, she answered mentally.

"So, Professor, who is this girl?" Sam queried, his voice intoned with a southern accent.

"Why not ask her yourself?" Charles replied good-naturedly. "She's here."

He had barely finished his sentence before the door opened, and a willowy girl strolled into the room. Long, bright golden blonde hair framed her stunningly beautiful face, the sleek tresses flowing over her graceful shoulders and traveling to reach halfway down her back, and several strands had been pinned back with a clip bedecked with a pink satin rosette. The elegant and stylish glasses that she wore added intelligence to her lovely features, not at all diminishing the lively sparkle in her wisteria blue eyes. The clothes she wore accentuated her lithe and slim body. Though of medium height, her legs were long and athletic, emphasized by the short, A-line ivory skirt with a delicate floral pattern of small, pale pink roses. She also wore a clingy, pale pink shirt made of lace, with sheer sleeves that stopped just above her elbows. Sparkling, teardrop-shaped earrings decorated with purple beads hung on her lobes, and the feminine chain around her neck was embellished with an antique charm in the shape of a bird. The shoes she wore were high-heeled wedges, a glittery gold with only a subtle shimmer, and the open toes revealed immaculately manicured feet, and her perfume was "Daisy," by Marc Jacobs.

The girl herself was gorgeous, but her outfit only made her look even more amazing. As every student in the room stared at her, mouths gaping in astonishment (Except Rogue, who was still rolling her eyes), the smile that had graced her featured began to slip.

Anxious, she glanced at Charles. "Professor, is something wrong?" She asked quietly.

"No," he said benignly. "In fact, they're all quite amazed by you, and would do anything if you asked them. Why don't you introduce yourself?"

"Okay." She smiled again, and projected her melodious voice to a tone that was louder, but retained its pleasant ring. "Hello, my name is Carlie Stacy. I'm a mutant, just like all of you, and I've come to learn here at the Xavier Institute."

She had the rapt attention of every male student, and most of the other girls looked very enthusiastic about the new arrival as well.

"Cool," Bobby said. "What's your mutation?"

An uncomfortable expression slid across Carlie's face. "Actually, I'd rather have the introductions tomorrow. I'm really tired."

"Certainly," Charles concurred.

"You can share my room," Amara offered without hesitation. "My name is Amara Aquilla."

"And I can carry her bags," Lance added instantly.

"Don't worry about it, Lance, I can get it," Pietro told him casually.

"No, she should stay in my room," Jubilee argued.

Kitty spoke directly to Carlie. "You can, totally, stay in the room that, like, Rogue and I share."

"Sure," Rogue said acidly. "She can sleep out on the roof."

"Relax, all of you." Jean laughed. She turned to Carlie. "Hi, my name is Jean Grey. And it's fine if you want to share my room."

"You'd honestly do that for me?" A smile blossomed over Carlie's beautiful face. "Thank you so much."

"Sure," Jean said. "Let's get your luggage and we can head straight there."

"Okay," Carlie said. "My bags are in the foyer."

There was a strong gust of air as Pietro rushed out to the foyer, Lance running out after him. The other boys followed, each eager to have a chance to impress Carlie.

In the end, both Lance and Scott managed to wrangle suitcases from Pietro, and they formed a little parade as the queque climbed the stairs to Jean's room.

"You know, Carlie has a great personality," Jean heard Pietro say in a low tone to Scott, who readily agreed. She exchanged a smile with Carlie, who had also heard.

Once at the room, the boys dropped off the suitcases in Jean's room, then reluctantly left. As she closed the door behind them, Jean giggled.

"You know," she addressed Carlie, "they all have major crushes on you."

"Really?" Carlie asked in genuine surprise.

"Yes." Jean nodded and walked over to Carlie's twin bed, settling beside her and leaning forward conspiratorially. "I really like Scott, but I think that you and him would be a much better couple. Plus, I don't want that little, goth, Satanist Rogue to sink her claws into him. So how about if I play matchmaker and set you two up?"

"I don't know. . ." Carlie said uncertainly.

"It'll be fun," Jean coaxed.

"Maybe," Carlie replied evasively. "I just want to stay friends for now."

"Of course," Jean said. "Scott and I usually hang out together, but we can include you, too. Most of the other girls just aren't mature enough for me to be around them for long. I really hope that you and I can be best friends."

Carlie looked at her with sudden intensity. "Jean, can I tell you a secret?"

"Sure," Jean said. "But first may I ask you something?"

"Definitely," Carlie responded.

"I'm a telepath, and a telekinetic, but I can't read your mind. It's there, but seems to be blocked off. Why is that?" Jean looked at Carlie curiously.

Carlie took a deep breath. "Well, I think that's because of my mutant abilities."

Intrigued, Jean gave the other girl her full attention. "If it doesn't bother you, what is your mutation?"

"Well. . ." Carlie stood, and in a flash, she was crouched upside down on the ceiling, as Jean blinked up at her in amazement.

Carlie smiled. "I have all of the abilities of Spider-Man."

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