In a dark room, many people sit at a round table. Faces hidden, they speak of things important. This is the magic council of Paramecia, a continent north of Fiore. One of the men speak.

"Her trail's gone cold…" The man says.

"Rodelle can't find her? I thought he was the best." A woman responds.

"I am." The council turn towards the door to the room and see a man in a grey cloak.

"Rodelle… Why are you here?" An elder council member asks.

Rodelle takes a seat. "My tracking magic is flawless. The minute we got a piece of her cloak during a raid, her scent was mine. The only way her trail could've gone cold would be her leaving Paramecia. That also poses a few more questions." Rodelle explains.

"I'd imagine she had an accomplice…" The woman from before assumes.

"Correct. The only way she could've gotten on a boat to leave would be via smuggling. She's an infamous criminal, meaning getting on transportation is neigh impossible. Somebody let her on the boat knowing it was her, and that somebody will lead us to her." Rodelle explains again.

The elder council member strokes his beard and speaks. "But how do we know she was smuggled? Maybe she took the boat by force."

"No, I'm pretty sure she didn't. If she hijacked the ship, she harbor would've notified us immediately, and we'd be on her trail instantly. She wanted to get some distance before we started looking for her. Be leaving quietly, she had until we noticed her disappearance to move. She could be quite far." Rodelle explained.

"How will we finder her then? If she's left continent and we know not who smuggled her, we have little hope."

Rodelle wags his finger. "No. You see, I can't find her using long range tracking magic. My magic communicates with the Lachryma towers spread across the country, allowing me to pinpoint her location by scent. There are only a few places in this country without these towers, one of them being the harbor to the south."

The woman speaks up. "I still don't see your point. This just keeps sounding worse."

"No, you see, this merely means I cannot located her from here. If I go directly to Faramar's port, I can use my magic to find if her scent is there without a tower. The towers are for convenience. I told you my magic was flawless. If I couldn't use it without a tower that would be a flaw. I merely need take a quick visit to the port town and check for her scent myself." Rodelle explains.

"But if she left the continent, wouldn't her scent be gone from the harbor as well?" A man inquires.

"Indeed, but that's only if I was looking for her specifically…" Rodelle says cryptically.


"You see, her scent would still be on two things: The boat and the person who smuggled her. If I find either of these things, we can find out which continent she fled to." Rodelle says with a frown, alerting the other council members.

The elder member speaks up. "I take it there are still problems?"

Rodelle nods and sighs. "The lachryma towers of Paramecia are part of our security system. Towns can communicate with each other and surveillance magic is more widespread. Other countries do not have these things. If I follow her, I'd have to be within 20 miles of her to sense her. Without the towers I'm restricted to my original range." Rodelle explains while looking down.

"Damn that woman! She's been a thorn in our side for far too long! Evangeline A.K. Mcdowell, your time is near!"


A short girl covered in a torn and ragged greenish-grey cloak walks though the town of Magnolia. Her legs are exposed, showing many cuts and bruises. She is shoeless, meaning that presumably the cloak is all she's wearing.

As she walks down the market place she is addressed by a shop keep. "Little girl! You don't look so good. How about I give you some food and a place to sleep for tonight. I wouldn't feel right leaving a homeless girl to walk the streets…"

The girl looks up at the man. He face is hidden, but a genuine smile can be seen.

"Thank you, but I have a place in mind already. I heard that the guild in this town takes in young talent. If I can prove I'm ready to be a mage I might get a place to stay." The girl explains.

"Really! Fairy Tail's a good place. Makarov wouldn't turn a girl like you away, I'll tell you that much. Get going then, I can't stand looking at you this torn up. The sooner you get cleaned up the better I'll feel. Come visit me sometime soon and I'll hook you up with that dinner I promised." The man happily says.

"Thank you… I'll be on my way then." The girl says before walking off.

Still taking many looks along the way, she proceeds until she arrives at her destination. Looking up she sees the guild emblem. Smiling, she walks towards the guild and enters through the double doors. As soon as she walks in a beer mug hits her in the face and shatters, covering her in blood from the cuts. She falls to her knees and grabs her face.

"Shit… This hurts…" The girl mumbles under her breath.

An older man with blue hair runs to her side quickly before helping her up. "Oh my god, are you okay Jou-chan? Who threw that! You busted a little girl's face!"

"Get Wendy, quickly!" A girl behind the bar yells. The injured girl pushes the person who helped her up to the side, startling him. Her hood falls off, showing her torn up face. It is also revealed that she has long blonde hair. Upon seeing her face, the guild dives into further chaos.

Forming a tick mark on her head, the girl speaks up. "SILENCE!" She shouts. The guild quickly quiets down and looks at her with shock.

"I'm fine, okay? It hurts like a bitch, but you all screaming isn't helping. Just get me a first-aid kit and calm the hell down. I came here to see the guild master, but you guys seem too rowdy to keep your beer in your hands!" At that point, she sits at a table with a girl with deep red hair before beginning to take the shards of glass out of her face and tossing them aside. Shocked at her pain tolerance, the guild notices that she's covered in injuries already.

"You don't look okay, and what you're doing isn't healthy. Wait for our medic and be still." The red-haired girl says. The blonde girl sighs before ceasing her actions. Wendy showed up immediately afterwards and began to treat her wounds with magic.

"Good lord, who did this?" She asked while working.

The purple-haired man from before answered. "She came to talk to the master, and the guild was in one of its usual rowdy moments. Someone tossed their mug and hit her in the face." The man explained with a sorrowful look.

"Down worry Macao. It'll be fine." The red-haired girl said with a smile.

Macao rubbed the back of his head and formed a small smile. "Thanks, Erza."

While Wendy is healing, she notices something strange. Many of the wounds on her face are healing on their own, with small amounts of smoke coming off as they close.

"What incredible healing power… It must be because she isn't human… She smells weird, not like any person I've ever smelled. She smells… Dark… Still, without my help it'd take a few days to heal completely. Lets finish this up."

"Aaaaand, done!" Wendy exclaims. The blonde girl feels her face and finds no wounds. Now that her face is clean, she is revealed to be quite pretty. She has the kind of face that lets you know with age she'll become more than beautiful. Unbeknownst to the rest of the guild, Gray Fullbuster had a shocked look. He quickly composed himself.

"Thank you very much. Man that hurt. You guys are crazy…"

Erza turns away from Macao and towards her before speaking up. "Excuse me for saying, but you look homeless. I'm guessing you're here for refuge?" Erza asks.

The blonde girl shrugs. "I guess, yeah. I got no clothes and my legs are torn to shit. I heard the guild master takes in young talent. I figure that if he finds me a competent mage I won't be sleeping under park benches anymore." The guild frowns at this before the very man in question comes in. He appears very short and old.

"I heard we had a young guest in need of some help. Are you her?" The master asks.

"Yes, I am Katherine. I heard you take in mages, and hoped for a better life here." Katherine says while bowing.

"Hahaha… No need for such formalities young-"

"Good! Man, I was worried you wouldn't accept me if I wasn't a goodie two-shoes. Thanks a bunch Jii-san." Katherine interrupted loudly. The entire guild sweat dropped at her change in attitude. Makarov didn't seem to mind at all.

"First thing's first. Mira! Get the lass some clothes." Makarov yells to the white-haired girl behind the bar. She nods and ushers Katherine to follow her into the back.

As they walk down the stairs to the basement Mira starts conversation. "So, where are you from Katherine-chan?"

"I forget." She answers in a dead tone.

Mira looks surprised."What do you mean? You have to know where you were born right?"

Katherine looked down sadly. "It's a long story. Maybe I'll tell you someday. I forget your name. You are?"

Mira smiles widely before answering. "Mirajane. You can call me Mira though. Everyone else does. Now, here are some clothes. They're Wendy's spare clothes. I'm sure she won't mind you wearing them." Mira says while holding up a one-piece yellow dress. Katherine looks at it skeptically before shrugging and accepting it.

"Better than nothing I guess." She thought.

She drops her cloak immediately without hesitation, revealing a body covered in scars to Mira. Her hair is also revealed to be much longer than Mira thought, going far past her bottom. The right thing to do would be to stay composed, but Mira lets out a gasp.

After quickly putting on the dress Katherine looks at Mira. "It's been a really tough trip. I'd like for that Wendy girl to fix the rest later, but for now don't worry." She says. Mira nods before both of them go back upstairs. A few new faces are now there. A boy with pink hair and… A flying cat? Beside him is a pretty blonde girl.

Katherine notices the boy's nose wiggle before he stands up and points at her. "Who are you! You're not human, I can tell. You don't smell right!" The boy accuses.

Katherine flinches at his words. "Great. Just great! I finally find a place to lay low and its got a bloodhound in it. Fuck it, I better just leave before things get ugly. Maybe the man from before'll let me crash at his place till morning."

Katherine runs past the boy and out the guild's entrance. Almost the entire guild glares at the boy.

Erza gets in his face. "Natsu! What the hell was that about! She was a girl who needed our help. How dare you say those kind of things! Of course she's human, what else could she be?" Erza yells.

A tall man with long black hair and piercings in his nose steps forward and looks at Erza. "Salamander's right though. She smells weird. I've never smelled anything like it before." The man says before glaring at Natsu and continuing.

"Of course, you could've been more subtle about it you know? Human or not, she still looked ten. You can't blow up like that. We could've handled that differently."

"Since when were you so nice Gazille?" A voice from behind Gazille speaks. Turns out, it's a small black cat with a scar one of its eyes.

"Cut me some slack Lily. I'm not that heartless. She's a little girl!" Gazille pleads while Lily just smiles. Just then the doors can be heard opening. The group look towards the entrance and see the man from earlier who seemingly recognized Katherine.

The pretty girl next to Natsu speaks up. "Where are you going Gray?" She asks. Gray looks back.

"Don't worry Lucy. I'm just going to go look for her. Stay put and I'll bring her back eventually." Gray says, leaving before anyone can even respond to his proclamation.


Katherine sits at a small pond in a park in the center of town. She picks up a small rock and tosses it masterfully, causing it to skip all the way to the other side of the pond.

She sighs. "This is bullshit. I can't believe my only idea turned out to be a bust. I didn't even get a chance to look for Gray."

Katherine pauses before grinning. "Well speak of the devil. How are you Gray-chan?"

Gray comes down a small hill towards the pond and sits next to Katherine. "Pretty good. I'm surprised really. I thought you were in Paramecia."

"I was. They have really tight security. I was close to getting caught. I needed to split." She explains.

Gray nods. "Still. Its good to see you Eva-sensei."

"Don't call me that. I didn't teach you that much. I just oversaw some of Ur's lessons. My input was minor."

Gray shakes his head. "You were Ur's sensei, making you just as much my sensei as hers." Gray reasoned.

Katherine chuckled. "If you insist. How is Ur doing anyways? I thought I'd pay my cute student a visit."

Gray's look immediately goes sad. "Sorry Eva-sensei. She's dead."

Katherine looks shocked. "What! When! Where? How!"

Gray puts his hand on Katherine signaling her to calm down. "You remember Deliora? He came back near the city, and I couldn't control myself. I mean, it killed my parents. Because of my recklessness Ur had to use Iced Shell to stop it… I'm sorry Eva-sensei. There was nothing I could do! I-" Katherine slaps him. Hard. Her eyes were watery, but she never sheds a tear.

She calms herself before continuing. "She died protecting her cute student huh? How like her. Ever since Urtear died she protected you like one of her own. Don't worry though. The slap was just for good measure. I know better than to hold a grudge. And by the way, don't call me Eva. You know better."

Gray laughs. "Should I tell her about Urtear? No. I'll wait a bit." Gray thinks before continuing.

"Katherine huh? Anybody who gives two shits about you'll see straight through that alias. Better than nothing though. I guess…" Katherine gives him a solid "humph!".

Gray laughs again before gaining a somber look. "It's because of your sister, isn't it?" After she didn't respond, he quickly changed to subject.

His face lit up. "If you're going by Katherine now I get to call you Kitty, right?" Gray asks playfully.

Katherine growls before reprimanding Gray. "Don't you dare! I'll kill you! That dumbass nickname Leon gave me should never be used. I still have to get him back for that. He wouldn't stop calling me that, no matter what I did to him! It was horrible. How's he doing anyways? Living I hope…"

"No, don't worry. He's very much alive. He didn't take Ur's death too well, but he eventually got over it. He's currently a mage at Lamia Scale, to the west. He'd be happy to know you're back you know."

Author's Note: I will now refer to her as Eva, but to the rest of the guild she is Katherine until further developments.

Eva shrugged. "Maybe I'll pay him a visit. If he calls me Kitty once though, he's dead."

Eva suddenly stops, obviously thinking about something. "You know what? That sounds pretty good actually. Maybe they'll let me stay at that Lamia-whatever." She ponders.

"No. You'll stay here, at Fairy Tail. Natsu got reprimanded for being so rude to you. If you come back calmly, nobody will ask any questions. We all have skeletons in our closet, and if you being a Vampire is something you want to keep secret, then by all means do so." Gray says, trying to comfort Eva.

She sighs deeply. "Sure, whatever. I doubt it'll make a difference anyways. I just need a place to lay low for awhile. I don't care where."

Gray makes a confused look. "Why are you here anyways? What happened? You said tight security, but you've been there for years. What changed?"

"The council hired some mage with mad tracking skills. He could find me almost anywhere in the country based on just a piece of my cloak. Bastard didn't give me any chances to rest. In order to slowly erase my trail I put a seal on most of my magic. After my presence began to die down it became harder for that Rodelle guy to find me. Downside was I couldn't heal nearly as well. We got into a scuffle and now I'm a mess. I managed to escape and get to a ship. A buddy of mine let me on. I remembered you and came here." Eva explained.

"Never calm with you around huh?" Gray said before laughing.

"You're telling me. Kinda makes me wish I hadn't killed those council bastards all those years ago…"

Gray's face became serious. "No going back now. Still, that confuses me. That was like 300 years ago, right? Why are they still after you?" Eva shrugged her shoulders.

"Beats me. No use thinking about it. Fact of the matter is, they want me. 600,000,000 Jewels in exchange. Really sucks when you think about it."

"What pisses me off is that it wasn't your fault. Things were rough, what were you supposed to do? Bend over and take it?" Gray said a bit defensively.

Eva sighed once more. "It was a decision I made though. I could handle the beatings and the starvation, but when they burned me at the stake I'd had enough. I decided to learn magic right then and there. After I was ready, give or take twenty years, I killed them. And the sad part is, I enjoyed it. Each one of their deaths brought me to a higher level of ecstasy. Watching the selfish pigs who sought my death die was eternally satisfying. Call me crazy, but with every stab, cut, or freeze, I felt more and more alive. I still remember the look on the head council member's face before I beheaded him."

Gray looked a bit scared, but said nothing. Eva continued. "That was when I realized. I wasn't normal. Maybe I was the monster they all claimed me to be. Walking out of that chamber covered in their blood was all it took to make me recognize that very fact. I'm really not human. I lost that the same night Zeref saw fit to change me…"

Gray's look softened. It was honestly a bit sad. "Telling her about Zeref can wait too. He's still out there…"

"Zeref was a pitiful man. All the power in the world and he still cowered before the face of old age. The lives he took to realize his dream of immortality deserved better. While you rightfully feel spite, at the same time you should feel lucky. Out of all the children he took, you lived. You made it past the fate others had to deal with." Gray comforted.

"I know that. Living for 400 years isn't just for show you know? I've had a lot of time to think about things. What to do with my life… Things I still don't know the answer to, even after all these years." Eva says sadly before continuing.

"The thing that will always get to me though, is that he used children. Test subjects that were easy to find and couldn't fight back. Tampering with my little sister until I couldn't even recognize her, doing the same with other children, only to discard them like yesterday's trash. Sitting in a cell for months, dreading your turn at the operating table. It was terrifying."

"In my eyes, you redeemed them all. " Gray admitted.

Eva looked at Gray, quite surprised. "What do you mean?" She asked.

"After injecting you with that monster blood, you lived. Your body didn't reject the mixing of your blood with theirs. You carry the DNA of now extinct creatures, all holding the secret of immortality. You are essentially the key, and by escaping from Zeref, you made all his research pointless. Countless hours of experimentation down the drain. The lives of those children only served to deepen his fear of death. Their lives did not go towards the benefit of that man, but to yours. Their lives were lost to give you the gift of time, one that will never be taken from you. Be happy."

Eva looked at Gray before giving him a light hug, then backing away quickly.

"That's the last time you'll ever get a hug from me. You deserved it, that's all. But if there's one thing I do regret, it's that I didn't kill Zeref that night. I was fresh off the cutting board, magical power coursing through my veins. I lashed out at him and attacked viscously. I remember leaving him in a pool of blood, but ran before I could think about anything else. He lived. But you're right I guess. Thanks.

"No problem. I just don't like seeing an old friend all depressed. It doesn't suit you." Gray said.

"Its not all that great though. I'll watch you grow old and die. I'll never be able to leave this world with the ones closest to me. By body was frozen at the age of ten, and my uterus wasn't developed enough to have children. I may not be destined to live alone, but I'll leave nothing to my name."

Gray bops her on the head. "Ur was something left to your name. Leon was something left to your name. I'M something left to your name. Your will lives on through your teachings, and as long as ice mages exist, the legacy of Evangeline A.K. McDowell exists. No doubt about it."

"I'd give you another hug, but you already used it up. Sorry. I guess you're right. The time I spent in Fiore after meeting Ur was nice. I still have no idea why I decided to train her. She just, kind of reminded me of myself. The desire to be strong, to protect not only yourself but to be able to redeem that which has been lost. I watched her grow, though good times and bad. That bastard husband of hers left for some dark guild, not even knowing she was pregnant! If I ever see him, I won't kill him. I'll castrate him and set him loose. See how he enjoys life then."

Gray just smirked, then gained a questioning look. "One question. Why did the magic council pursue you so intensely?"

Evangeline quickly answered. She already knew why. "Nobody wants to be reminded of Zeref. In a way, I'm Zeref's legacy just like you are mine. My death was almost unanimously demanded. The only way to get them off my back for a few years was to kill them all, and even then, my troubles didn't completely end. Look at me now. Still running, even after all these years."

Gray and Eva just sit for awhile, until the sun starts to set.

Gray stands up and stretches. "Come on, lets head back to the guild. You've got people to meet. It's a good place, and I'm sure you'll be happy here."

"Very well, but my cover still stands, just in case. I really don't like imposing for free though. It always leaves me feeling sour just mooching off of people. But I suppose you guys are different. Unlike the others, I actually know you. Heh… How's this… I'll continue your training in private. You still have a ways to go, I can see that, and the more you work with me the closer you'll get to realizing your full potential."

"Sounds good. We'll talk about that later though. Lets go, you probably want some dinner. We should get Wendy to fix up the rest of your scars too. They look pretty nasty."

Eva laughs quite loudly. "Pretty nasty? My healing is extremely limited, but still multiple times higher than an average human. All those wounds were at least twice the size they are now when I got them."

Gray looked at her sadly. "Life's never easy for you, is it?"

"Who said it had to be? Life is full of ugly truths, many that people don't have to deal with. Those of us unfortunate enough to endure these hardships turn out differently. I view a tough life as a trial. A test to see one's strength of spirit. Those who persevere through the darker sides of life prove to others-and more importantly themselves-that life is what you make it. Take me for example. I need you and Leon as friends, people I care about. If I had just wallowed in my own misery, what would that have accomplished. It would've only made things much worse. My life is far from ideal, but I try to make the best of it." Eva pauses.

"Enough of our little heart-to-heart. I'm hungry. Lets get the hell out of here."

Gray grins widely. "No problem."

XXChapter EndXX

This was an idea I just came up with, and it turned out a bit darker than I expected. But it needed to be that way. Eva's backstory in this fic isn't all sunshine and farts. She lived a tough life, but persevered. Things are at a low point for her right now, but don't worry. As time moves forward at Fairy Tail, the sarcastic, somewhat sadistic Eva will emerge. I've yet to figure out a primary objective for this fic, but the way the idea flowed didn't give me time to think that far ahead. I just went on a writing spree, and thought of nothing else.

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