Story: The Vixen

Auther: GhostCrystal

Story Summary: She is known to more as the Vixen, to some she is known as Uzumaki Naruko. To some she is a Demon, to others she is a great hero. But to her friends and Sensei's she is known as a Master of both the Blade and the art of puppetry combat. This is her story.

Pairings: unknown at this time.

Rating: T at this time.

Disclaimer: I do not own: Naruto, BLEACH, Final Fantasy 7 and 13, Mortal Kombat, Assassin's Creed, Puppet Master.





Naruko ran up to her Sensei the Puppet Master Sasori and looked down upon him, he was on of the greatest puppet Masters the world had ever known. She looked down at him with silent tears running down her face.

Sasori was one of the first people in her life to ever care about her besides the Old Man of Konoha who was the Third Hokage of the Village Hidden In The Leaves that saw her as a Demon because of the nine tailed Fox's attack upon them.

Sasori was now in her arm's dying of of his wounds to his human 's heart from the Snake Sannin Orohimaru who was out to kill his and her old village of Konoha, the difference between them was Orohimaru had gone mad with power and wanting to learn every Jutsu in the world and had hated her father for getting the position of Hokage, the village leader that he could not.

She had been on the other hand abandoned by both her mother and sister and have been hated by the village she was sworn to protect, the old man and Sasori as will as a few others have helped get her out of the village to save her life, she was now easily a Jounin level Shinobi.

He looked up into her blue eyes and said, "I'm... Dying my apprentice... You have surpassed my every expectation as my student... And as one I see as a daughter Naruko."

She gave him a sad smile and said, "Yes Sensei."

"Don't cry... Death comes to us all my little one, take my puppets and journals, take everything you can Naruko... And be free my daughter." He said to her.

"I will."

"Also Naruko... You have to stop them! Stop the Akatsuki, and especially stop Orochimaru. You can do this Naruko... Please kill him before more innocent people died at his hands... And take good care of yourself my daughter and be... Free. Be free." He finished saying to her as the light of life he had in his eyes was now dimming as he died in her arm's.

She looked down upon him but he did not move for her, she then started to move him around trying to wake him up.

"Come back... Please? C-come back." But he could not.

It was at this time that she let out an anguished scream like no other, and she did it for all the world to hear he.


Orochimaru was not having a very good day at all, he was not very happy about it either, it not one bit. Sasori had taken the bodies of his two best test subjects, the first two Kage's of the Hidden Village of Konoha.

They were now lost to him, but now at least Sasori was dead. And although he could not get the first two Kage's back as good test subjects, he could still destroy his old home and Sensei once and for all.

Just then he heard a scream, it was the scream of Sasori's apprentice.

For the first time in his life, Orochimaru felt true fear. And for a man who fancies himself a god or an immortal, he feels a very human chill crawl up his spine.

It was the chill of death himself, telling him that one day she would come from him, one day his soul would be the death God's. it was day that he feared most.

There was nothing he could do to stop it, you cannot cheat death and the Sannin was going to learn that the hard way.


Kushina Uzumaki and her daughter were returning to their Home Village of Konoha for the first time in years, there were many things to do in this village and she knew it.

She only hoped the Old Man would let her do this, and she had much to do. So much!


(A/N: this is my first story on FF, so please be kind. I hope to have another chapter up soon, also as you can tell Naruto is a girl in this story, plus they will all be about 15 instead of 12 when they get out of the Academy in this story. As for Kushina, I don't know at this time whether shall be a hero or villain but she will have dark past story connected to her daughter, so will Kakashi and her other daughter who'll be Naruko's twin sister.)