"Talking." 'Thoughts.'

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Jaden just barely dodged another attack from the Hollow inside Naruko's mind. He had no idea how to stop this thing at all and it was frustrating to say the least.

He then fired off another Fire Justu at the Hollow who then proceeded to block it with just one of her hands he didn't realize this battle would be happening like this. He was totally unprepared for this kind of battle eventuality that her inner hollow would be more powerful than his technique.

The Hollow was easily grinning like a madman or in this case a mad woman and was easily overpowering him he had no idea something this powerful could exist inside of someone's mind and also was wondering how the hell was she had gained control of this thing in the first place. The hollow then turned to him and gave him a look of amusement and said, "You seem to think I'm just another part of her and let me give you a hint I'm going to enjoy killing you even more."

Jaden had by this point had enough of this and wanted out he couldn't imagine going up against someone like this again not until he had prepared himself fully for this kind of fight, "How in the bloodsoaked partisan hell did you do that you crazy bitch."

"Fuck you that's how." The Hollow said.

"Ok I've had an enough of this Shit you crazy bitch, to hell with you." He said as he vanished.

The hollow just couldn't help herself as she said, "Eat me don't forget to write you bastard."

Naruko couldn't help but laugh at her hollows sense of humor and then said, "All right I'll see you all later."


Gin was not a happy man at all and he know why, he thought that taking on the girl Haku who was The Vixen's teammate and partner on this mission. The fact that Jaden was still standing where he was having trouble more than a minute was a bit disconcerting.

Just then Jaden began running away from their target like his life depended on it, just then she unsealed a single puppet it looks like a martial arts fighter then charge them head on and managed to engage Gin's own puppet that was destroyed in the process and brought up its arms to shoot high velocity combat needles that were poisoned at their adversaries only for them to dodge them and break into another room and jump out its window knowing this was not the kind of battle they could win at this time.