Healing wounds

The deep cut that reached from Conan's side and up across his shoulder had finally stopped bleeding. He had patched himself with a piece of clothing that he tore from one of the bandits he had slain in the fight. They had jumped him at the edge of the forest, waiting for some passerby that they might rob them of their purse and any other valuables. But they had picked on the wrong passerby… Conan was no ordinary traveler, a lesson they had learned all too late. While there were four of them, they could not best Conan but one of them did manage to land a lucky cut with their sword.

He was on his way to a town in the North to meet with friends. All of them had business to attend and had agreed they would sort out their issues and regroup in a few days. It was on his way there he had stumbled across the bandits and had to fight for his life.

For the first day Conan wasn't aware of the seriousness of the wound-some pain occasionally but nothing he couldn't deal with. After the second day it became inflamed and sore and he found himself hot with fever. He had not known exactly how long or how far he had traveled. Slipping in and out of consciousness and delirium, he wasn't sure where he was going. The horse that carried him was steady and continued along a quiet path. Conan had wrapped the reins around his wrists and clung onto the mane so he could at least hang onto his horse, should he fall off.

It was late in the afternoon, the breeze was gentle and it felt cool against Conan's face. The sun shone through the treetops but the path was shaded. It was quiet, just the rustling of the leaves could be heard. Conan had no idea where he was. His horse suddenly halted. It was a few moments before he realized that they had stopped and as he opened his eyes he became away of a woman standing in front of him in the pathway. The fever burned in his veins and he wasn't able to focus his eyes. Was there a woman there? Maybe his eyes were playing tricks, but before he could open his mouth to call out, he blacked out.

Amarisa stood in the path staring at horse and rider and knew the man was in serious trouble by the blood-soaked bandage wrapped around him. As she started to approach, the horse began to paw the ground. He was ready to protect his master at any cost. Amarisa removed her necklace from around her neck and placed it in her left hand. She spoke softly to the excited animal as she slowly approached. He stopped moving, calmed by the sound of her voice. She reached up with her right hand and took hold of the bridle. At the same time she pressed the necklace against the horse's chest. A purple glow emitted from her hand, the horse stopped moving. "Easy fellow. I only wish to help your master. He will die without proper attention." As she started to lead the horse up the path, she put her hand on Conan's leg to steady him. She could feel the fever that coursed through his entire body. "I have to get him home quickly. He is burning up. He is a big man. Healing him will take all my skills." She finally came to the front of her farmhouse and called to the other occupants of the house. They came running from the barn to her cries for help. "Help me get him into the house and put him in my bed. It is the only one in the house large enough for him." The man who was assisting her looked at her, "He reminds me of your late husband, my brother. Just a little taller but built the same way." Amarisa looked at him as they carried him into the house "He does favor him doesn't he? Put him into bed while I go to the well for the water I will need to heal his wounds" The man look at her and asked "will you be able to save him?"

"I'm going to do everything in my power. This man will not die. I will see to that. He has a destiny to fullfill." She grabbed a pitcher from the table in the kitchen and headed to the well filled with the magic water she was going to need.

As the night drew in, Amarisa was already working her magic. Her healing ways had already stifled the growing fever. She had prepared a balm for the wound and dressed it before she started the chanting. Around the doorway hung a garland of healing herbs, the fragrance filled the room. The candles she burned where made by herself, using oils from crushed flowers that were essential for healing. The entire household waited outside the room patiently as they listened to her magic words of healing. The aroma of herbs and flowers adorned the whole house. It was going to be a long night.

It must have been well into the early hours before Amarisa finished healing the stranger. She had fallen asleep in the chair next to the bed and woke feeling exhausted. Her patient was still sleeping; she didn't expect he would awaken for a few more hours yet so she made her way to the kitchen to eat some breakfast.

Godrick was attending the animals; Carla his wife had made fresh herb bread. She had prepared some bacon for Amarisa and a large pan of soup for their guest. Amarisa sat down and nibbled at the food, her thoughts were of the stranger. He reminded her so much of her late husband, his size and build where similar. She had been a widow for a few years, her husband had been killed by some raiders that had come to their lands to pillage and search for amulets of magic. Their leader, Khalar Zym, was the one that took away her beloveds life. She would never forget him, the last image that burned into her eyes. They had bound her hands behind her back and gagged her so she could not chant any healing words…and as he ran the knife across his throat, she was helpless to save him. Tears filled her eyes as the memory replayed in her mind. Resting her head in her hands she tried to still her tears; she had further work to do and would not be any help if her mind were elsewhere. Gathering herself she set a tray ready with some soup and bread, her patient would need sustenance.

As she entered the bedroom the stranger was already awake. She placed the tray on the table next to the bed. Turning, she reached to the curtains to let in the morning sunshine and opened the window. The room filled with the rays and the gentle breeze. Her patient let out a groan. Moving over to the bed her patient turned to her and opened his eyes. "Good morning" she said with a smile. "I am pleased to see you awake. You were badly injured and it took all of my skill and energy to heal you"

Conan stared at Amarisa, he studied her features, she was very beautiful. Her long black hair cascaded down her shoulders. Her skin was pale but clear and fresh. She had kind eyes. "Where am I?"

Amarisa pulled the chair up to the bed and sat down. "You are safe; your horse carried you to my home. You were sick with fever from the wound you received. My name is Amarisa, and you are?"


"Welcome to my home Conan, you may stay here until you are strong enough to travel to your intended destination"

"Thank you" Conan shuffled in the bed and tried to sit up. Amarisa reached behind him to lift the pillows so he could sit in comfort. The closeness of his face to hers gave her the opportunity to stare into his beautiful blue eyes. Conan adjusted the bedcovers and realizing he is naked beneath them asks,

"Who removed my clothes?"

"I did" replied Amarisa. "I am a healer and it is usual for me to undress my patients… nor am I a virgin…you have nothing that my eyes have not seen before" But what you possess is impressive….she thought to herself.

Conan tried hard to stifle his grin, but he found it difficult and let loose a wry smile. He wasn't ashamed of his body and wasn't shy either. Amarisa turned to reach the tray of food and placed it on his lap. "You must eat" holding up the spoon she waited for him to take it from her. Her actions were like a schoolmistress chastising a naughty child - Conan smiled and then realizing he was hungry, took the spoon and began eating as if he had been starved. It pleased Amarisa to see such an appetite.

When he had finished eating Conan relaxed and leaned back, he brushed his hands across his stomach. "That was good, thank you". Amarisa smiled and removed the tray, "You are most welcome, I will return shortly with a fresh bandage for your injury. Do you need anything else?" Conan stared at Amarisa with an irreverent grin and finally said "I'm good – for now". Amarisa turned and made her way to the door, she laughed to herself at the affront of this man in her bed. He was only just recovering from almost dying and here he was flirting with her! She would have her hands full with this one when he was up and about, she could feel it.

Conan's eyes followed Amarisa as she left the room. Her slender waist and rounded buttocks caught his attention immediately. He may have been half dead only yesterday but his appetite for pleasure had already made a full recovery. He had not known if she were married or had a lover but he would ask when she returned. The bed he lay in was a marital bed, and judging from the size of it, her partner must be a large man. Conan let out a sigh. Sliding his hands beneath the covers he teased his ache with soft strokes thinking of Amarisa, and then stopped himself. ...be still and calm yourself. It was only a few minutes later that Amarisa returned, the tray she carried was laden with warm water, bandages and a jar of a strange looking paste.

After placing the tray on the table next to the bed Amarisa turned to Conan, who was adjusting the bedcovers. "You need to lie back and turn towards me while I clean the wound" as she finished speaking she pulled the covers down to Conan's waist. The patient did as he was directed. Resting his head on his hand, he faced towards Amarisa. His other arm he raised until she finished removing the old bandage. Conan watched Amarisa as she examined the wound. Her expression was of relief and he understood that to mean she had stopped any further infection.

"I am pleased to tell you, although there will be a large scar, you are free from any infection" she looked at Conan as she finished speaking and smiled. Conan returned the smile "Then I am in your debt woman"

"It appears so" Amarisa smirked and stared into Conan's eyes – it was her turn to flirt. Their gaze lasted a few moments before she gathered her composure and reminded herself she had a task to perform. Conan grinned and continued to watch her as she worked. Gently she washed the area, careful not to re-open the wound with any heavy pressure. Her attention was completely focused and she was unaware of Conan's staring. Watching her intently, her eyes were fixed and centered, and nothing would interfere with her work. He liked that. Studying her features he found a kind and gentle face. Her skin seemed to glow with a radiance he had never noticed on any other woman. Soft wisps of hair cradled her face. Conan's attention was drawn to her mouth; her lips were full and looked soft. How he would love to taste them….kiss her softly….tease her…and then trace his mouth lower…..down her slender neck….sucking on her flesh before reaching her full bosom…..

"Conan….Conan….are you alright?" Amarisa asked looking at her patient who seemed to be in a fixed stare.

"Yes, I was just thinking about something" he answered as he came back to reality. Amarisa looked puzzled and wondered what had caught his attention so strongly. She reached for the jar of paste and removed the lid…the aroma was strong but not offensive. "What is that?" Conan asked. "Some healing herbs mixed with oils which I make myself". She held the jar closer for him to see. "You are gifted in many ways" Conan looked into her eyes when he spoke. "In some things..." she replied. Dipping her finger into the jar, she covered it with the paste before spreading it over the cut. Conan sucked in air sharply…."forgive me" she asked. "It will sting for only a moment and then it will cool the heated flesh". She was right; within seconds the paste started to sooth and ease the raw skin. Conan smiled as Amarisa looked to him for reassurance that the stinging had stopped. "See?" She continued applying the paste with her fingertips. Conan relaxed and found her touch delicate. Amarisa used her other hand to gently massage around the wound, careful not to be too firm, but enough to give some relief to the muscles. Her mind began to wander; his body was firm and strong. She had the pleasure of undressing him the night before and every inch of his body was just as pleasurable to gaze upon.

"Your knowledge of medicine and healing is truly amazing. Why do you live in this remote area? You could move nearer the town and make money for your skills?" Conan asked.

"I have no need for riches; I have everything I need here, I love to live in the country, where I am close to nature. Living within the reach of town only causes problems.

Conan understood, he had encounter 'healers' previously on his travels. Their promises of healing potions and charms were a ruse to get you into their home, and then they would bewitch you in order to steal from you or use you in some other way. Witches would often disguise themselves to avoid detection. He had no doubt, that Amarisa was not one of these witches; her demeanor was too gentle. She was who she said she was, he could tell. He had enough experience in these matters to know a good woman when he met one.

"If you are comfortable with your status, then you are correct to live where you are happiest. I am pleased you have everything you need here. Who else resides here?" Conan asked, innocently.

"Myself, my brother-in-law Godrick, and his wife Carla. They live in the cottage next door" Conan tried not to show his disappointment, realizing she had a husband was a blow but not surprising, she would be a good wife for any man. Amarisa replaced the lid on the jar and cleaned her hands. She reached for a fresh bandage and continued…. "My husband was killed a few years ago" …she started to unravel the bandage….. "You need to sit up for me please" she requested. Her eyes met with her patients as she finished her request. Conan could see the sadness in her face …and he felt guilty….guilty because he had wanted her to be alone for his own selfish purposes….and sorry that this wonderful woman did not have a good man to share her life with. He shuffled himself to a sitting position and raised his arms as Amarisa started to wrap the bandage around his body. Reaching her arms around his back, passing the bandage from one hand to the other, he could smell her delicate perfume. His nostrils widened as he drew in her scent. The temptation to wrap his arms around her and hold her was a struggle…but he respected her too much to make such a bold advance, given she had just spoken of her late husband.

Amarisa finished applying the bandage and sat back in her chair. "You need to rest now; the paste I have applied contains a relaxant, to help you sleep….so you should lay back." Conan lay back and pulled the covers higher to cover himself. "Thank you" Amarisa nodded and removed herself from the room, closing the door behind her she looked at her patient who had closed his eyes and was already drifting off to slumber. She hoped he would stay for a few more days even after he was fit enough to travel. She needed the touch of a man, and he made her need very much.

It was early evening, Amarisa, Godrick and Carla had finished feeding the animals and had settled down for supper. Amarisa had hardly touched her food; she moved the meat from one side of the plate to the other, while her mind wandered. Carla and Godrick looked at each other; they knew their guest had brought back memories for Amarisa, and knew what thought would be in her head. The trauma of her husband's death, the torment she put herself through afterwards when she made herself feel guilty for not being able to do anything to help. "Why don't you take some food to your patient? He must be awake by now, and in need of nourishment?" Carla spoke. Amarisa came back to reality with a start, realizing she had been elsewhere, she apologized. "Forgive me, I was miles away". Taking a clean plate and filling it with the meat stew she made up a tray. Some fresh bread and a large mug of mead would do no harm. She thought it might lift the spirits of her patient, knowing a man of his needs would usually drink with his meal.

As she entered the room she was surprised to find Conan already sitting up. "You are awake already, I was not expecting you to be alert so soon" she spoke as she approached the bed. Placing the tray on his lap, she pulled the chair close to the side of the bed and sat down. "How are you feeling? Do you have any discomfort?"

"Nope, I'm good, just very hungry, and thirsty" Conan reached for the mug of mead and drank all of it. "oooh that's good" he sighed before picking up the fork and started to eat.

"I am pleased; I shall leave you in peace to enjoy your food." Amarisa started to rise from the chair. "No, stay….please…" Conan asked. She relaxed onto the chair and nodded. She watched Conan eat. His table manners left a lot to be desired but it wasn't an issue, at least he enjoyed his food and judging from the speed he drank his beer, enjoyed a pint or two also.

"Can I ask you something?" Conan requested, in between mouthfuls of stew.

"Of course"

"What happened to your husband?"

Amarisa drew in a long breath and began to tell Conan of the day that their home had been invaded by bandits. He listened intensely. She composed herself and fought back tears as she reached the end of her story… "I will never forget the face of the man who slaughtered my husband…nor his name…Khalar Zym" as she finished speaking the name…Conan could not contain his anger. "Khalar Zym was the man who killed your husband? Then we both have something in common….this is the man who killed my father….and I have sworn to take his life in vengeance….and now….because you saved my life….I will promise you that when he dies at my hand…he will also know that I am acting on your behalf…and he will feel the wrath from both of us" He was raging by now and ready to jump from his sickbed. Amarisa was astonished to learn that their fate had been brought together so cruelly. She reached her hands to Conan's arms, trying to calm him and settle him down. "Be still! ….You will open your wound….be still!" She cried. Conan settle back down but his breathing was hard and heavy, his temper had been stirred at the mention of Khalar Zym's name….he hated this man with all his heart. "You must still your temper Conan, you need to be calm….fight another day….there is time…I have seen your destiny." Conan calmed himself and stared at Amarisa, "you have? How?"

"I am a seer as well as a healer, when you came to me, I had a vision, I saw you have an important journey ahead….and that is why I had to save you. But, I did not know the exact details of your path only that I had to use all my skill to make sure you did not die." Conan relaxed back; he trusted Amarisa, and her words, he calmed himself. Both of them settled down. The tray had landed on the floor, together with the empty plate and mug." Shall I fetch you some more?"

"No, thank you" Conan replied. While he was calm his mind was still thinking about Khalar Zym, his expression showed that. His heavy brows were tense and his eyes were filled with hate. Amarisa could see the passion this man held. "I should leave you now, I know you have vengeance in your blood Conan, but you need to rest, you need to be strong" Conan looked at her as she finished speaking, he knew she was right. He nodded and lay back and tried to settle down for the night. Amarisa left the room. She would find it hard to sleep this night.

It was quite late when Amarisa woke, she washed and dressed quickly and made her way to the kitchen….Carla and Godrick had eaten breakfast and had almost finished the chores. Carla had made up a tray ready for Conan, some bread and cold meat and cheese with some fresh milk. She headed to Conan, as she opened the door he was stood at the window. The sheet from the bed he had wrapped around his lower body. Startled by Amarisa as she entered the room he turned to face her. The late morning sun bathed his body so beautifully. His strong and pronounced chest positively glowed in the sunlight. Amarisa loved his features, his strong jaw line was the first thing that she noticed…..followed by his sensual mouth. She stood in the doorway for a moment taking in the view then realizing she was staring quickly approached the table by the bedside. "Forgive me for being late with your breakfast; it was late into the night before I slept". She turned to face him as she finished her apology. "No problem, I have only just risen myself" He reached for the plate and took some of the cheese and cold meat before sitting on the bed. "I feel good today, you have made me strong, and I am grateful for all you have done, but I must leave by morning, my friends are expecting me.

Amarisa's heart sank at hearing his words of his departure, it would have made her happy for him to stay a while longer…but she knew he would have to leave eventually and so maybe this was for the best. "I hope you are able to fulfill your promise and slay Khala Zym for both my husband and your fathers death and I thank you in anticipation of this deed. I will fetch you some hot water and clean towels so you can wash" she headed for the door quickly so Conan could not see her eyes as they began to fill up with tears.

After a short time Amarisa returned with the hot water as promised. She placed everything on the dresser and left. Conan let the bed sheet fall to the floor and began to wash. He thought about his friends and knew they would be worried about him. They may have even started to search for him. Amarisa had shown him great kindness, she was a good woman and it pained him to leave so soon. After he had finished, he dressed and left the room in search of Amarisa.

Carla and Godrick where in the kitchen, both turned to look at Conan as he entered the room. "It is good to see you up and about, we were very worried about you" Carla spoke. "Thank you" replied Conan. He looked around the room and glanced through the window into the garden "have you seen Amarisa?"

"She went to the stable, to tend to your horse" Godrick got up from his chair and headed for the open door and pointed towards the barn.

Conan left the house and walked across the courtyard. The air was fresh and it felt good to be up and outside. As he approached the barn, he could hear Amarisa talking.

"You are strong, brave and very handsome, just like your master. Take care of him for me" as she finished speaking she ran her hand down the horses face and pressed her forehead to his muzzle. She did not hear Conan enter the barn and walk up behind her.


She turned quickly and was startled by his presence. "I didn't hear you come in, I was just…." Before she could finish her sentence Conan moved close to her and reached both hands to cup her face. "I know, I heard you." He stared at the beauty between his hands and his loins ached. "Woman, when was the last time you took pleasure from a man?" Amarisa lowered her eyes and brought her hands to meet Conan's. Removing them from her face she spoke… "Not since my husband have I taken a man to my bed" She kept hold of Conan's hands as she spoke. "I would take you to my bed" Amarisa looked up to meet Conan's eyes… "If you would have me?" she stared with longing into his eyes. Conan did not reply in words but in actions….he pulled his hands from hers and within a moment they reached around her slender frame….one arm around her waist, holding her tight while the other reached up her back to her neck. His stare was fixed and Amarisa froze…time seemed to stand still…until Conan pressed his mouth against hers. The touch of his lips sent shivers up her spine…his breath was hot and sweet….the feel of his lips on hers made her weak. Conan released her mouth and kissed down the side of her face and down her neck. His touch was light. Nuzzling his face into her neck he whispered "I would have you."

Amarisa let out a soft mew and reached her arms around Conan's neck. She searched for his mouth and when their lips met their kiss was full and deep. Her body ached to be touched and she was unable to resist pushing herself against his hard body. Conan teased her hot mouth with his tongue. Pulling away from her kiss he flicked the tip across her lips before plunging it deep into her mouth. Pushing her backwards he pinned her to the barn wall, his body pressed up close to hers. Amarisa's fingers entwined with his hair as she pulled him closer to make their contact secure. He was full of mischief and fought against her. It seemed he wanted to tease her for a while. She tried to suckle on the muscle as it delved into her mouth, but he would remove it quickly before she had the chance, denying her his tongue he played with her emotions. She let out a quiet moan as he sucked on her neck and nipped at her flesh. Already his blood was heated and his member swelled with want. Pressing himself against her, she could feel his desire….it brushed against her and sent shivers through her body. Conan ground his hips against her….his mouth traveled lower, suckling her soft skin as he moved.

Amarisa's dress clung to her curvaceous frame….bringing his hands around her sides and up over her breasts, her hardening nipples pressed against the fabric….teasing them with his fingers Conan needed to feel them in his mouth…he tried to loosen the cord that fastened the bodice but it became tangled and wouldn't release….his patience waned quickly… taking a small knife from his leather gauntlet….he ran it down the center of the dress…cutting the cord. Discarding the knife to the floor, he pulled open Amarisa's dress, revealing her swelling breasts. Cupping his hands on each breast he leaned back to take in the view. He squeezed them gently and massaged the hard nubs with his fingers and thumb. His cock twitched beneath his clothing. Many a woman had laid in his bed but none as fair as this one. Amarisa watched him as he amused himself…Conan moved his gaze from her body and made contact with her eyes…they were wide and full of need. Relinquishing his hold on her breasts his hands moved lower….he watched for her reaction as he tugged at her dress, pulling it up to get underneath. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back as she felt his large hands against her thighs. Moving higher to her undergarment which he quickly removed…pulling them hard…the fabric ripped and fell to the floor….Amarisa let out a gasp as he ran the back of his hand against her inner thigh then up against her wetness. Grazing his fingers between her folds he let out a low groan at the thought of her sex around his hardness….she was ready for him …..She wanted him….and he craved to be deep inside her.

Amarisa ran her fingers down across Conan's chest. Watching her hands move across his body made her sigh…he was so firm. She didn't stop until she reached his waist where she began to unfasten the buckle on his belt…within moments…his garments fell to the floor….revealing his naked body in all its glory. Taking his length in her soft hand she caressed him gently….running her thumb over the moistened crown…caused Conan to groan. Watching his expression made Amarisa mew, his open mouth and tongue that rested at the edge of his lips, begged to be kissed. His breaths became harder as she stroked his length and Conan found he couldn't wait any longer. Reaching both hands between her legs he raised her up to meet his loins. Amarisa threw her arms around his neck, clinging to him as he nudged his hardness against her heat. Conan pushed firmly but slowly into her wetness…Amarisa gasped as he filled her. She had yearned to be taken by a strong man for some time…and now…she didn't have to wait any longer. He took delight in watching her as he pleasured her sex, his own groans melting with hers. Their mouths touched…their breaths were heavy….with each stroke Conan dug deeper, grinding himself into Amarisa's tightness. His back was shining with perspiration. Supporting her weight with his hands, driving into her, he was in raptures. Amarisa held onto his shoulders….her need was great and the feel of Conan inside her was bringing her close to climax. She couldn't control her hips, she urged her lover to quicken his pace. It drove him crazy….the thought of this woman needing him so much made his member stiffen more. Burying his face into her neck…he spoke in a throaty growl… "Use me… take pleasure from my body Amarisa….take what you need". Amarisa sank her teeth into his neck causing him to hiss, but he liked it. He took her harder and faster… beads of sweat started to run down his back and down the crevice of his cheeks. Amarisa was almost there; she pressed her head against the wall and dug her fingertips into Conan's flesh as her release started. He was almost ready too….thrusting harder… mouth open…almost there but needed to hold back until his lover reached her peak.

Amarisa started to shake, the intense pleasure that began to travel through her body made her cry out….her breaths where hard and with every deep thrust of Conan inside her she groaned out her orgasm…her body clung to the hard mass of muscle that now pounded her hard against the wall. Her final cries of ecstasy left her mouth as Conan's started. With slow and deliberate thrusts he groaned out his climax…grunting with each thrust… harder into the wonderful wetness of his lover. Conan groaned, deep in his throat, following it up with a muttered "Crom" as his orgasm finally ceased.

It took a few moments for both Amarisa and Conan to move from their position…but when he finally released his hold and let her stand…Amarisa felt weak. Conan staggered back and quickly Amarisa guided him to fall back onto the bails of hay. He lay flat on his back; his breaths were hard and heavy. Sweat adorned his body…his cock glistened with her wetness and she was content. Lying next to him she pressed her palm to his chest…his heart raced. She felt he had over worked himself as he had not regained full strength yet. She sat up and touched his face "thank you…but I'm afraid you may have exerted yourself too much" Conan opened his eyes and turned to look at her and scowled… "You should be thankful I am not at full strength, else you would not be sitting woman!" he laughed and pulled Amarisa to him…rolling her over onto her back he pinned her arms above her head. He pressed his mouth hard against hers and let out a growl as he released her. She glowed, her heart raced at his touch. "Then I should make you my strongest healing elixir so that your strength returns to its fullest!" she laughed. Conan leaned close to her face, his eyes bore deep into her soul as he spoke….. "Then away to your pantry and make this potion…make it strong…and tonight…you will not sleep….I promise you"….his words were spoken with meaning.

Releasing her from his grip he rolled onto his side, pulling her close to his hot body he hugged her tightly. Amarisa reached her arm around his waist and squeezed. After a few moments she pulled herself away and stood up. She tried to fasten her dress but it was useless. Conan watched her try to cover her naked breasts and laughed. "I think perhaps you should find another dress to wear, it appears this one is useful for only rags" Amarisa picked up Conan's clothes and threw them at him as she ran out of the barn giggling. "I'm off to make a potion!" She shouted back at him. Conan grinned and laid back, he would keep his promise…but first…he needed to rest. After a short time he dressed and went to the house.

To be continued….