Healing Wounds – Epilogue

Conan witnessed the birth of his second child. Carla placed his new son in his hands as soon as the baby was delivered from Amarisa's womb. They named him Corin after Conan's father. Amarisa could always sense when Conan grew restless and needed to be with him comrades. She gave him a home and the freedom to come and go at will. He always returned to her loving embrace. When Connor came of age, he accompanied his father on his journeys. Conan trained him well and soon Connor was a skilled and well-honed warrior. Corin also followed in Conan's footsteps. The bond between Conan and his sons was as strong as the steel of their swords, never to be broken.

Not only did Amarisa heal Conan's battle wounds, she healed the wounds that had left scars upon him heart. And he was content.