A Weasley of my Own

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Chapter One

Hello, my name is Katharina Granger and I'm Hermione Granger's elder sister.

When I was fourteen years old my little sister was visited by a foreign woman who told us that little Hermione was a witch and therefore would not go to the same school as I did but to Hogwarts, a school for witchcraft and wizardry.

Surprisingly enough I believed this immediately. When my mum and dad told me about the conversation they had had with the woman, I thought of all the funny things that seemed to happen around Hermione and being a witch was a reasonable explanation why people who were mean to her had funny accidents or why the spinach on her plate was always gone when I had only looked away for two seconds.

So my first reaction to this information was sadness because I was looking forward to going to the same school as my little sister again and showing her around and telling her about the teachers or helping her doing her homework (not that she ever needed my help but I had imagined us talking about history or biology or other interesting subjects). But now she was about to go to a boarding school for wizards and witches and I did not believe that they were taught about history or biology in Hogwarts.

The next day my parents and Hermione went to London were they were to meet Professor McGonagall, the woman from the day before, again to buy some stuff Hermione needed for school.

When they came back home, my little sister was really excited. She showed me all the new things they had bought: her robes, a cauldron, quills, a wand(!) and of course all the books she needed for schools and those she did not really need but had still bought because she found them interesting.

I was a bit jealous of her because this all seemed to be so unbelievable and special and made my own life look quite boring. Though I had no real reason to think that my life was boring. I went to an excellent school and had top marks in every subject and I enjoyed going to school. I had some very good friends who I wouldn't have wanted to miss for all the money or all the wizardry in the world and I played rounders in our school's team and was one of the best in it.

Now that I think of it, I guess, it was a bit unfair of me to be jealous of my dear little sister because before she went to Hogwarts, life at school was quite hard for her.

She was of course the best pupil in her class as well. But as she was a little bossy and therefore many kids in her class didn't like her very much and she was often quite sad when she came back home from school. In these cases I usually cheered her up and made her smile again.

So, as you can see, we were really close when Hermione went to Hogwarts and that's why I was a bit sad about it.

But still during the holidays we had a great time together! We went on holidays with our parents and Hermione told me everything about her new school and her new friends and I told her everything about my life.

This year's summer we had to stay at home because mum and dad had to work in their dentist's office but I didn't really mind because Hermione and I could still have loads of fun at home.

It was a sunny morning and the two of us were sitting at the breakfast table, having some toast and tea. Hermione was just explaining to me what and Animagus was, when an owl soared through the open window. I still wasn't used to owls flying in and out of our house and winced. But Hermione just went over to the tiny little owl and took off a letter from its leg. The owl started hooting and sounded almost proud.

While I was watching the little bird fly around our kitchen, Hermione had opened the letter and gave a little scream of excitement.

"What is it?" I asked, looking at her.

"It's from Ron." she said and I smiled to myself because Hermione had been talking about Ron quite a lot recently.

"So?", I said, "What is it? Did he propose to you?" I grinned.

But Hermione threw me a severe look which wiped the grin from my face.

"No, they are inviting me to the Quidditch Worldcup! Can you believe it? And it gets even better: I told Ron that you and I were staying home these holidays because mum and dad have to work, and so they invited you, too!"

I just gaped at my little sister. I could not believe it! This was just great! I had always wished to meet Hermione's friends. And now I had not only the chance to meet them, but also to visit the wizarding world! That was something I had always wished for but I never dared to say it aloud because Hermione had told me about all the Confidentiality Agreements concerning their world. That was also why she was not allowed to show me any magic, which I found very sad because I could never see what she learned at school, only hear what she told me about it.

"So, do you want to come?" Hermione asked with shiny eyes.

"Of course!" I said, "I always wished to meet your friends!"

"Oh, great. Then I am going to answer the letter immediately."

And she fetched a quill and a piece of parchment and wrote an answer which she knotted to the tiny owl's leg and sent it away.