"Doctor!" Amy greeted him with a hug and a shout.

"We have had… " hiccup "…a frabralous time!" Amy exclaimed, twirling around with Rory's sailor cap positioned sideways on her head.

"Frabralous, yeah?" He grabbed hold of her shoulders and steadied her, trying and failing to make eye contact. "Looks like you might even be a bit pissed."

"Oh, we're way pissed, Tocdor," Rory yelled from the other side of the console. "I may wear this on every bender. Did you know that this little costume is like an alcohol gift card?" He stepped around the console, and the Doctor saw that his face was covered in pink goo and he was missing half of his wardrobe.

The Doctor raised his eyebrows and smirked. "Is that it? I thought maybe you traded your trousers for drinks?"

"Yeah, I lost them. Maybe they're with your shirt," he replied, rather definitively as if it was a regular occurrence, and the Doctor didn't pursue it any further.

"Well, perhaps you might want to rethink wearing it out for a night on the town," the Doctor warned.

Amy laughed around her hiccups. "Yeah, Rorrreee. It'll be a bender of a different sort in that nonsense." She doubled over, amused by her own joke.

Rory made an unsuccessful attempt to get around the console to Amy, tripping over his feet and breaking his fall with his face.

The Doctor knelt down to him and checked that he was still breathing. "Yep, that's gonna hurt in the morning…Rory?"

No answer.

"Roorrrreeeee?" Amy straddled him and bounced up and down on his rear until she turned green. "Uh oh…"

"Don't you dare!"

She leapt to her feet and legged it down the hall towards her bedroom. The Doctor grabbed Rory by the ankles for the second time of the day and began dragging him down the path his wife had just fled. He took very little care and wasn't sure if the thud he'd heard had been Rory's head or his hand hitting the doorframe as they rounded the corner of the bedroom.

"Help me get your dead-weighted husband onto the bed, yeah?"

Amy was lying face down across the bed, arms stretched over her head and feet dangling near the floor. She hadn't quite made it to the center and looked rather uncomfortable. She mumbled into the mattress.

"I'm sorry, dear. I don't think the translation matrix has the full grasp of grunting." He was still holding Rory by the ankles. "In hindsight, all that twirling and bouncing may have been a bit silly, perhaps?"

She turned her head and spoke through a fan of ginger. "Leave him on the floor." The Doctor dropped his ankles and made his way over to Amy. "Where are we going now, Doctor? And why is the TARDIS in such a hurry to get there?"

"We're still in the alley, Amy," he sighed as he tried to swing the lower half of her body onto the bed. "I could use a trifle bit of help."

Amy used her elbows to drag herself further onto the bed, continuing her whine. "But where are we are going nooooowww? And can I sleep when we get there? Am I need to fight stuff?"

"Probably not," he answered. "Maybe a beach. Slight chance of a bombing. Only time will tell, really."


He swept her hair from her face and saw that she wouldn't be seeing the light of day for quite some time. The Doctor removed her remaining shoe and dropped it on the floor behind him as he walked out of the door. He felt rather uneasy about the maybe-maybe not pregnancy and the amount of alcohol she had consumed, but it was done. He just hoped that one night of drinking wouldn't result in a psychopathic offspring. He'd have to be more careful until he sorted out that nonsensical mess.

He took off his jacket and hung it over the railing. As he walked over to the console, he felt some discomfort on his back. He reached a hand around and touched tender skin. "What in the name of…" Holding the console mirror around, he saw what was causing his pain. Scratches. And they suddenly seemed less painful. He smiled and filed that sick feeling away.

He crossed his arms and addressed his oldest and dearest friend. "You did a magnificent job bringing us here, Sexy. But I need one more favor…"

He flipped a few switches and turned some dials, careful not to get ahead of himself. "I really want to go to Honolulu, December 1941. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. Quite dangerous on the beach with the unpleasant air raids, but…" He felt foolish confessing that he wanted to follow a woman through time and space, but he continued. "…River's there. And she doesn't know I'm coming, but if she didn't want me there, she wouldn't have told me, yeah?"

He typed in the coordinates and rested a hand on the parking brakes. "I know you're going to take me where I'm needed nearly all of the time, but this once…can you just humor me, please?"

He released the parking brake and pushed up the throttle, causing the TARDIS to come to life. The Doctor felt the familiar jerk of takeoff and walked over to the handrail, where he waited as his ship whirled gently across time and space. Those blue stabilizers really did do the trick.