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Well, I've been listening to Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on repeat all day, and I suddenly thought of the Doctor singing it to River for some weird reason...

After Let's Kill Hitler, I have officially converted from a diehard 11/Amy shipper to an absolute River/11 shipper! They are such a good couple!

Anyways, this is set after Let's Kill Hitler, and is the story of the Doctor and River's romance!

If you check my story, Let's Kill Hitler:The Doctors view, it's kind of a follow-up from that!

Eagle-eye readers may noticed that I've incorporated some of the lyrics in :3

It may be a one-shot, it depends on how many reviews I get! (So subtle...)

Hope you like!

"Doctor? Doctor are you listening to me?"

Amy's voice is filled with impatience, so I look up immediately, fixing her with a grin. "Sorry Pond, was just thinking."

About River. About how I won't be able to stand not being with her. I have to see her, I won't be able to properly live until I do.

After recovering from the Judas poison, having my strength returned, I had figured out that a world turns cold without her here, and as cliche as it sounds, it breaks my soul; thinking of not seeing her.

We had just left River at the Sisters of The Infinite Schism hospital, and now stood in the Tardis, Amy and Rory staring at me with concerned faces.

"What are you going to do?" Rory groans, flopping down on the swivelly chair.

I try to look innocent, but Amy catches me out.

"You have your smile on..." She moans, but I shake my head.

"Don't know what your talking about." I say innocently, as I flick a couple of levers with flourish; a destination in my mind.

"We're not stupid you know!" Amy complains, as she drags Rory out of the chair and they walk with their hands joined towards the door.

"That's debatable..." I mumble, but thankfully they have already left.

I park the Tardis in the exact co-ordinates I remember River telling me one day, and as I am about to leave, attempt to flatten my hair but it bounces back up.

I push open the door, and look up and down the row of cells, feeling nervous. Who knew what else Stormcage's cells held?

"River?" I whisper at the cell nearest to where I had parked. "You there?"

She is lying on a bed, scribbling in the TARDIS-blue diary that in my time stream, I had just given her. At the sound of my voice she rolls off the bed and approaches the bar, looking surprised. "Doctor?" She opens the page at random to me, but I suppose she has already committed the diary to memory.

"Don't try and find this moment River." I say quietly, crossing my arms and leaning against the bars. "Because it won't be in there."

"And why not?" She asks, imitating my position from the other side.

"Because we're in your time stream now."

She looks shocked, but recovers quickly, and looks me up and down. "So that means..." She closes her eyes, groaning.

"You tried to kill me." I grin despite myself, and she starts laughing.

"I suppose you want me to apologize?" She smirks, evidently knowing that would never happen.

"No actually, I came here for a different reason."

"Care to explain?" She asks, still smirking, and raising her eyebrows inquisitively.

"Oh, words aren't required." I tease in a whisper, and, without hesitation, I kiss her.