Masen Days Outtake

Summary: Angela drags Embry and Masen to the mall for some gift shopping in honor of Bella. They are not pleased, one less so than the other. Was the trip a total bust? Not really. Time Frame: Between Chapter 4: The Day Masen Makes PB&J and Chapter 5: The Day Masen Talks to Me POV: Angela

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I own some very strange word association, pencil-buns, Vans poetry, and a bunch of yeahs.

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The Day Masen Gives Bella a Gift

I'm driving around my two favorite skaters when Embry starts whining. "Did you trick us? You said McDonald's, then home. Where are we going? I'm hungry."

"Relax – you'll get to eat. I just need to pick up something at the mall. We can eat at the food court."

"Great, just what I want: bad Chinese. You know what happened the last time we went there."

"How could I forget? I could smell it wafting out of my bathroom for days afterward, and you know you could eat something else besides House of Eggroll."

"You know I can't resist those crab puffs."

"They don't even have crab," Masen says from the back seat. I nearly forgot he was there with all of Embry's huffing and puffing.

"Exactly. It's nasty. Just get some soup at Paradise Bakery," I say and pull off Scottsdale Road, heading into the massive parking structure at Fashion Square Mall.

"Soup is not a meal. Right, Masen?" Embry says, pretending he's tough and manly or whatever.

"Sure," Masen agrees, then adds, "I can't stay long. I have to be home by seven."

"It'll just be ten minutes. I already know what I'm getting." I squint in the sunlight once I exit the car. I sling my bag over my shoulder, leading the guys to the right entrance. When I don't hear their footfalls behind me, I turn.

Embry has both hands raised and mouths, "Ten minutes." I smack his head, getting a grin from Masen. He's so cute. I can see why Bella likes him so much. I don't have the patience. She must be a saint.


Thirty minutes later we're wandering around the mall. I really hate the weird three-floor structure they've got going on here. It's so confusing. I can't find Pacific Sunwear, and I can never read those kiosk map things. What does 'You are Here' even mean? I'm not on that map. It's so stupid.

"Look, look, a girl shop. Go in there. Go get Bella some earrings or perfume or something. She likes earrings, doesn't she?" Embry asks, looking to Masen for help. Masen shrugs.

"Why are you shopping for Bella?" Masen asks as I walk into Icing and peruse the merchandise. They've got some funky stuff here, and I like it.

"It's her birthday this Sunday," I say. "She said she doesn't really like gifts and people spending money on her, but you know me: I don't listen to anyone."

"That's an understatement," Embry says and sits down in the middle of the aisle with all of the hair accessories. He pulls out his phone and starts playing a game. Masen sits across from him and looks around at the shelves.

I walk the perimeter of the shop, picking up a necklace here, a hemp bracelet there, but nothing really says Bella to me. I look at one last wall of hair tools and grab a bright green feather hair extension. I haven't tried these before. They look fun. I pick up a few colors and hope Bella won't hate them too much. Maybe we can have a girls' night and do them together.

I sort through my massive bag, looking for my wallet and not paying attention. I bump into Embry, or, rather, he grabs me. "Just wait a second; he's doing something. Don't screw it up."

I giggle, and he slaps his hand over my mouth. I take a step closer so I can overhear the conversation Masen is having with the cute, caked make-up girl behind the register.

"No, I'm sorry we only have that one kind. They're not very popular anymore; we've just got the wooden ones."

"Oh, okay. Do you know if any other stores have them around here?"

"You can try Claire's," she says, and he nods, handing her the merchandise he's not getting. He steps to the side, and I start gabbing away about feather extensions while making my purchase. I use my mom's debit card and sign the receipt. I hand the pen back to Caked Make-up, but Masen intercepts it, turning it over in his fingers.

"Do you sell these here?"

"I pulled that from my purse. I don't know where I got it," Caked Make-up says.

"Dammit," Masen mutters and drops his head.

"How much?" I ask, trying to help out a friend.

"You want to buy my pen?"

"Why not? He'll give you . . ." I turn my attention to Masen for some help.

"Five bucks," he says confidently. I'm really thrown by this. Masen doesn't spend money except at lunch time. He really wants that pen.

"All right," she says, handing him the pen and pulling the cap from her pocket. It's hideous, showcasing Justin Beiber in a leather jacket.

"I don't want that part," Masen says.

"You have to; it'll dry out."

Masen doesn't argue and exchanges his five dollar bill for Beiber's head.


Masen and I share a sandwich and soup from Paradise Bakery at my insistence. I know he's just spent all his lunch money on that pen. Embry gorges on non-crab crab puffs with some noodle thing. He's not coming over tonight to stink up my room, that's for sure.

Embry and Masen skate on some steps and bars around the mall entrance before two overweight security guards tell us we have to leave. It doesn't matter to me; I got Bella a present today. I'm ready to go.


Embry and I make out at my locker between classes. He's being kind of sloppy, and it's annoying. He clearly doesn't care about whether or not I'm enjoying it, so I just let him do his thing. I let my eyes wander the hall while he kisses my neck.

Masen and Bella sit on the floor chatting. I love seeing their friendship shift and change and grow. He seems happy, so much happier than when he was with Samantha, and he's not even with Bella. I'm glad for him. He deserves to be loved the right way. Always has. He's got a good heart.

I push Embry's hands down, reminding him we're in a hallway surrounded by lots of people. He nods against my neck and continues sucking.

Masen pulls out a sparkly silver pen from his backpack, placing it on Bella's notebook. She smiles and pulls the pencil from her bun, hair falling around her shoulders. Masen leans in ever so slightly; it looks like he's trying to sniff her. She holds the pen in her mouth – which is cap-less – creates a bun in her hair, and then slides the pen in to secure it.

She says something to him, her hands moving quickly up and down. Masen shrugs and smiles awkwardly, but I can tell that he's excited. His hands ball up in fists on his jeans. He's probably trying to keep them off her. It's so sad. I wish they'd stop wasting time and just go for it.

Embry moves up my neck and kisses my mouth, ruining my view. I give in and kiss him back. I pat him on the chest to signal the end of this love-fest. We walk hand in hand over to our friends. Just before we sit down, I whisper, "Check out Bella's hair." Embry leans away from me, getting a better look. Bella takes out a Clif bar and hands it to Masen, who opens it with eager hands. As we situate ourselves on the floor and say, "Hey," Embry starts humming "Baby" by Justin Beiber. Gawd, I love him. Embry, not Beiber, though I could do without having that song stuck in my head all day. Oh well.

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