Penname: Reyes139

Outtake from: It Isn't Over Yet

Title: Money, Power…Respect.

Word Count: 1922

Disclaimer: Twilight isn't mine…

Summary: When I was a young girl I had one conversation with my father's whore that changed the course of my entire life. It took her only fifteen minutes to destroy everything my mother had implanted within my head…all her teachings, advice and standards by which she raised me and my sister to live by…gone.

Esme's POV

Money, power and respect have been the three words, which I have lived my life by.

My motto.

Those three simple words hold such meaning behind them and are desired by one, and I mean no one, could deny the certain allure they have.

Money…such a frivolous thing if you think about it...its a piece a of paper or a disc of metal...things that are in abundance in this life, yet the one's that control this certain 'type' of them, rule the world.

This is where power comes into play… we all want it…crave it, but very few ever hold it. Now find a human with an abundance of the lucrative assests and the rest fall into play.

A man with a fortune at his feet wants for nothing and has everyone at his disposal…clawing at his robe for a piece of his soul and being able to say 'I know that man' or 'we're close friends…confidants'.

This in turn adds to the chain of respect as you are now seen as someone important by association. He still rules and reaps the fruits of little labor, but you also now benefit to the treatment of royalty.

I learned all this at such a tender age.

When I was a young girl I had one conversation with my father's whore that changed the course of my entire life. It took her only fifteen minutes to destroy everything my mother had implanted within my head…all her teachings, advice and standards by which she raised me and my sister to live by…gone.

Emily never saw things as I did so it was easy for her to live up to mother's expectations.

Good grades.

Be demure.

Obey your spouse and forgive his misgivings.

Our mother was aware of fathers on the side flavors' and how each new tryst drained his bank accounts.

He would escape her futile attempts at putting her foot down with a quick slap to the face and by questioning her morals. Words like worthless, stupid and ignorant would be thrown around by him…he was poisoning her, but she was too afraid…too submissive to his 'I am male, hear me roar' demands.

I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. We were all going out to dinner as a family, which in of itself was strange…he never took her out or cared about her happiness. She automatically squealed with happiness and began to believe that this outing was due to more than yet another lesson he was handing out to us…yes, he wanted his girls to see her for the pathetic woman she truly was.

Our table was located within the heart of the restaurant, where anyone and everyone would see what was about to go down. He was a sadistic asshole when it came to his treatment of the woman who'd given him children and a home.

My father sat at the head of the table with each of us girls by his side.

My mother was saddened by this, yet never spoke a word of her hurt.

We had been sitting for about thirty minutes…appetizer ordered by that point and barely placed on the table, when she showed up and sat atop my father's lap.

His prized whore in all her glory.

The entire room became quiet…

I wanted to reach over and pry her from atop of him, but at seeing her indifference, I stopped. How could she just allow this… allow this form of embarrassment and judgment from everyone within the vicinity and do nothing?

"Mother!" I exclaimed…hoping she would do something…anything, but yet again she remained immobile, withdrawn... small. My mother looked the other way…not willing to see what we all did.

She wasn't loved or treasured...just used.

He was publicly announcing his mistress and welcoming her out in public.

Wiping her eyes every few minutes and sniffling was how she spent the entire introductory to us…no protest of keeping us out and away from his whore. No indignation or anger…nothing.

I was so disappointed and disgusted by it all.

My heart was broken for her and for us, 'Our family will never be the same after this,' my young mind pondered.

"Girls," my father called to us with a soft dulcet tone that was rarely heard of within my mother's presence, "I would like you two to meet the love of my life…this young woman is everything to me and as such I am going to need both of you to show her nothing but respect," he paused, waiting for some sort of acknowledgment.

We nodded in unison.

"Good…this is Maria, girls, and she has been dying to meet you both," he said while she nodded with glee and happiness written all over her face.

That was more emotion than we were used to, but while my sister hid from it…I grabbed onto it and let it replace the coldness my mother had embedded within my bones.

She was funny and pretty…showing more skin that I had ever seen any of my mother's friends or society snobs wear. Her laughter was like bells chiming in a church and her persona was exuberant and a breath of fresh air.

I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

"You girls are absolutely beautiful," she would gush every few minutes and I loved the attention…mother was never one for emotional displays of affection, but here this stranger…my father's mistress, was giving me exactly what I was starving for.

I smiled at her genuinely and my father beamed at us…well, us as in me and Maria because Emily turned her back on us. She moved her chair rudely over towards our mother and only politely nodded in our direction…her loss.

"I think you're beautiful and nice…I hope you can come over and play with me sometime." A glass fell over and the table cloth was soaked with water. A trail of liquid running down the center of the table, towards my father's direction…straight towards their laps.

"What the fuck?" Maria screeched as the cold liquid covered her lap and seeped through the fabric of her slinky dress.

"Katherine…what the hell is your problem woman?" Father yelled.

"W-was an a-accident," she stuttered while they shot daggers in her direction.

"I see now why you had to look elsewhere when that is what you have at home," Maria sneered while my father rubbed her back soothingly and cooed into her ear. He was being completely tender with her…attempting to clean up the mess now created by my mothers jealousy, but it was too late to show emotion now.

What was done was done and it was all her fault…she should have taken this woman by the hair when she first sat atop him. She should have demanded respect and made him look like the asshole he truly was towards her.

But she didn't and now…

"Girls, we are leaving," mother said after minutes of silence and uncomfortable eating.

"No," my father yelled and she looked taken aback…he never wanted us around his friends for long and with this being his whore; we believed it would be the same.

"But Marcus," she exclaimed with an indignant tone.

"But nothing…you want to leave…leave, the girls stay and we will enjoy a true family meal together without your misery to pull us down."

"How dare you, Marcus! How dare you put me in this position in front of my daughters?"

"How dare dare I! Do you know how long I've longed to have someone warm, soft and loving by my side...instead all I got was a frigid bitch, with baggage and a 'holier than thou' attitude!"

My mother gasped...face now red and mouth set in a firm line.

"Girls, I said lets go." Emily stood at once, putting her hand in our mothers and signed her solidarity with the woman who had given birth to us.

I stayed put.

"Esme, over here now," she spat between clenched teeth yet her eyes were solely for the man before her...the man she loved and had lost.

Reluctantly I stood up and went to her side after my father nodded in approval at me. I was mere steps away from mother...a name that now leaves a sour taste on my lips, when Maria pulled me back.

Leaning in towards my ear she whispered, "While she might consider me the whore, Chiquita, I consider her the looser and pathetic one in this equation. I get the man, kids, like you chickita, to spoil and the money...her money to be exact. Don't be weak like, love and never give up. If you want it, take one gets what they want without being selfish. Money, Power, Respect...remember those three simple words...embrace them, love them and do whatever it takes to get them."

I never saw the world the same again after we left.

Kate, as I now call her, was quiet and lost in her head...Emily tried several times to comfort her, but our 'mother' roughly pushed her away while screaming and I quote...

"Leave me the fuck alone...I blame you two, before you two I was sexy to him...beautiful. Now, now he's disgusted by my figure and the marks you two left behind...I hate you both!"

Emily cried into my shoulder while I simply stared her down.

How dare she blame us?

"Kinda late to act furious, dont you think mother? Why not show him that fury at the restaurant...why not direct it at Maria?" I said snidely.

Emily looked scared as mother made a move to lunge at me, but one threat stopped her in her tracks.

"Touch us and I tell them about this and the problems you seem to have with that white little tablet you always seem to need."

"You wouldn't...I'm your mother!"

"Try me."

That was my very first taste of power and at the tender age of fourteen ...I wanted more.

Soon it became blackmailing, using my appeal and innocent eyes to have boys do my bidding. Teachers were afraid of who my father was and by

I became ruthless when it came to getting what I wanted...always succeeding.

As they years passed and I turned older, I met a man. He was wonderful…charming, loving and had more money than I knew what to do with. He fed my need for luxury and I gave him what he coveted the most…children.

Now that I had children of my own, it continued and I passed my words of wisdom along to my pride and joy.

Edward was just like me...hungry, determined… and ruthless. I witnessed, under the cover of the trees, what he did to Isabella and rejoiced in his spitefulness.

He made me proud!

He cut wounds so deep I don't think she would ever recover...not that she was much to begin with, but the low which he left her in was astounding.

If you ask me, the little insignificant whore deserved it for believing she was worth my son's time...she was the daughter of a measly sheriff...nothing more.

Useful while we lived there as he would bever suspect me to be involved in illegal dealings, but now...she was dispensible. They had their fun...their first love, which truthfully scared me, but I knew my boy wouldn't let me down.

Because of him I continue to have the Money, Power and Respect I've always deserved and will continue to have.

No one will ever get in my way...I'll kill them first.

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