In a dark street way some where

"are you sure this is the way?" asked a short shadowy figure

"yes, I'm sure" replied a small bat

"hmm,…that's strange cause I feel like we're going in circles" she criticsized

"well we're not" he grumbled

A bit cheeryer part of town

"hey Yusey, want to go grab some lunch" asked a boy with orange hair

"no, I'm good " a boy with blond and black hair replied, as he cuntinude working on his dule runner thingy (I'd prefer to say bike, dule runer souns lame, but I'll keep calling it that any way, sigh)

Suddenly he sees a dule monsters card below his knee

"huh, what's this" he questiond

On the card was a picture of some kind of simble with two circles around it, inside the circles was some kind of strange, indisiferable writing, but there was no writing what so ever on the card it's self apart from the name that read 'Expa Rune'.

"how strange" he muttered

Off in the distance

"hmm, intristing, so the sigils and even the runes from the ancient tome have been turnd to cards and scattered, with out thoughs she can't even use a abyss, the only spell she'll be able to use is Halloween, I'd imagen, she's quite frustrated, that Liddell" giggled a tall, shadowed man in a top hat.

To be continued…