I don't own Digimon. This short drabble was dedicated to Rora, a friend of mine at the time, on her birthday.

Gazing at the white cake, she felt a smile spread across her face. Kari traced her finger across the pink roses made from marshmallow fondant and then plunged it inside. Withdrawing it, she sucked the finger. It was pure heaven! Hearing her mother's footsteps in the adjacent room, she felt the panic set in. She wasn't meant to touch this yet; she had to hide the evidence somehow. Using her fingers, she tried to drag more icing over the top but it just looked even worse. Groaning, she hunted for something – anything. Spotting one of her presents, a little red box, she leapt from the chair she was stood on and rushed over. Picking it up, she jammed it in front of the cake just before her mum entered.

Her mum called Tai down as she withdrew the matches. Striking them, she slowly lit the colourful candles as Tai walked in.

As soon as he saw the present, a quizzical expression appeared on his face. Suddenly, he grinned; he had noticed.

Shooting him a stony look, she turned back to her mother. "Thank you for my dress, again, mummy!" she exclaimed, hoping mentioning the slightly too bright pink dress would distract her mother enough.

Her mum nodded and stepped back. "Make a wish, honey."

Kari nodded and then climbed up onto the chair. She was still a little too short to blow out the candles. I wish that Yuna from FFX was real; I mean she's amazing, so get to work, cake fairy. Breathing in, she closed her eyes and then exhaled. Opening her eyes, she saw the candles were still alight. In front of her mouth was a red present; Tai was holding the box. Trying to work out why he did it, she noticed that was the same red present she had used to hide her hand prints. Looking down, she tried to cover them up but her mother had noticed.

There was a silence that Kari knew, even at her young age, wasn't okay. Slowly, he mum moved her finger towards the cake until it plunged into the icing. She slowly pulled it across the cake and then withdrew the finger to suck it. Mrs Kamiya grinned. "All yours, sweetie!"

Kari smiled gratefully and turned back to the cake but she saw Tai's hand on it. His hand was on her cake. This was not acceptable.

He swallowed the mouthful, his face becoming pure ecstasy as her rage boiled over.

Grabbing a chunk of the cake, she threw it at her brother. The chunk of cake splattered on his face, dripping down onto his new blue t-shirt and black trousers. The candle, still alight, burned brightly as she walked over and pulled on his t-shirt. Blowing out the candle, she whispered in his ear. "Thank you."

"Whatever," Tai said, wiping the cake off himself and onto her. He had initially kept the secret at least.

I hope you enjoyed it. :)