Chapter 9

Wow. Okay. This is kind of nice, Kurt thought to himself, closing his eyes. Having never kissed anyone in his life, Kurt wasn't sure what to do, but he gave it a go.

Blaine's lips were soft. Very soft. You wouldn't think so, considering he was a boy, but they were soft, and tasted of something sweet that Kurt couldn't quite put his finger on. Kurt felt Blaine gently pull him closer, and cup his cheek carefully. Oh, good, so Blaine did like him far as he knew.

Blaine pulled away first. His pupils were dilated slightly, and his lips looked slightly red. His cheeks were also flushed, and his breathing was uneven. "Kurt..."

"Sorry," Kurt muttered, suddenly feeling embarassed. "I just needed to do that." Blaine shook his head, looking drugged.

"No. It was nice," Blaine took a moment to catch his breathe. "I wish we'd done that sooner."

"You do?" Kurt asked hopefully.

"Yeah. I was know, in case you didn't like me back. And then I thought that you'd be too busy worrying know, to want a boyfriend." Kurt smiled, flushing himself. "So, you like me? As in...that way."

"I wouldn't have kissed you otherwise," Kurt teased, wrapping his arms around Blaine tightly. "I guess this changes things slightly, doesn't it?"

"Yeah. Just a bit," Blaine agreed, reaching up to stroke Kurt's hair. "But I liked you before, and I like you now, so that's one thing we can keep the same." Kurt shut his eyes, nuzzling his nose against Blaine's affectionately. "This is going to be hard."

"In what way?" Kurt asked, frowning at the thought.

"Because you have Cancer," Blaine reminded his friend (wait...was it friend still, or were they boyfriends?) sadly. "Kurt, although you're getting better, it might not stay that way for very long." Kurt sighed.

"Can we not talk about my Cancer now?" Kurt asked softly. "I just want to stay like this...just for a while." Blaine stroked Kurt's ears lovingly, and nodded.

"Okay," Blaine hesitated for a moment. "Kurt? Are now?" Kurt opened his eyes, and looked at Blaine for a long moment. "Because, I really would like us to be." Even though he has Cancer, Blaine added mentally.

"Me too," Kurt smiled, and kissed Blaine's cheek. "I've never had a boyfriend before...Or a girlfriend..." Blaine smiled too. He was kind of glad that this was going to be a first for the two of them, instead of just him. "Come on. I feel better, so we could watch a movie...if you want."

"Yeah," Blaine said hoarsely, deciding it was best not to push his new boyfriend into another kiss. "Okay."

"Okay, Blaine," David said in a suspicious tone. "Something's definitely up with you. I mean, you're walking taller...well, not're grinning, and you just seem happy." Blaine grinned even more, despite the comment about his height.

"I think he's been getting laid," Jeff commented bluntly.

"Nah," Nick stated. "No one would want to do it with him."

"Are you kidding?" Trent asked, looking kind of lovestruck. "Blaine's gorgeous!" Blaine chuckled at that particular remark.

"Alright, calm down Warblers!" Wes tried, grinning. "Trent especially. We'll let Blaine tell us himself."

"It's nothing," Blaine said unconvincingly, shaking his head and beaming. "I'm just really happy." The Warblers all looked at each other, shrugging and being confused. Since when was Blaine Anderson ever "really happy", especially with the family he had?

"Care to explain?" Thad asked curiously. Blaine shook his head.

"No, sor-"

"But your family's horrible!" Trent burst out, all of the Warblers nodding in agreement.

"They're scum!" Nick commented.

"Yeah," Jeff informed everyone. "But, besides that, you failed your last Algerbra test."

"Did I? Oh, well...Look," Blaine told them all, grinning even more. "I'd like to do the most mature thing, and keep it private...but I will tell you all later!" Everyone looked around at each other, put out by not knowing. Then again, none of them would really approve of their Lead Warbler dating a boy who had Cancer, at least not fully. It wasn't like he was ashamed or anything (completely the opposite, actually), but the Warblers weren't exactly the most mature Show Choir around.

"Alright, Warblers," Wes called, attempting to bring order to the meeting. "Everyone settle down, leave the poor hobbit alone." Blaine raised an eyebrow as everyone started laughing madly.

Something told him the Warblers couldn't quite know about Kurt Hummel yet.


"Nothing went on!" Kurt insisted, but a smile somehow crept across his face.

"You're smiling," His dad accused. "Come on, Kurt, something went on in your bedroom, and I wanna know." Burt paused. "Unless you...please tell me you didn't-"

"No!" Kurt gapsed out, dirty thoughts fiilling his innocent mind. "Dad, I have Cancer! The last thing on my mind right now is...that!" Burt held up his hands in defence.

"Alright, alright!" He mumbled. "I was just thinking of you like every teenage guy, that's all!" Kurt sighed, but smiled anyway. "So...are you two, like...I don't or something?"

"That's generally what the term's called, yes." Kurt replied smartly. "Please don't get mad...I made the move, not him."

"Well," His dad managed. "I'm not too pleased with you dating...not because you're ill, but because you're my son...but if he makes you happy-"

"He does," Kurt told his father quickly. "He really does." Burt took a long hard look at his son, studying his face; afterall, it was hard to believe that a baby he'd held in his arms years and years ago was Oh, and had cancer. That was heartbreaking for any parent to go through. But on Kurt's face, all he could see was some long-needed happiness; that Blaine kid must have been doing something right. Burt nodded slowly.

"Okay," Burt said slowly and quietly. "Just remember, Kurt...if he pressures you or anything, then you just tell me, and I'll beat his sorry a-"

"Dad," Kurt coughed, going red. "I will. Thank You." Kurt shuffled on the spot for a few seconds, before turning around to head upstairs. "I'm going to go and watch a my strength until we have to talk to the Doctor about my-"

"Kurt," His father interjected. "I'm sorry. About there not being a cure." Kurt sighed, and shrugged. "I swear, as soon as they come up with a cure, I'll make sure I have the money for you to have it." Kurt blinked. Money wasn't that big a problem, but they weren't exactly rich enough to get the best health care right now.

"Thank You," Kurt told him gratefully. "Really. But I really want to go and watch a movie. I haven't seen Chicago in a while."

Blaine wanted to yell it from the top of the Dalton Academy building. He wanted to yell it to the Heavens. He wanted to scream and shout so everyone all the way around the world could hear him.

He was dating Kurt Hummel.

But there was only one problem with that; Blaine's parents.

Blaine gulped, just thinking about them. When kissing Kurt for the first time, the last thing on his mind was his parents, but now, it seemed like a huge problem; especially since neither of them knew he was gay yet. And Blaine...he couldn't tell them, not yet. They'd kill him if he just blurted it out, and then he'd be sent to a reversion camp and...oh, dear, that was away from Kurt...No, it was best not to spill that secret yet.

"So, are you dating anyone?" His mother asked casually the following weekend. Blaine hummed slowly; why was it always at a meal he was asked these things? Luckily, his father was away (again) on some speech-thingy (Blaine never got the point of them), so it was just Blaine and his mother.

"Hmm." Blaine didn't look at his mother. "It's complicated."

"What's her name?" His mother asked quickly, suddenly excited. Blaine didn't speak for a few moments.

"That's the complicated bit," He muttered so his mother couldn't hear, before looking up again. "I'd prefer it if I went on a couple of dates first, so I know what...they're like." Blaine avoided speaking even more by drinking his morning glass of orange juice.

"Oh, that's great, Blaine!" Blaine's mother smiled at him softly, and it reminded Blaine of a mother he used to know...before his father got involved too much with politics...back when he was little... "I'm really proud of you son, and so is your father." Blaine didn't look his mother in the eye, but nodded instead. If he opened his mouth, he feared what might come out.

His father wasn't proud of him, and they both knew it.

"Thank You," Blaine murmured, going along with the charade. "Thanks."

"So," Mrs Anderson said, sitting back. "Your father was hoping to take you - and me - on a buissness trip soon."

"Hmm." Blaine muttered, again losing track of the conversation. "What's so special about this one?"

"It's the deciding debate," Mrs Anderson told her son excitedly. "Before the state decides if we can finally start to ban some rights from gays...your father has organised, if it wins, that hospital and medical treatments be the first to go!"

Blaine felt the table cloth scratching his leg; his mother muttering on; and he felt his breakfast, feeling like heavy lead in his stomach. His lips tingled, at the memory of kissing his boyfriend, and he suddenly felt sick.

"Excuse me," He tried to say politely, before bolting for the bathroom.

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