The Morning After

It was a surprisingly busy Saturday morning in the Hummel-Hudson household. Carole was late for her weekend job, Burt was making the boys breakfast and Finn had football practise in half an hour.

'Kurt! Would you mind getting your ass down here so I can actually be on time for once?' Finn yelled up stairs, as he needed a lift from Burt.

'OK! One minute!' came the reply. Kurt poked his head round the door, checking everybody was downstairs before casually slipping out, gesturing to his secret guest to follow.

Blaine pursed his lips, stepping pensively onto the landing, catching Kurt's eye in the process and stifling a giggle. Kurt pressed a finger to Blaine's lips and giggled too before peering over the edge of the banister. Burt and Finn seemed to be in the kitchen, and Carole had just left. Kurt nodded and grabbed his boyfriend's hand leading him slowly down the stairs.

As much as he wanted to be quiet and get out safely, Blaine couldn't help losing concentration for a second, gazing distractedly at Kurt's ass and nearly losing his footing as they tip-toed downstairs.

'Kurt? Come on we're waiting' said Burt from the kitchen.

'Just coming dad!' Kurt almost screamed, glaring at Blaine, who looked far too guilty for Kurt to be mad for long.

They reached the backdoor silently and there they turned to each other, eyes gleaming with their victory. Blaine put his hands round Kurt's waist and Kurt wound his arms round Blaine's neck, making that cute lopsided smile he knew Blaine loved so much. They simply stared at one another for a while, lost in each others gaze before edging closer and kissing, a deep, passionate kiss, which summed the previous secret night's excursions well.

They had almost gotten away with it, before they once again heard Finn's voice, this time growing closer and closer.

'For fucks sake Kurt, are you just trying to be difficult?' Finn emerged from the kitchen, bacon grease smeared round his mouth, looking agitated. Blaine leapt away from Kurt, wrenching the backdoor open and speeding away just as Finn reached them.

'Ummm…Kurt? Please say it was my imagination that just saw Blaine running out the door looking incredibly guilty?' he murmured, looking down on his step-brother with menace.

'Blaine was only here for early morning revision but just remembered he had to leave for… his… moms… thing' Kurt trailed off, flushing bright red.

'Like I'm going to believe that' Finn scoffed, 'Ok, I don't want to know what you guys were up to, and I know you sure as hell don't want dad knowing either, so lets just forget this ever happened as long as you promise me to let me off the hook next time I have Rachel round, deal?'

'Deal.' Kurt grinned, following Finn back into the kitchen with a spring in his step, phone already in hand:

"Same time next week? ;) – K x" he texted, trying to stifle a grin when the swift reply came:

"You're on ;D – B 3" maybe morning afters were more fun than Kurt had anticipated.